As Chong explains, “The aim of International Journal of Network and Mobile Technologies (IJNMT) is promote, address and capture innovative and state of the art research and work in the network and mobile technologies field,” encompassing everything from businesses to entertainment. Of these, only paralanguage can be captured in vocal communications as this covers features that accompany speech and contribute to communication but are not generally considered to be part of the language system, such things as vocal quality, loudness, and tempo. For example, if a Japanese woman avoids looking someone in the eyes, she is not showing a lack of interest nor is she demonstrating a lack of self-confidence. Obviously, these social nuances are far outside the realm of technology, yet they do need to be taken into account when technology is developed in various cultures around the world. Action plans refer to definite actions that are related to either short- or longer-term strategic goals.
Plans in paper may look more creative and feasible in nature; in reality it is a big quest unanswered. Top management usually relies on executive dashboards comprising Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress toward meeting strategic objectives. When you’re talking with an audience, the most important thing to accomplish is having them recognize and relate to you. Deciding on a persona helps you write better and creates a unique voice that people will identify your brand with.
Starting a business can be exciting for an aspiring entrepreneur who has the drive to succeed.
The Q NoteHow to Deal with Company Car Accidents May 20, 2016Being rewarded with the use of a company car is a great perk that demonstrates your value to your employer and makes your working week run more smoothly. While these can generally be interpreted correctly by those of the same culture and language, such is not always the case. The remaining 55% of communication has nothing to do with the words spoken or how they are said.
In these countries extended eye contact can be taken as an affront or a challenge of authority. As a college instructor in cross cultural business communications, I urge my students to become aware of all aspects of their communication. Action plans should include details of resource commitments, allocation and time horizons for accomplishment.
Are executives showing the same kind of enthusiasm in giving shape to the plans they charted out in paper? Authority is delegated but Responsibility is forgotten: #Senior management executives are the STRATEGIC DECISION-BRAHMAS obviously but do they demonstrate what needs to be done? Demonstration is one of the powerful forms of communication and if the strategies are only to be communicated down the line and not to be followed by the senior officials how do you expect your team to perform efficiently? Confusion between #strategy and Ideas: An idea is a conceptual construct about a particular thing. Dis-Orientation of Senior Leaders: If a senior leader reaches that higher position through internal promotion, he loses touch with day-to-day activities though he has a strong contextual understanding of the business.
Laissez Faire attitude doesn’t work out for strategic action plans: A senior leader has to monitor an action plan from the start till the end until the expected result is achieved. There might be one good goal but definitely no one good strategy: Understand strategies are subjected to change in accordance with the internal and external environment.
The management must also be able to translate its strategic vision into concrete steps that is “getting things done”.
The level of detail usually does not include action plans so it becomes up to operational staff to evolve the action plans and monitor these.

So, if you have a passionate love for everything Tolkien or are a die-hard fan of The Beatles, let this version of you shine through. Sure, when you get out on to a stage or step into a room, there’s more than one person there.
Most of us want to sound impressive when we’re behind the keyboard, which leads us to sound too formal. The simplest way to decide what the collective voice would be is to determine who would your company be if it were a person.
You’ll no…read more > Editor6 Things to Do When Your Business is Expanding May 20, 2016One of the main goals that business owners focus on is achieving growth, so having the components to manage business expansion is essential. Yet, tone is what is what technology is trying to connect with in network and mobile technologies.
But venture into many Middle Eastern cultures eye contact is much less common and considered less appropriate, especially in Muslim cultures where strict rules regarding eye contact between the sexes exist. In general, it is often considered more polite to have only sporadic or brief eye contact, especially between people of different social registers (like a student and a teacher, or a child and his elder relatives). We are so lax in our attitudes in mobile communication, I feel this is an area where businesses can easily cause unintended business relations problems.
Action plan development represents the key stage in planning that facilitates effective communication of plans throughout the organization followed by resource planning and deployment. If a senior #management leader happens to reach the top through external recruitment, it takes time for him to understand the business and the nature and needs of the organization. Say, you have invested quite a good amount of money in shares of a particular reputed company and you come to know that there is a senior level management leadership change and feelers are that prices are likely to crash.
As a boss or leader, you also have to communicate through the written word, email or any other kind that requires you to string words together. If you still have doubts, try recording what you’ve written onto a tape recorder and listen to it and see if it sounds like you. This allows you to have much better odds of building a company that returns value disproportionally to all of its stakeholders. In such countries only a brief moment of eye contact would be permitted between a man and a woman, if at all.
But when it comes to strategy, you need to have a solid FUTURISTIC action plan that is bound to give you the desired results in the long term. Only few leaders are capable of devising action plans that exactly nails the problem-situation (as we all know when an organization is looking for a turn around, the first blow is to the CEO of the organization). The passion that a leader exudes is overwhelmingly infectious and motivates the team to complete a project. And they can walk away from a conversation knowing simply that they have made a friend for life.
Of course, in many other Middle Eastern cultures intense eye contact between those of the same gender—especially between men—can mean “I am telling you the truth! Here the leader is the initiator who is involved throughout strategic planning process so that momentum is sustained during the critical transition from planning to action. After all, you might presume that because in digital marketing one is not communicating face to face. By doing so, you can create one-to-one feeling and still be able to communicate as you normally do.

And moreover you cannot get their responses immediately so you can vary things according to the situation.With digital marketing or marketing in general you are more specifically aiming at a group of people to appeal to whom we can refer to customers or clients.
This is one of the reasons why an article from Huffington Post states that the most interesting yet difficult task most marketers now a days face is not how to tackle social media platforms but rather how to be “as human as possible on the web”.The emphasis has been changed from merely looking at the target groups as views or wider audience but instead aim has been shifted on trying to reach out at the humanness of the individual. Similarly you want to convince them that you too are not merely a businessman, marketer, salesperson, or some automated response provider to their quires but a human being like them.ACTIVE LISTENINGAnyone who is good at the art of conversing would tell you the importance of being a good listener.
As per an article published the best salesperson are actually bound to be excellent listeners. It is because of the simple reason that selling is not just giving a product in exchange for money but of nurturing a long term relationship with the clients so that they keep coming back to you.FOCUSING ONLY ON SHORT TERMIf you just want to sell something using cheap tactics, they might help you sell your product now, but it will not serve you on long term basis. If in your advertising you use sex to sell something which is not even remotely related to it or lying about the qualities of the product or using cheap materials in production will not accompany you in long term.FOCUSING LONG TERMFor doing well in future it is important that you make quality product.
You need to ask what they are looking for and further take their suggestions and feedback to improve your product line.
It is important to listen to what they want and figuring out ways to achieve a better customer satisfaction.HOW TO LISTENThere are many ways of achieving the same.
A simple mail or phone call concerning how the customers liked the product could be one such way. It serves a dual purpose: One it helps you to make sure whether or not the customer is satisfied, secondly, their input would give you an idea what they are likely to expect from you in the future. Getting your customers to like and comment on your products on social media can also serve as a great idea. All you have to work on is feedbacks to make your product better.DEVELOPING a VOICE for the BRANDOnce you have worked on the fruitful feedbacks given and thereby improved your product, you need to communicate this with them. So you have to make sure they know about your product and its qualities, you can use various media platforms for the same.USING VARIOUS FORMS OF MEDIAOnce you have worked hard on making your product the best it is pertinent that the customers know about all the qualities of the product.
Additionally you can start a blog, make social media pages, use your website, and make marketing emails and what not.MESSAGE SHOULD BE CONSISTENTBe consistent with your message. Try to use similar picture and slogans for you product.BRAND INTEGRITYKnow what makes you who you are.
Answer these types of question and you will be directed to what kind of marketing you need for your product. Similarly use the best messages and images that convey everything you want them to.PERSONALIZING your BRANDThe owner and founder of Zip Locksmith, John Sampson advises that companies should make it clear to their customers who they are working with. He further clarifies that the customer should feel personal connection with the people working in the firm.
Giving your potential customers a name and a face to personalize with pays huge dividends.”This Advice is fruitful to every business kind, large or small.
For example, Flo, the personal agent at Progressive is best example of personalization of one brand.
Obviously the customers won’t be always speaking to Flo but they positively give the impression that they are always ready to help.

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