Statement: the Restricted National Commission on Information and Freedom has fined Google 150,000 euros for breaches of the "Freedoms" law. French authorities have required the statement because Google fell afoul of regulators in Europe.
Google unveiled a universal privacy policy across all of its services in 2012, designed to address how the company uses and shares user data across all of its various platforms.

Google is appealing the decision but is being required to maintain the notice on its front page while the appeals process plays out. Each country has different information and privacy laws a€” with France's often being the most strict a€” but Google had attempted to introduce a single privacy standard for all its users, globally, in 2012. A coordinated action by European regulators from various countries found that this new privacy policy violated European privacy law.

Therefore, various countries have taken it upon themselves to take Google to task for violation of their individual data protection laws.

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