Our Bishop Otter Campus in Chichester is approximately 16 miles east of Portsmouth, 35 miles west of Brighton and about 60 miles south of London. To view available dates and book your place on a Campus Tour for our Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester, please complete the Campus Tour Booking form.
If you wish to continue your visit to the alternative campus to where your course is based, then there are good transport links between the campuses including our inter-campus bus service.
As you will see in future posts I am very passionate about the arts, across all areas and studying dance at Chichester you realise how much it fuels your determination, as the course can lead onto many routes if you want it to.
I hope that the placement will provide an insight into arts administration, a sector of the arts industry that I am interested in getting involved with. My intensive dance training began at the BRIT School, developing my skills in Contemporary, Ballet, Street, Jazz and Modern. Once completed you will be sent an electronic confirmation email detailing how to find us, where to park and other important pre-arrival information.
Please feel free to download any of the documents on the right side of this page, or review them at your own leisure before your visit.
In fact my first port of call with JVC is Lauren Baldock (Education and Development Manager) and she completed both her BA and MA in Dance at Chichester and was one of the first members of mapdance. As mentioned in my previous post I have found a love for dance journalism and how media is used in the performing arts industry. The programme gives graduates an experience of a professional touring company and at the end of the course students are awarded The Jasmin Vardimon Company Professional Development Certificate.

Anybody found breaking this speed limit is liable to prosecution.BrackleshamThe slipway at Bracklesham is often covered in shingle which prevents access during the winter. If you’re interested in dance you will know that JVC is at the forefront of British contemporary dance and tours internationally. Lauren gave me a list of tasks to complete and I was instantly involved in the buzz that flies around in the office.
With the guidance of JVC I am beginning to see how important multimedia platforms are when advertising, communicating and promoting different workshops, activities and performances so that the company reaches such a wide network. Studying at Chichester has helped me to gain the independence in finding a placement as interesting as this, since being in a small environment where you are able to concentrate without distraction you realise more about yourself and the benefits of networking. From April to September the Foreshore Service periodically clears the ramp and provides a launch and recovery service, subject to weather conditions and resource availability.For safety reasons the public are requested not to use their own vehicle to launch or recover their vessel as even 4x4's will get stuck blocking the slipway for other users and potentially preventing the safety boats from being launched in an emergency.
I have been given the opportunity to work in the office where a lot of the action happens; and gain experience into how the company is organised – from their education programmes to the processes they go through when going on tour. It is a very positive environment with each person busy, multi-tasking their way through the day. I already see myself involved in this network someday, whether that is informing readers about different topics as part of a publication or further supporting a dance company in their bid to stay current and successful. From the course I have so far discovered the type of theatrical performer I am and my thirst for knowledge, which ultimately led me, in my research, to JVC and my aspirations to be a part of such a reputable company.
Please note that the Road Traffic Act 1988 prohibits the use of motorised vehicles on the beach and the Police may be called, the council has special permission from the Crown Estates to use the tractor and it's emergency vehicles.East BeachIn October 2011 Chichester District Council constructed a new slipway at East Beach, Selsey.

The positive energy is enthralling, and has already had an effect on my understanding into how I can apply the skills I have learnt at university, in a real life workplace. It was funded through a pathfinder grant received from Defra and replaced an old ramp that due to shingle build-up became unusable.
The new slipway is available for free public use (apart from Jetskis) throughout the year although trailers left in the car park must have a separate parking ticket. Please note that the gradient of the ramp steepens towards the seaward end so that vehicles do not have to drive too far in to the water, however vehicles may struggle for traction particularly two wheel drive cars, towing larger vessels, when the ramp is wet. You use the slipway at your own risk, we recommend that you have adequate help and if in any doubt consider using a strong rope connected between the trailer and the car.Hillfield RoadThe slipway at Hillfield Road car park in Selsey is often covered in shingle. Small craft can be launched here but careful consideration must be given to tidal conditions due to the strong currents in this area. There are also various hazardous underwater reefs and banks just off the shoreline and we recommend a chart is consulted.

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