Rich or poor, you werena€™t required to shell out big bucks a€” and you would gain access to the professors and ideas that had once been available only to the select few who could get into a highly selective university.
Young or old, you could forego those required courses, learning what you wanted when it was convenient for you.
Now, as Jeff Schmitt writes for Poets&Quants, MOOCs have matured and reached the proverbial pivot point. Here, students can earn a certificate by completing a series of three-to-five paid courses and completing a capstone project (i.e. Generally, courses are priced at $79-$95, with specializations costing roughly $400-$500 in total (and taking up to six months to complete).
For example, the University of Michigan, home to one of the worlda€™s top business schools, is offering a a€?Leading People and Teamsa€? specialization. Only last month Wharton debuted its second specialization in Business Analytics to teach the basics of Big Data and how data is used to make business decisions. With student skin now in the game, such specializations will likelyA boost these rates a€” while providing MOOC providers with more reliable revenue streams. The University of California-Berkeley has partnered with Philanthropy University to produce a€?How to Scale Social Impact,a€? a course designed to teach strategic thinking skills to enhance the value and scope of student efforts in the social sector. On the hard side, the University of Illinois introduces a€?Operations Management,a€? which will vie with Whartona€™s a€?Introduction to Operations Managementa€? for students. Wharton has also recycled its a€?More Introduction to Financial Accounting,a€? to provide a deeper dive for students interested in financial accounting.

Business French Language courses in Paris are designed for professionals who are looking for a fast way to learn French. While offering you an Intensive French group course in the morning that develops your communicative and cultural proficiency, a specialised afternoon business French course will focus on the particular skills that are relevant to your business or other interests. Our communicative approach makes these French courses a pleasurable and productive experience. The department is at the forefront of international excellence and leadership in education and research for the computer science professions.
The department benefits from City’s central London location; allowing for close ties with the industry and a wide range of professional sectors, leading to one of the UK’s highest rates of graduate employability and a host of research-led enterprise opportunities. Edwina Odiwanor studied MSc Information Systems and Technology and currently works as a Senior Consultant at IBM. This new series of four courses follows Wharton's Business Foundation specialization and features a capstone project with Yahoo!
The capstone project a€” a staple in most business programs a€” adds an experiential angle for students.
Wharton also returns with its famed a€?Introduction to Marketinga€? MOOC, part of its core courses for first-year MBAs. The University of Michigan returns with a€?Model Thinking,a€? among the best-reviewed business MOOCs on CourseTalk. In addition, youa€™ll also enjoy free courses in private equity, venture capital finance, and Federal Reserve basics.

This Business French course for professionals is tailor-made to help you communicate successfully in your own specialized environment. Challenging exchanges privileged by the small size of the group meet the students' individual needs. By continuing browsing this website without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this. In the free model a€” just 15% of students finished their courses according to Katy Jordan, an educational researcher whoA tracks MOOC completion rates. Not to mention, students can still take specialization courses ala carte, retaining the flexibility that made MOOCs such a runaway hit among students in recent years. On the soft side, the London Business School is offering a€?Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour,a€? a unique course that tackles branding from an operational, rather than a creative, perspective. And several old favorites, featuring topics like international leadership, entrepreneurship, and fund-raising, also return for another round. The Indian Institute of Management is also releasing a€?Introduction to Managerial Economics,a€? which focuses on how economic trend shape corporate decision-making at all levels.

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