Are you, or do you know someone 16-24 years old who is interested in an Apprenticeship but does not have the required skills?
If you would like to go to university but do not have the qualifications you need, then an Access course could be for you. Our Spa in High Barnet comprises of two major elements; a commercial Spa and a training Spa.

If you’re a former student who would like to support current students or get involved with events or social media, the College would love to hear from you!
The PROinsider team took to Twitter to ask Charleine if she’d like to appear on the blog and (of course) she jumped at the chance. The PROinsider team headed to Plymouth and arrived at Maiya’s ready to chat all things beauty and business.

As soon as you step into this gorgeous salon, you instantly feel warm and welcomed thanks to the homely atmosphere and friendly staff including Charleine.

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