English for non-English speaking mechanics - needs analysis, curriculum preparation, delivery and assessment.
Language consultancy for a mining company – needs analysis, technical report, pilot program.
Language curriculum & resources development for Solomon Islands Primary school teachers. Abstract : This is the outline of a seminar on teaching methodology given as a teacher inservice for Chinese English teachers in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, in November 2009. Abstract : This is an outline from one of a monthly series of seminars by Thor May on teaching skills.
Over ninety units of this material have been written and trialed with overseas trained mechanics who  are learning English in Australia.
English for Mechanics is for sale commercially by download or as a printed book, so only sample extracts are provided on this web site. These little dialogues are best practised between pairs of students in a class after modelling by the  teacher.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Our missionOur missionProviding a service for society in general and for the businessworld in particular, through a demanding and quality teachingwork, adapted to reality and the needs of the labor market,training professionals capable of creating companies orperforming in managing or technical positions in any area ofbusiness activity. That is, they are certified in the official way which academic administrative officers, employers and government departments require.
Master of Applied Linguistics, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia - Testamur 2005 (The University of Newcastle is a government owned university). 1st Class Honours (Equivalent) - Letter of Approval University of Newcastle NSW,  Australia (1978).
Many institutions today would document this one year program as a coursework Masters degree.

Letter of recommendation, April 2010, from Dr Christo Moskovsky, Thor May's doctoral supervisor. Letter of Recommendation, April 2007, from Professor Park Byungjoo, Department of English, Chungju National University, 123 Geomdon-ri, Iryu-myeon, Chungju-shi, Chungbuk 380702, South Korea.
Needs analysis in close cooperation with specialist subject lecturers, curriculum preparation, delivery and joint assessment with specialist subject lecturers. The brief was to find a way for Indonesian speaking mechanics to comprehend technical service manuals for heavy industrial equipment (bulldozers etc), write basic servicing reports and communicate with English speaking expatriate engineers. This was a foreign aid project, funded from Canberra, and mostly conducted on-site in Lismore where the teachers undertook the program. The seminar indicates a fundamental difference in objectives between language learning for certification and learning for live use. The seminars are given as a teacher inservice for Chinese English teachers in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. A collection of ten activities which the seminar presenter has invented or borrowed, and found to be popular with students.
Most of these students have been at the lower end of the tertiary ability scale, with very limited English language skills. All the units have been trialed  over a number of courses with adult immigrants to Australia. They are deliberately a bit whimsical (that helps recall) and should be delivered with  expression. Where are We?CESINE Business School, is located in the university area of Santander(northern Spain), close to the city centre and only 500 meters from beaches,parks and golf courses. Much more rarely (unfortunately) there may be a genuine interest in the real substance of what an indivual knows and has investigated in his field. The research essays supporting this were also reviewed by an external examiner (Macquarie University).

The degree itself was based on extensive prior doctoral research and publication at the University of Newcastle, NSW, and examined by staff there who are still willing to certify its standard.
Whereas accuracy is an absolute goal within schooling contexts, its value on the street is highly variable. Most of the scripts were written for industrial students in the city of Melbourne, Australia.
Through examining a series of twenty case studies, this thesis deals with issues of knowledge worker productivity.
Most institutions today would document this one year program as a coursework Masters degree. The university and its business partner subsequently chose to continue to program with staff hired at an approximately 30% lower salary - a situation unfortunately common in the TESOL industry]. The content requires some further development, especially with regard to diagrams and extra learning activities.
Those interested in this extra range of knowledge are advised to also look to section b) below.
Although the themes are Australian, their application is often universal and interesting cultural contrasts can be made. Short Texts From Oz can thus be used with foreign language students as well as immigrants.

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