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Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. During his 50s he downgraded his running commitment but increased it when he retired at just over 60. No Alex Rodriguez or Jorge Posada and, once the game was out of hand, no Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano.

But there are worse things than honouring the way Ruiz kept body and soul together in the minors for his 11th different organization and has homered six times in 20 games since he's come up. Blue Jays fans have glommed on to him, not in a "Johnny Mac can do no wrong" way as much as a "well, at least he isn't completely wasting our time like Kevin Millar" way. It's September, and given the way 2009 has gone, cheering for the story is perfectly acceptable, even if, like winning a Triple-A MVP when you're 31, it presents a mixed message. I can't blame the players if they'd want to employ some good old-fashioned union tactics instead of relying on backroom lawyers tricks, or if they'd want somebody willing to push back against Gary Bettman instead of just trying to find common ground.

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