In third year, a specialist career course will ease the transition from study to the workforce and help you develop the tools and skills employers search for during the recruitment process.
Keen to undertake his paid internship as part of his Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Enterprise Business Solutions), Damien says he will have a great advantage on securing employment when he graduates. Professor Khumalo is the chief executive of Gidani Proprietary Limited and Chairman of Bongani Rainmaker Logistics and Gravitas Group.
Specialties: Marketing, branding, communication, strategy and leadership, lecturing and consulting.
Specialties: Strategy, Sales, CRM, competitor intelligence, course, development, customization of management programmes and lecturing.
IIBM has developed a unique tuition model that will empower leaders, executives and managers in all sectors, including those without prior formal qualifications. South Africa possesses a huge market segment of managers and business leaders looking for more skills and qualifications in business as a results of its history.

The tuition model will enable them to acquire international and local accredited qualifications, skills and competencies in business, including a globally recognised MBA  (license) and Master in Project Management.
Join the conversationFollow us on social media for special announcments and upcoming events. Application for entry through SATACWhat will I study?This four-year program is structured to build on your existing communication, business or technical knowledge and develop it to a level that will allow you to perform as a confident IT professional during a paid, 12 month internship during your third year and Honours year. In the second half of this year, you will commence your internship with HP to add real world experience to the knowledge you would have gained at UniSA. She is the founding member of IIBM and a graduate of the University of South Africa (UNISA). You will study common IT courses as part of your first year that is shared with our long-standing flagship IT program. During your final year, you will complete your honours industry-based project to present a solution to a real IT business issue.

She is well versed in strategic marketing, acquired from working in the marketing field in South Africa for more than 25 years.
As a student that excels in first year with credit average grades or above, in second year you will be able to select either an application services or infrastructure services specialisation.
This will enable you to gain direct experience to solve an IT problem using software engineering principles and project management skills.

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