We also provide cosmetic clinic business courses to assist practitioners and staff in creating successful cosmetic clinics. Cosmetic business development courses for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Practice Managers, Aesthetics Staff and Entrepreneurs. When you attend one of our botox courses, a complimentary starting a cosmetic clinic online course is provided. Candidates will also be able to log in to the KT Introduction to Medical Aesthetics web seminar which provides all the information required to start a successful cosmetic practice. The objective of the course is to teach new and existing practice owners the methodology of structuring a medical aesthetics clinic for long term security and growth .

The lecturer will discuss and present solutions on all aspects of developing a successful medical aesthetics clinic for long term growth. Gaining strengths in the six areas of business will guarantee long term success in aesthetic medicine. More medical aesthetics training courses to assist in your development as your practice grows. The sooner one can develop this skill, the quicker the clinic will blossom and out perform competitors.
Staff Development- understanding the client journey and how staff development can contribute to building stronger relationships with your clients, candidates will be provided with a procedure training manual for their staff.

Systems and Processes- understanding the importance of systems and processes and how these activities can help to build stronger client relationships. Promoting your Clinic- we will discuss and provide take home material of major successful promotional activities presently done by top clinics. We will provide material on high impact call to action advertisement, seminar presentation, loyalty programs, referral programs and web marketing.

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