The Language Factory - Language Classes, Tutoring, After School Programs and Summer Camps in Spanish French Sugar Land, Missouri City, Houston - Meet The Press New small businesses defy downturnBY DAVID KAPLANHouston ChronicleSept.
The ability to communicate with impact and present well is an important part of business today.
If you are like most people, the prospect of standing up in front of a group of people, let alone speaking to them, is a daunting prospect.
It is important to understand that it is not a question of being good or bad at presenting, it is usually the question of being trained or untrained. Various experts tell us that a decision is made about us, our organisation and the value of what we are going to say within 12 seconds of standing up to present, based on our personal first impression.
This training will push your boundaries to see how much power and flexibility you really possess.
Training FeedbackWe have partnered with Coursecheck which helps people find highly rated training courses; and it does this by providing companies that offer great training courses a place to publish all their feedback. About UsI will enable you to decide what changes you need to make and assist you with the motivation required to make those changes and provide you with practical techniques to help you develop and maintain those new skills. To register in person please use the registration sheet provided in the Triathlon brochure above.
Completed forms must be submitted before October 31st each year for the projects scheduled for the next calendar year.
All grant applications shall be directed to the Town of Deep River Recreation Program Coordinator on or before October 31st of each year to ensure they are considered within the Community Development Grant Program Intake.
Completed applications for Community Project grants, Corporate grants, and Community Event grants (as defined by this policy) which are received by the October 31st application deadline will be forwarded to Council with a recommendation from staff for review and consideration.
Grant assistance in any one year or over several years is not to be interpreted as a commitment to future year’s funding. The term of a grant shall be for one year only unless Council has endorsed a multi-year commitment in the Community Project grant category.
Grant recipients will be notified in writing of the grant amount approved following Council approval of the Town’s annual budget. This information must be submitted to the Recreation Program Coordinator no later than August 1st in each year. If your water is rust coloured please run your cold water taps only (suggested taps: bathtub or laundry tub) until water runs clear. This is a comprehensive two-day course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home.
Auqujog - this is a 7 week program running Tuesday eveings beginning May 10th to June 21st. Take Highway 17 east to Chalk River, turn left (at lights) on Plant Road and then left onto Baggs Road (just before AECL's outer gate). With our scenic location on the wooded banks of the Ottawa River and our proximity to many more inland pleasures, we combine an array of sports and outdoor adventures with a rich cultural mosaic and festive community calendar throughout all four seasons. Katherine Hart Walton, the first daughter of Gerald and Julie Walton, was born in Oxford on March 29, 1962. Brent Shelton Hudspeth was born in Memphis, the third son of Joi??seph MacDonald Hudspeth and Martha Shelton Hudspeth, on January 7, 1958.
A A A  He attended the University of Mississippi and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1980, a Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 1981, and a Master of Business Administration in 1983.A  He was the manager of Plaza Shoes in Oxford from 1978 to 1982 and was director of advertising sales for Cable Advertising of the Mid-South, a Tupelo, Mississippi, based cable television advertising provider in 1983.
Gerald Walton Hudspeth, son of Brent and Katherine Hudspeth, was born in Atlanta on April 6, 1999. Dorothy Virginia Hudspeth, daughter of Brent and Katherine Hudspeth, was born in Atlanta on March 16, 2001. Dorothy Elizabeth Walton, the second child of Julie and Gerald Walton, was born at Oxford, Mississippi, on June 10, 1965. She married John Frederick Laurenzo from Oxford in December of 1986 and moved to Nashville, where John was in medical school at Vanderbilt University. They then moved to the University of Iowa, where John completed his residency in otolaryngology. They moved from Iowa City to Memphis, where John practiced otolaryngology with group of physicians. She has chaired several committees at the Oxford-University United Methodist Church and volunteers for a number of community organizations. He graduated from the Universii??ty of the South in 1985, with a BS in Physics; he was a member of the baseball team there. Julie Katherine Laurenzo, daughter of John and Dorothy Laurenzo, was born in Oxford on May 11, 1996.

Anna attended summer school at Choate in Wallingford, Connecticut,i?? in 2012 and entered the tenth grade at Oxford High School in fall 2012. Margaret Stevens Walton, the third child of Gerald and Julie Walton, was born in Oxford, Mississippi, on May 8, 1969. Margaret worked at Square Books, a local bookstore, and later in the Department of Art at the University of Mississippi while taking a Master of Arts degree with a major in art history. Margaret married Leo Seicshnaydre of Gulfport in March 2002 and worked as a writer for NASA at Stennis Space Center in Bay St. He then attended the University of Mississippi and received a bachelor of business degree in 2001 with a major in management information systems. Lee-Lee attended nursery school and kindergarten at the Willie Price University Nursery School at the University of Mississippi. Lee-Lee likes to read, do arts and crafts, keep a journal named Suzy, play with dogs and cats and her sister and friends, swim, play games, and visit her gi??randparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Lucy Seicshnaydre was born to Leo and Margaret Seicshnaydre on December 7, 2005, in Oxford, Mississippi.
Brent Shelton Hudspeth was born in Memphis, the third son of Joseph MacDonald Hudspeth and Martha Shelton Hudspeth, on January 7, 1958.
Two years later, Brent returned to the University of Mississippi, where he was awarded a Juris Doctorate in 1989, at which time he also met Katherine Walton.A  Upon graduation from law school, he was associated with the law firm of King and Ballow in Nashville, where he practiced labor and employment law. He graduated from the University of the South in 1985, with a BS in Physics; he was a member of the baseball team there. Anna Margaret Laurenzo, daughter of John and Dorothy Laurenzo, was born in Oxford on September 29, 1997, in the same hospital where her mother was born. A A A  Anna attended summer school at Choate in Wallingford, Connecticut, in 2012 and entered the tenth grade at Oxford High School in fall 2012.
Lee-Lee likes to read, do arts and crafts, keep a journal named Suzy, play with dogs and cats and her sister and friends, swim, play games, and visit her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Many people feel inadequate, expecting to be confident or skilful in something they have never been trained in.
The objective of this Municipal Community Grants Program is to treat all organizations fairly and consistently and to share available resources throughout the municipality. Residents in some areas of Town may experience a drop in water pressure and the water may be rusty or cloudy due to flushing of the distribution system. Tour the beautiful site, see a camper's cabin, make a craft in the McLaren Craft Centre, walk on the beautiful sand beach on the Ottawa River.
Come on down to the Community Pool for one hour of swimming and then head upstairs for an hour of games, drinks and pizza. From beaches to mountains, Deep River embraces a spectacular tract of unspoiled, tree-lined valley scenery and back-to-nature activities that beckon visitors from around the world. Create your own 72-hour emergency kit and you will have the necessary items to help you and your family until emergency responders can reach you. Katherine married Brent Hudspeth of Oxford in May of 1995, and they have two children, whom Katherine homeschools.
He then served as the manager of the Jackson, Mississippi branch of Hooper Holmes, Incorporated, a commercial reporting company.
A year later, they moved to Atlanta, where Brent returned to his position with the Federal Labor Relations Authority. She attended the University of the South (Sewanee) for two years and then attended the University of Mississippi, where she graduated, with a major in history, in December, 1986. He was born in Iowa City, Iowa, in the hospital where his Grandmother Walton was born in 1939.
She has always loved i??trying new things (but not necessarily sticking with them), and has played soccer, softball, basketball, and tennis and has been on the swim team.A  i??She has taken piano and cello lessons, and she loves to bake. In August, 2005, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, Leo and Margaret and their daughter, then 16 months, relocated to Oxford, where their second daughter was born.
He is the fourth child of Leo Vincent Seicshnaydre, Jr., and Judith Ann Wood Seicshnaydre of Gulfport.
After they married in 2002, Leo worked at Hancock Bank in Gulfport and later as a software engineer for School-Link Technologies in Biloxi, where he continued to work for several months after moving to Oxford. In 2010-2011 Lee-Leea€™s mother and one of her friends homeschooled Lee-Lee and two of her friends. She has always loved trying new things (but not necessarily sticking with them), and has played soccer, softball, basketball, and tennis and has been on the swim team.A  She has taken piano and cello lessons, and she loves to bake. Grants are intended to provide modest levels of support and assistance to community non-profit organizations.

Due to popular demand an addition class is being offered on Thursday moring at the same time for $33.00. She attended the University of Mississippi and received a Master of Science in geology in 1987. He has since been promoted to Senior Attorney.A  He is an active volunteer (he was much involved Hurricane Katrina relief efforts) in their church in Decatur, Georgia, particularly in the drama department. She married Danny Bulian of Oxford in 1993, and the two owned and operated Lafayettea€™s Bar and Grill. In 2006 he began working as a software engineer for FNC, Inc., a mortgage software company based in Oxford. In 2009-2010 she attended the Willie Price Nursery School located on the campus of the University of Mississippi. She then began attending the public school in Oxford and began the third grade at Oxford Elementary in the fall of 2012. Stay for a free BBQ hot dog lunch, drinks, skits and s'mores around the campfire by the famous Camp Lau-Ren Rock. Brent is an attorney who works for the federal government, and Katherine currently works part-time as an audiologist. He enjoys swimming, playing video games, listening to music, spending time with his friends, reading, math and science, backpacking, and Boyscouts. She attended kindergarten at Bramlett Elementary School and began the first grade there in the fall of 2012. Some companies were planning to send their employees to us, but when the recession hit, they cut back.All in all, though, the school is doing well, she said.
Camp Lau-Ren is a residential children's summer camp of the United Church of Canada and is accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. In addition there is an upstairs viewing gallery and medium sized meeting room appropriate for ballet and socials. Three and six day co-ed camps are offered for young people aged 6 to 16 as well as ten day Leaders In Training Camp . Hers may still be around because she started small, she believes: Many businesses start out with a huge loan instead of growing with the business, which I did, she said. Come see us at the Open House at 210 Lau-Ren Rd., Laurentian Hills, ON located 10 km West of Deep River just off Highway 17. She said the Language Factory has five to seven teachers working on contract.We are very flexible and get to know our clients and how to meet their needs, Bentahar said. Being flexible in teaching hours will help give her a better market share, and not all schools will do that, Evans said.Bentahar said she is thinking of opening a second location near the Texas Medical Center . The events include pot-luck dinners, films and once featured flamenco dancing.The parties serve a purpose, Bentahar said. WallingfordWere celebrating the Top 40 Entrepreneurs and Executives Under 40 in Fort Bend County.These fine men and women were nominated by their peers so we could discover who the moversand shakers are today.
There are so many more of you out there and we hope to get to knoweveryone of you over the course of this next year.The nominations poured into our office. Among the nominees were doctors, bankers, exercisegurus, attorneys, marketing experts, Realtors, inventors, and entrepreneurs.
As a result of theseselections, Fort Bend County residents can be proud and encouraged to know there is so much top of the world talent, passion, and vitality available to us and the businesses that surround us.Congratulate them. The school launched immediately as a result of the dedication and extensive experience of its president and founder.
In September 2009 she was featured on the front page of The Houston Chronicle as an example for entrepreneurs defying the downfall.A Belinda, a French native, holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics.
She spent many years traveling the world achieving fluency in five languages.A It should not only be the language that is of interest, Bentahar observes.
In my opinion the ultimate goal should be to understand the cultural aspects enough to truly feel comfortable and confident when meeting with people of a region.A After having lived on four continents, Bentahar and her family are proud to name Fort Bend as their final destination.
We do put a very important focus in our childrens lives on speaking foreign languages says Belinda, whos children Billy (12) and Lilly (7) are fluent in English, French and German and are on their way to learning Spanish and Chinese at her school.
And we feel that this community that celebrates diversity is the perfect place for us to be!A Bentahars main ambition is to be able to offer a program to each individual or business. Now after only three short years The Language Factory has a wide variety of students who are always pleased with the diversity of courses, ranging from childrens classes to corporate packages.A I truly believe that The Language Factory is a great contribution to our community, says Bentahar.

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