Skills to Go, based in The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, offers leadership and management training, sales & marketing training, business training, business start-up training and a raft of business skills courses. All of our leadership and management programmes, sales and marketing courses and business start-up workshops are run by experienced trainers and business professionals, with over 20 years experience across a range of business sectors such as hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, and telecoms. Click here to check out our forthcoming workshops which encompass a range of topics including leadership and management, sales and marketing, business start-up and entrepreneurship. Using our years of experience across different business sectors we have crafted a great range of programmes & workshops for managers that deliver the impact and results you need for your business. If you have a business idea or are already running your own small enterprise we can help you to achieve your aspirations. Our business skills and management courses offer a practical way to develop skills to deal with both common and uncommon situations in the workplace. Course price: ?50As managers and supervisors, you should review the performance of your staff on a regular basis and set meaningful, challenging goals for the period ahead, which are linked to the organisation’s overall objectives.
Course price: ?50A lot of people don’t like the idea of having to tell people they can’t do something, or may even feel pressurised when someone more senior asks for something from them. Course price: ?450This course aims to provide workplace coaches with the tools and confidence to coach people as part of your normal working role. Course price: ?50Effective communication of messages and information is essential for any business. Course price: ?95The key to effective business is often in the way that personal relationships are developed between people. Course price: ?95Challenging market conditions create opportunities for those businesses that are able and willing to adapt to the new environment.
Course price: ?375Making the transition into a first management role involves the development and use of a different set of skills and can be daunting. Course price: ?975Making the transition into a role which involves managing people through other managers, supervisors and team leaders in a larger organisation can be very different from other roles and may require you to become less involved in the detail of all activities. Course price: ?375Making the transition into a team leading or supervisory role involves the development and use of a different set of skills and can be daunting. Course price: ?50Working under pressure can be stimulating and motivating, but when demands and pressures become excessive they can cause stress.
Course price: ?50Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results – it applies equally in business as well as personal life. Course price: ?95As managers, a good deal of our time is spent in thinking through issues that arise and making reasoned decisions based on information available to us.
Course price: ?325This course leads to a formal qualification and combines hands-on training with essential knowledge and skills that are required to design and deliver a range of training activities in the workplace and to ensure that the training includes all of the participants  Who is it for? Course price: ?65The way we promote our businesses, products and services to customers, both current and potential, has changed radically with the use of social media and will continue to evolve. Years later, when looking for interviewers for a substantial telephone marketing research campaign on behalf of a b2b client, determined not to be labelled as being descriminatory against either sex I interviewed guys and gals and came across exactly the same syndrome. Can a salaried college Professor who’s never run a business teach students how to become successful entrepreneurs? And this lead me on to ponder… There are all these psychometric tests to assess suitability for employment these days – are there any to identify potential entrepreneurs, I wonder? If they don’t exist there could be a market for someone smart enough to come up with good, reliable tests that could help steer people in the best direction for them. It takes internal drive and determination to be a entrepreneur, and not good grades in school. A target audience and its needs mature and markets evolve – are your offerings keeping pace with or even anticipating and meeting those needs almost or even (ideally) actually before they’re expressed? For example, much has been made in recent years of the innovations from Steve Jobs and Apple.
The smart money is on take a few deep, calming breaths and thenget help, and get it fast because you’re probably up against it now! Do yourself a favour and check you’re still on the right course before you go haring off anywhere!
But, and okay, this is just a small example, will this reshuffle actually achieve more than if the existing players had been left in the places to which they had been put at or shortly after election time? They’ve been there during the sweaty, nerve racking, nail biting times as well as joining in to thoroughly enjoy the sweet smell of success when that came, too. Returning to the site yesterday to research some more for us all I see that it’s changed out of all recognition, in look and feel anyway.
But is this online “university” (?) course over a 24-week period the best answer? I need to confess something here so you can decide whether or not this me doing a bit of “Bah!
Or is it any one of a number of other or additional ways you believe that networking will open doors for you and commercially propel you forwards and upwards? If your networking isn’t working as well as you want and need it to – get out there and do something about it! This business writing course is designed to help employees acquire better written skills and understand the techniques used to improve their writing for different formats. This Mental Health Awareness training course has been designed to help employers, managers and supervisors understand more about mental health, including the symptoms and effects, so that more can be done in the workplace to support someone with a mental health problem and promote a healthy, tolerant working environment. This Minute Taking course aims to train those who work as a minute-taker to be successful in their role.

This PA and Secretarial Skills training course has been designed to help assistants understand their role further so that they can perform more efficiently and confidently at work. This Introduction to Housing Management training course aims to provide those working in the social housing sector with a broad overview of housing law, including how to manage rent and anti-social behaviour, involve residents in decision-making and understand more about the background of social housing, allocations systems and reasonable preference groups. This Negotiation Skills course has been designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and techniques needed to be able to suitably plan, carry out and complete a successful workplace negotiation. Using tips, guidance and downloadable worksheets, this Project Management training course aims to provide learners with an understanding of the basics of project management so that they can successfully and confidently bring their own project through from initiation to completion.
This online Communication Skills training course is designed to help managers and supervisors in a business environment improve their everyday communication skills. This Presentation Skills course is designed to help learners understand how to present themselves and their business to the best of their ability. This online Introduction to NLP training course sets out some of the main ideas of NLP in an understandable, practical and useful way, using a range of NLP exercises throughout and providing skills to help improve your personal confidence and communication skills.
This online Anti-Bribery Training Course is designed to help organisations understand the importance of having an anti-bribery policy in place and to ensure that they are aware of how to follow the correct anti-bribery procedures. This online Stress Awareness in the Workplace training course is designed to show how the causes of home and workplace stress can be dealt with successfully, how you can better cope with stressful situations, how employers can adapt the workplace to improve employee welfare and how talking therapies can be used to control the levels of stress experienced.
This conflict management course explains to both employers and employees how to deal with confrontation in the workplace. This Time Management course aims to educate those who are looking to improve their usage of time about the benefits of utilising good strategies, tools, and techniques for streamlining work activity. This online Patient Customer Service Skills course is designed to help those who work in the health and social care sectors improve their patient care skills, including listening, body language and communication, in order to give patients the best possible service every time.
This online Retail Customer Service Skills course is designed to help anyone working in a retail environment improve their customer service skills in order to ensure they are constantly and consistently achieving their customers’ expectations. This Corporate Event Management course aims to educate those who are looking to become an efficient event organiser by familiarising them with the various planning stages and marketing of an event. This Equality and Diversity training course provides an introduction to the Equality Act 2010, helping learners to understand more about their legal responsibilities, aiding people to feel confident about challenging discriminatory behaviour and raising awareness of how to promote equality and diversity in the workplace.
This Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care course aims to educate the learner about promoting equality and diversity in a health or social care organisation. A course designed to help provide businesses with an understanding of the cultural differences they may encounter in the everyday workplace in order to reduce conflict, increase productivity and understanding, and improve the success of the business.
This Licensing Law Awareness course aims to provide learners with an understanding of their responsibilities in regards to the sale and supply of alcohol under the Licensing Act 2003.
We offer up-to-date business skills courses that develop learners' work ethics, attitudes, emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes to enable learners to interact professionally within any work environment. We certify qualified business trainers in recognition of their outstanding practical experience and expertise as trainers.
We are currently granting ambitious entrepreneurs unique partnership opportunities in their cities around Egypt.
The Skills University is our specially designed skills-focused programme of business skills training workshops.
Choose from our full range of workshops to cover the business skills that your team wants to develop - click on the images below to find out more.
Contact us for full course outline and pricing information (please indicate the number of delegates). Staff at all levels, whether new or experienced, can benefit from these courses, helping to improve team dynamics and increase productivity. It’s easy to either give in and get on with it (at a personal cost) or become aggressive (damaging working relationships).
This course is highly interactive and you will be encouraged to contribute with your own experiences and ideas.
It is one of the most important skills required by all staff, and especially managers and supervisors. Managing these professionally will make a difference to you and your organisation’s efficiency.
It is therefore important that customer service staff ensure they develop the right climate for a successful relationship – ideally on a long term basis. A successful approach requires businesses to critically review their existing marketing and selling activities and to adopt new ways if opportunities are to be seized and competitors beaten. Stress can lead to emotional and physical health problems for individuals and is a major cause of absence from work.
On the other hand, negative thinking expects the worst and often this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. This course will equip you with the skills to make an effective presentation using a range of media which are appropriate for the audience and subject matter  Who is it for? Problem solving techniques are useful, not just when things go wrong, but in much of our daily activity. However, social media needs targeting to be fully effective as it is important to use the right media to reach your target audience. I stressed that experience was not essential – a good , clear voice, pleasant personality and the ability to listen and make accurate notes was.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We’d have weekly one-one-one telephone or Skype session to chart progress and iron out any bumps that had cropped up in their learning, honing and application of skills and techniques.

Those who are offering that level of help have invested heavily in themselves in terms of time, money and effort: Why on earth should that be given away? The old newspaper barons, for example, passionately fought tooth and nail to establish then keep their publications going and retain ownership through thick and thin, though very few newspapers were profitable. Even well established corporations can get this horrendously wrong – look at Kodak – for many, many years a tremendously successful company but boy! Keeping an eagle eye on the four pillars of your business means that when change starts occurring that will (or even could) threaten the growth of your business you will be able to identify the weak pillar and focus on it. There are books, audios, seminars, workshops, webinars – in fact endless sources of easily accessible self help nowadays. Yet I’ll bet you that every single one of them has rolled their sleeves up, in the early days at least, and got dirty with the rest of the team.
Well you could be in luck because I’ve discovered there’s now a networking University course on offer!
Maybe you’re a sole trader who just wants to meet, mix and socialize with other business people.
It educates them in the importance of minute taking, what it entails, and good minute taking practices, while also familiarising them with how to best make notes during a meeting and with writing an official Minutes document. Being a great assistant is much more than just being able to answer the phone and this course aims to help provide the skills needed to learn how to communicate and write better, manage relationships, be more organised and ensure meetings and minutes can be prepared effectively. The course gives tips on negotiation problems and their solutions, tips for improving body language and communication and details on how to ensure objectives have been sufficiently determined before the negotiation begins. Covering everything from appraisals, feedback and criticism to motivating, coaching and negotiating, this course outlines the best practice for each communication style and provides some real-life examples of how they can, and should, be used. The course includes information on how to present concisely and efficiently, prepare yourself well, calm nerves and give your presentation in the most memorable way possible. The course outlines the Bribery Act 2010 and gives examples of how to adhere to the law and look out for potential bribery indicators. The course introduces a range of practical techniques that can be used to deal with stress and reduce it to a manageable level. It explains the types of conflict, the current UK laws, how to do a conflict risk assessment and how to maintain personal safety. The course also looks at the NHS standards and compassion drive to ensure learners always exceed their patients’ expectations. The course outlines the key components of excellent retail customer service including listening and body language, communication, dealing with complaints and understanding refund and exchange law. It enables them to fulfil the diverse needs of service users and patients and ensure everyone receives equal opportunity and is respected. The course explains how premises can adhere to the objectives of the Act and ensure they remain safe and welcoming places to be. Our global school has outstanding academic credentials combined with real-life experience which allow our learners to get a sneak peak on how work is actually done.
Our partnership opportunities include: Master Franchisee, Unit Franchisee, Authorised Distributor, Accredited School, and Affiliated School.
We believe in a powerful holistic approach to the key skills needed to be successful in the workplace, from sales skills to customer service skills to leadership and more.
This is one of our standard, off-the-shelf courses and can be delivered onsite at your company premises, anywhere in the UK. The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate effectively with a range of people  Who is it for? And those who took the course found their success as a result of taking my course sky rocketed. The reasons varied, but for the most part they all would be looking to enter the job market after graduation. Meanwhile, with the other three still strong, because of your vigilance, you should have time to adapt. Failing that, who do you know who is personally successful, who you could learn attitudes and approaches from? Gratifyingly, with hardly any promotion, it sold moderately well and continues to with hardly any atention from me until such times as I see other offerings that make me relook at my own. Should it not exactly match your needs, please tell us about any customisation requirements (i.e. This course aims for you to understand the benefits of a well-managed meeting and how to ensure that meetings are effective Who is it for? The accumulation of the bruises on my backside is an advantage that an academic doesn’t have. Getting any necessary additional skills are the easy bit, provided you’re prepared to put in the effort to learn and apply them until they become habit.
I know of other former entrepreneurs in formal academic environments and I believe their students get a unique point of view.

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