The search for the right business ethics training program has increased as companies look to avoid financial ruin witnessed in the past five years. Make sure that your company has a well documented code which is regularly updated to meet modern challenges.
The business school provides professional ethics training to all business related professionals. It is a global organization which helps companies all over by providing consultancy service, information and solutions on how to minimize risk, achieving compliance as well improving the overall governance of your business. Generally there are three broader divisions – Informational Service Division which provides information on how to comply with Standards, regulations and legislation.
It is an online training system which provides opportunities for companies to develop a culture of ethics, inclusion and respect. Ethics in Corporate America: A Crisis of Credibility - DVD - FREE Online Preview Available! Winning, Greed, and Self-Interest: Michael Josephson - DVD - FREE Online Preview Available! Spirit of the Dolphin - Lessons for the Workplace - DVD Style Training Course - FREE Online Preview Available! The globalization of commerce has added new shades of gray to the complex subject of business ethics. Is today’s corporate culture, characterized by exorbitant CEO salaries, downsizing, and benefit reductions, alienating employers from employees? In today’s high-tech, multimedia business environment, ads must be slick, sensational, and sophisticated if they hope to stand out from the competition.
In the post-Enron and -WorldCom era, the spotlight of scrutiny is shining ever more sharply on corporations and their chief executives.
If terrorism and scandal have undermined the strength and credibility of American business, so too have they stimulated a new determination to improve the way business is done.
Government agencies and professionals who deal with damage claims are literally trying to determine the dollars-and-cents worth of human life. This NewsHour program scrutinizes the state of business ethics in an America riddled with financial fraud. In this classic program, host Ted Holmes profiles organizations, companies, and colleges that are working hard to help preserve the environment, provide equal opportunities for employees, stimulate small businesses, create low-income housing, and promote ethical domestic and overseas investments.
A Senior Fellow at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Joanne Ciulla teaches career-minded students to think critically about the role of ethics in management. Wall Street Fraud: Terence Smith discusses the implications of a $1-billion settlement by major Wall Street firms with Jim Cox, professor of corporate and securities law, and Charles Elson, director of the John L.
Problem pointing out and solving and then sharing the news is called "whistle blowing." Not everyone wants to hear bad news or even recognize bad news, but sometimes you have to listen, acknowledge, accept, and then do something about it. Somehow we have to learn to sell our ideas without insulting others and pointing the finger. As common courtesy becomes less common and good taste is all but a contradiction of terms, Americans continue to push the envelope of socially acceptable behavior. This program takes a penetrating look at what is happening to American culture as honesty comes to be measured less by truthfulness and more by the reasons for lying and the degree of deception involved.
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While some would argue profits or return to shareholders is the most important function of a business enterprise, I would suggest that one of the most important qualities that people look for in any organization is ethical behavior. Ethical behavior should be practiced from the highest level of the business all the way down.
As evidenced by many current news stories, it is not uncommon for large corporations to be accused of unethical behavior. Posted by Chuck Gallagher in Business and Personal Ethics, business ethics, ethics training, Ethics Training and tagged business ethics training. Actually, it does, but over the past decade or two, the discussion of ethics may not have been promoted as it was in the past.
Good ethics begins with the hiring process and a solid orientation program for new employees. Last fall, Robyn Crigger facilitated a planning session with members of my Human Resources team. We have hired Compass Career for their expertise in human resources primarily career transitions.
Compass Career Management Solutions are outstanding in the care and professionalism with which they attend to their business. Working with your firm did a lot to give our employees comfort during the transition in their careers. An organization’s ethics determines its reputation, making sound business ethics essential to the long term success of any organization. In TBAE’s Business Ethics Course, participants will learn how to implement and manage ethics in the workplace.
Knowing that the job is a specialized one, companies look for an option which matches their corporate goals.
If you are running an accounting or finance company, then join the American Accounting Association or National Society of Accountants.
It is an accredited school which deals with various courses on code of conduct, business ethics, and stipulating decision-making, creating awareness on the need of having ethics in place in order to reduce ethical or racial conflicts. What moral obligations do companies have to the people who work for them, and to the communities they serve?
This program examines how truth in advertising has gotten lost in this competitive frenzy, and how consumers can learn to separate fact from fiction in the confusing barrage of hype and half-truths.

In this program, Robert Nardelli, chairman, president, and CEO of The Home Depot, and Michael Eskew, chairman and CEO of United Parcel Service, discuss the white-hot issues of corporate governance and ethics as well as the special challenges they face as newcomers to the top job. In this program, two of the New York region’s top executives—Charles Lee, chairman and co-CEO of Verizon Communications, and Arthur Ryan, chairman, CEO, and president of Prudential Financial—reflect on corporate America after September 11th, business ethics in a post-Enron world, and industry regulatory issues.
This timely program distinguishes between ethical behavior and social responsibility by spotlighting two well-known Australian businesses that exhibit both qualities: Bendigo Bank and its Community Bank initiative, a cooperatively spirited venture that teaches solid commercial principles to franchisees, and The Body Shop, a skincare product provider that calls itself an activist organization committed to positive social and environmental change and a retailer committed to customer service excellence. In segment one, correspondent Paul Solman and Columbia Business School’s Barbara Toffler cite Arthur Andersen and Stew Leonard, Sr., as examples of ethics gone awry. Featured guests include representatives of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility, and the California Institute of Integral Studies.
She brings a background in philosophy to her classroom, where future CEOs study ethics and management in business. Applying to sales and non-sales persons, it deals with motivation, speaking up when you know you're right, tenacity, change, problem solving, and selling a concept. Does the Golden Rule still apply, or are people too busy to care about the feelings of others?
What is to become of a society in which professional ethicists are required to help companies recapture a culture of integrity, a role previously reserved for religion? He taught law school for 20 years in Los Angeles and ran a successful business, but as he watched his son grow up, he began to think less about the letter of the law and more about the spirit of it. If it is expected that all employees act ethically, they should see the same behavior from their superiors.
As a leader in business, it is important to stick to the principles that helped the company grow from its modest beginnings.
It is important to address any issues immediately instead of hoping that it will just go away or remedy itself.
If a customer is yelling at you over an issue, the initial reaction may be to retaliate or become defensive. Not just an employee signature on a check list, but a detailed explanation of definitions and expectations.
Their strengths are their quick response, accessibility, high integrity and effective services. They pay attention to the details and needs of their clients and leverage their years of experience in industry as well as in outplacement services to help their clients move forward to their next opportunities. Every one of them expressed appreciation to us for using your services in their termination from our firm. They have been and continue to be an excellent resource for handling specialized human resource functions that we could not complete using our own personnel. It is a form of applied ethics that examine moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. Developing and implementing a program of ethics takes time and effort but the rewards vastly outweigh the sacrifices. This way you will be linked to a business web and can take help from other similar organizations and individuals with expertise. The Assurance Division is the practical work they perform for organizations which includes auditing and assessment on how to improve performance.
Issues raised include the need for multinationals to agree on a set of core international business values, the impact of ever-shrinking time frames on the decision-making process, and the necessity of secure data transmission. In this program, a group of business experts examine these issues, and discuss how companies can do "the right thing" and still improve their bottom lines. Two advertising executives discuss how companies develop ads, and how consumer audiences are targeted. Segment two gathers the opinions of veteran business journalists Adam Smith, Carol Loomis, Allan Sloan, Jim Grant, and Andrew Tobias on the practices of Enron, Tyco, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. In this program with Bill Moyers, Ciulla discusses the role of ethics in the world of business and the meaning of work in our culture. Using a case study of a woman denied employment on the basis of an honesty test as a springboard for discussion, this program provides an overview of this controversial screening device.
If a CD by a top recording artist has strongly antisocial lyrics, should the record label consider its impact on kids?
Through interviews with key figures and insightful analysis, the anthology blends case studies and background reports to explore the Enron affair, stratospheric executive compensation, Wall Street irregularities, and other topical business concerns within their broader contexts.
Because of the roll of the seas, the United States Navy gunnery during the successful Spanish-American war scored only 121 hits out of 9000 shots fired. This provocative two-part series argues that changes in the American character have promoted a pervasive attitude of "me first" and "anything goes." 2-part series, 29 minutes each. This program probes the apparent erosion of decorum in the United States, which has had a profound impact on respect for authority, trust for one another, and willingness to give a helping hand.
If the head of the company and upper management cannot act in an acceptable manner, it will be nearly impossible to expect anything but the same behavior from other levels. The way that an employee is treated should be an example of how management expects a customer to be treated.
Many customers say that they love to patronize small businesses because of the personal attention they receive and because they feel appreciated. When it comes to an unhappy employee or an unsatisfied customer, a simple acknowledgement of the issue goes a long way, especially if the solution is not instantaneous. Don’t be so quick to just to conclusions or create an opinion on the manner before gathering all of the facts. In order to be successful in business, you have to be able to create a positive environment that is ethics rich.
Sample scenarios will demonstrate to employees how they are to behave in similar situations.

They keep their clients (past and present) informed on important and current issues as well as new services through e-newsletters, small group meetings and personal visits. He is an effective listener and has a great sense of humor to restore a sense of pride in myself. We genuinely appreciate all you do for our students as well as your efforts to assist with the faculty. I've used them both professionally as a supplier and personally as my outplacement counselors. They bring a high level of trust, integrity and experience to all activities in which they engage their clients.
Business ethics deals with the conduct of individuals in a business environment as well as the conduct of organizations. The ethics of an organization has an impact on all levels of business interactions with customers, employees, suppliers and competitors. Experts include the president and CEO of a large corporation, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a former executive committee member of Johnson & Johnson. And how are they training the new leaders who will help them take their companies—tops in their respective industries—into the future?
And, after summarizing the evolution of compensation models in the stock analysis industry, segment three examines the conflicts of interest that have led investment stock analysts astray.
Ciulla notes that people’s lives are often dominated by their work, sacrificing their families in the process.
Issues of question validity, test discrimination, and the proper use of psychometric testing are addressed, and an interview with William Harris, executive director of the Association of Test Publishers, is featured. In this program, news professionals and executives from NBC, CBS, Capitol-EMI Records, and Mercury Records speak out about the ethical dilemmas their industries face.
Attitude, timeliness, dress, ethics, grooming, teamwork, conflict resolution, and getting along with co-workers are among the topics discussed in this segment.
Gregory Jones, Dean of the Duke Divinity School; and Professor Jeffrey Abramson, author of We the Jury. In this program with Bill Moyers, Josephson discusses the lack of ethical standards in our society and the philosophy of winning, greed, and self-interest. A high level of ethics should be evident from the time that a perspective employee is interviewed and continue for the duration of the time spent with the company. Perhaps a workshop with exercises and role playing could help to bring this important topic to the forefront and start some good conversation among your workforce. As an area Chair, he exhumes true qualities of quite leadership and the productivity of high performing teams. It reflects the views of an organization and plays a significant role in determining the values of the organization.
The world has become smaller, and a good or bad reputation spreads faster than ever before. The Content is developed by Littler (Employment & Labor Law Solutions Worldwide) and is endorsed by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). The program also examines the case of Janet Cooke, who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning story about an 8-year-old heroin addict in 1981.
Interviews with employers are interspersed with common-sense narration to give solid advice to the newly hired employee. Sims has found an admiral in the British navy who has instituted "continuous aim" gunfire that has improved his own hit ratio as much as 3000% AND the British navy is willing to share the information.
Acting ethically, he says, is easier said than done, but it’s the only way to make a world fit for our children. When employees are promoted to upper levels of management, the code of ethics should be deeply embedded in the behavior and serve as an example for others. You want to get to the root cause of the issue at hand and then work toward a solution instead of laying blame. And like all good approaches to changing and modeling employee behavior, the annual training and modeling of behavior begins at the top of the organization chart – CEOs and Boards of Directors – “walk the walk and talk the talk”. Some of the ethical issues that organizations face include rights and duties between the organization and its employees, suppliers and customers and its responsibility towards its shareholders.
Willard Gaylin is a practicing psychiatrist and president of the Hastings Center, an institute devoted to studying the relationships between biology and ethics.
The message was heartfelt, but fact-checking later proved her story to be closer to fiction than fact. In this program with Bill Moyers, Gaylin explores the growing conflict between the survival of communities and the survival of the individual. In addition, the need for honesty and fairness, the subtle pressure of commercial interests, and the lure of sensationalism are discussed in this frank investigation of the pressures and circumstances that make up the context of media ethics. Sims just knows that this information will be welcome news to his superiors and the War Department. After writing dozens and dozens of letters and confrontations about the horrid gunnery of the United State Navy Lt.
Each of us, especially in business, needs to take a stand and become the best person we can. By having ethics and integrity we influence others and encourage them to behave in a similar manner.

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