Sure, 300 pages about entrepreneurship, money, leadership, management, or success can be tough to get through. These are the books that offer valuable insights, inspire you, and give you new perspectives. I recently asked my Business Insider colleagues to share the one business book that has had a significant impact on their life. Amazon synopsis: “Why are lovers quicker to forgive their partners for infidelity than for leaving dirty dishes in the sink?
They influence your life and career, and change how you approach landing a job, managing your money, starting a company, leading a team, or succeeding at work.
Along the way he explains the secrets of software billionaires, what it takes to be a great soccer player, why Asians are good at math, and what made the Beatles the greatest rock band. Although some givers get exploited and burn out, the rest achieve extraordinary results across a wide range of industries.
Each could be explained endlessly to detail their many facets, but Buckingham’s great gift is his ability to cut through the mass of often-conflicting agendas and zero in on what matters most, without ever oversimplifying.
He knew that the best way to create value in the twenty-first century was to connect creativity with technology.
So when Roy Disney, chairman of Walt Disney Animation and nephew of founder Walt Disney, abruptly resigned in November 2003 and declared war on chairman and chief executive Michael Eisner, he sent shock waves through the entertainment industry, corporate boardrooms, theme parks, and living rooms around the world — everywhere Disney does business and its products are cherished. Stewart gets to the bottom of mysteries that have enveloped Disney for years: What really caused the rupture with studio chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, a man who once regarded Eisner as a father but who became his fiercest rival?

Why will sighted people pay more to avoid going blind than blind people will pay to regain their sight? Napoleon Hill researched more than forty millionaires to find out what made them the men that they were. The result is a provocative read that provides the tools necessary to make the most of your twenties, and shows us how work, relationships, personality, social networks, identity, and even the brain can change more during this decade than at any other time in adulthood-ifwe use the time wisely.
She recounts her own decisions, mistakes, and daily struggles to make the right choices for herself, her career, and her family. As he observes, success comes to those who remain mindful of the core insight, understand all of its ramifications, and orient their decisions around it. He built a company where leaps of the imagination were combined with remarkable feats of engineering. How could Eisner have so misjudged Michael Ovitz, a man who was not only ‘the most powerful man in Hollywood’ but also his friend, whom he appointed as Disney president and immediately wanted to fire?
Massengale, however, brilliantly advances by making the right connections behind the lines and in Washington’s corridors of power. Why do dining companions insist on ordering different meals instead of getting what they really want? But everything changes when Harry is summoned to attend an infamous school for wizards, and he begins to discover some clues about his illustrious birthright. Whereas takers strive to get as much as possible from others and matchers aim to trade evenly, givers are the rare breed of people who contribute to others without expecting anything in return.

Buckingham backs his arguments with authoritative research from a wide variety of sources, including his own research data and in-depth interviews with individuals at every level of an organization, from CEO’s to hotel maids and stockboys.
What caused the break between Eisner and Pixar chairman Steve Jobs, and why did Pixar abruptly abandon its partnership with Disney? Once you’ve read this book you will understand what gives certain people an edge over everyone else. Why did Eisner so mistrust Roy Disney that he assigned Disney company executives to spy on him?
By following the advice laid out clearly in this book you’ll be the one with an edge. Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, argues that twenty-somethings have been caught in a swirl of hype and misinformation, much of which has trivialized what is actually the most defining decade of adulthood.
Their destination is the coast, although they don’t know what, if anything, awaits them there. How did Eisner control the Disney board for so long, and what really happened in the fateful board meeting in September 2004, when Eisner played his last cards?

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