Summer is a great time to explore a college campus, take courses to get ahead and experience college life.  Motivated high school students interested in studying business can take advantage of the Business Scholars Summer program created for incoming freshmen or the BASIS Pre-College program designed especially for ninth through eleventh grade students.
Prairie View A&M University will cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees for qualified applicants.
Students who are currently in grades 9th, 10th and 11th as of January 2016, with a minimum 2.80 GPA are eligible to apply. Each student is required to pay a non-refundable fee of $450.00 upon acceptance in the program.
Typically, the fee covers all program costs including meals and housing.  Additional information is available in the application. Students can apply by following this link to complete the student application form and the academic counselor recommendation form.  Please remember to attach academic information (current report card) or transcript, and mail all materials to the address indicated in the application. 2) Academic information, this can be the most recent transcript or report card (may be sent separately from school). MERGE will be a celebration of all branches of learning, liberal arts and the natural sciences. The program will also serve to introduce talented high school students to a collegiate live-learn environment, as well as to promote the liberal arts education in the hopes of inspiring student participants to pursue a career in the diverse fields. We have a handful of scholarships (participation fee will be waived) available based on financial need. The residence halls have single bedrooms configured in a 4-room suite with a common living room area. ACADEMIC RESOURCES: The Wilkes Honors College is composed of state of the art multi-media seminar rooms, computer labs, and Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anthropology teaching labs. RECREATIONAL RESOURCES include an on-campus swimming pool, swings, hammocks and a recreational field in which students can check out sporting equipment. The dining hall is located adjacent to the residential halls and offers balanced meals three times a day. Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business began their Rice Summer Business Institute (RSBI), a summer program that aims to introduce ambitious high school students to the world of business. The first week of RSBI will concentrate on skills development and an introduction to business topics. During the second week, students will split in to cross-school teams to preform an in-depth business analysis of a retail corporate entity. Weeklong, collaborative courses are taught in small groups of just 8 girls per instructor—guaranteed—for the most personalized instruction. Alexa Cafe is held at prestigious campuses nationwide, including UC Berkeley, Rice, Bryn Mawr, and Georgia Tech.
Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience is a residential, academic credit bearing experience for the current or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to create innovative, real-world solutions to economic, social, and environmental issues through the lens of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action. Teens wanting one-week science or math opportunities may choose Forensics, Anatomy, Sports Statistics, Medicinal Plants, or Marine Biology. Three-week research programs are rigorous and designed for high-achieving high school students. Description: The Discovery Internships program is a 4 week all-inclusive summer internship experience.
Description: The Summer Business Academy is a week-long course designed to teach high school students the essentials of business and leadership and the pathway to entrepreneurship in the environment of a collegiate campus. Over the course of five days, our program guides students through the integral parts of launching a business.
Participants: Rising sophomores, rising juniors, rising seniors, and graduating seniors with an interest in business. Launch Summer Program students start a company in teams, being taken through the startup process using interactive lectures, simulations, and collaborative working sessions, concluding the program by pitching their business to a panel of judges and investors. Description: The University of Minnesota offers a business summer program for high school students.
Disclaimer Note: This website serves as a directory to help connect students with beneficial summer educational pre-college programs and camps. This website is for informational purposes only and the information provided about the summer programs and camps on the site is subject to change. It is recommended that students, parents, educators, and others directly contact official representatives from any summer program and camp of interest to receive the most up-to-date verified information.
This website does not provide information about the safety and supervision of the summer programs and camps included on the site.
There are thousands of summer programs designed to provide challenging and diverse experiences for high schools students. Summer programs are not only great opportunities to dive into the world of math, science, or art, they offer time to adjust and try out college life. Besides allowing for personal growth and development, summer programs are stellar additions to college resumes. Programs also give you a chance to learn from and connect with professionals, professors, and graduate students. So you have decided to give up a few of your days by the pool and on the couch to invest in some personal development through a summer program?
Junior State of America (JSA): The JSA Summer School offers a challenging, dynamic academic experience for students who have a passion for making a difference. Academic Connections at the University of California a€“ San Diego: In this three-week program, students immerse themselves in study of a particular academic subject. This entry was posted in Advice, Advice for Freshmen, Advice for Juniors, Advice for Seniors, Advice for Sophomores and tagged advice, choosing a summer program, summer, summer plans, summer programs. Admission is competitive and is based on the student’s academic record, and counselor recommendation and grade level.

Parents are responsible for the student’s transportation from home to the university and return.
At Wilkes Honors College, the emphasis on interdisciplinarity and interaction between the sciences, humanities, and social sciences is a natural extension of our curriculum. Each student will be involved in experiential education: getting out of the classroom and, with guidance of Wilkes Honors College faculty, interacting with each other in some dynamic environments.
Wilkes Honors College is a public liberal arts and sciences college which offers a complete all-honors education in Jupiter, Florida.
Each suite includes a 50-inch plasma TV with basic cable, twin bed, desk and chair, dresser, couch and coffee table.
The Burrow Student Union is the social center where students meet up for events, studying or play games (e.g. If needed, dining services will make meal accommodations to meet specific nutritional, medical or religious needs. A group of 40 juniors and seniors from high schools in the Houston metro area will congregate at McNair Hall on Rice University’s campus. This activity will lead up to a team presentation to the entire group on the last day of class. At Alexa Cafe, girls ages 10-15 discover a passion for technology in a unique environment that celebrates creativity, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. Girls learn engineering principles, code games, design websites, model 3D characters, snap photos, create films, print 3D objects, and much more. In addition to this all-girls summer program, iD Tech also offers weeklong camps for kids and teens, early-education STEM programs, teen-only academies, and an online learning platform. In this collaborative community, students will gain the tools and experience first-hand how to impact and reshape organizations, industries, and the world. Students will work together on new venture ideas to discover how to develop and grow new ventures through lessons of market research, feasibility analysis, and other business concepts while identifying the ways in which their businesses fit into the greater world picture.
Programs are led by outstanding teachers from top schools who have received formal recognition for teaching and professional excellence who have experience teaching high-achieving students.
Students work closely with Champlain College professors who have extensive expertise and professional connections in their fields.
We offer customized internships in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Boulder, and London in 25+ industries including Finance, Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Law, Fashion, Film & Television, Public Relations, Veterinary Medicine and many more. Participating high school students have the chance to examine important and interesting topics while also experience life on a college campus. With a comprehensive curriculum concentrated in five days, SBA will give students the knowledge, guidance and resources they need to understand the workings of business as well as create a business of their own, building up to a business pitch competition at the end of the week.
Each day, we begin with a technical deep-dive into one aspect of business, whether that be developing an effective pitch or managing the financial side of a venture. We aim to equip students with a comprehensive education of business fundamentals and to provide valuable hands-on experience so they will be ready to enter and succeed in the business world.
High school students, who participate in the summer program, have a chance to explore careers in business, gain hands-on business experiences, and hear from business leaders. Discovery is a unique 3 week summer enrichment experience for teenagers completing grades 6, 7 and 8.
The summer program is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to explore business fields, meet other students interest in the area of business, and have an enjoyable time while learning. Participating high school students have the opportunity to learn about the field of business, gain practical experience, and meet new people.
Participating students have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of business, meet university business faculty members, receive advise from business leaders, and spend time on a college campus. The directory was started by educators in an effort to assist students, parents, and educators in finding summer programs and camps. It is recommended that students, parents, and others directly contact representatives from all summer programs and camps of interest to inquire about safety and supervision measures. Whether through a university or through a well-known organization, summer programs can be great resume boosters and valuable experiences that expose students to different interests and independent, college life. Take an architecture program like University of Texas Summer Architecture Academy that allows you to explore the specific culture of architecture studios or Penn Engineering’s Summer Academy in Applied Science and Technology (SAAST) program that focuses more generally on engineering. Forging good connections with the leaders and teachers of your program could lead to a great college recommendation letter.
A If the goal of a summer program is to explore college life on a specific campus, you may want to search for programs offered by that university.
For over 75 years, non-partisan Junior Statesmen programs have provided an unparalleled training ground for the students who will be the civic leaders of their generation.
The two-week, residential summer program offers a preview of college life, while non-credit coursework allows students to concentrate on a high level of learning and achievement alongside their peers, without focusing on grades.
Studentsa€™ confidence grows as they attend college-level lectures, tackle problems, test theories, and ultimately learn to think like engineers. For confidentiality purposes, counselor forms may be sent separately from the application.  If a transcript is not available, academic information (report cards) are acceptable, please calculate GPA as of the date of the application. In short, the summer program will highlight the need for students to study the humanities and social sciences in order to succeed in STEM. The college is a live-learn small academic community of about 400 students who are all outstanding in their academic ability and future leadership potential. Wireless Internet is available throughout residential halls and a community kitchen and laundry facility. The library is located on campus with two full time librarians ready to assist in locating a source and is equipped with computers, copy, printing and scan services and provides study rooms.
During the first day, they will introduce themselves, take videos and class photos and get to know one another.

Plus, they get hands-on experience with big-name software from companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, and SparkFun.
They participate in interesting activities and tours geared toward teens at Boston museums and attractions. When not attending class or doing creative project work, students enjoy recreational activities and social events that take full advantage of summer in Vermont. Whether you are a high school student looking to gain clarity on college choices or fields of potential study or just looking for a meaningful summer in one of the greatest cities in the world, you’ve come to the right place. The focus of the summer program involves learning about the ways in which business entrepreneurship and sustainability connect. We then transition into team-based activities in the afternoon that promote effective cooperation and collective execution.
High school students, who participate in the summer program, gain insight into careers and aspects related to business.
Hosted on a college campus, students are also able to experience what campus life is like and lay the groundwork for a successful future! For over 50 years, high school students from around the globe have enjoyed summers filled with fun, educational, and innovative activities. All programs are designed to give you a realistic view of undergraduate coursework in a field that interests you.
The site continues to be maintained by educators and is operated by MHH Educational Consulting, LLC. It should not be assumed that MHH Educational Consulting, LLC verifies the information that is contained on the external websites of the summer programs and camps included in the directory. By exploring a potential major during a 2-6 week summer course, you may be able to save yourself from switching majors (which could add years and $$ onto your college career). Living on your own, feeding yourself, doing your own laundry, and being responsible for all your personal decisions can be an unfriendly wakeup call for many students…kind of like that time your little brother threw ice water on your face at 5am because he thought it would be funny. Applying to Columbia and you have a recommendation from a Columbia professor who taught at your engineering camp? If getting experience in a certain field is of more value to you than living on specific campus, look for programs matching your interest.
Ita€™s never too early to start planning ahead and mapping out your high school experiences. JSA Summer Programs prepare students to tackle the challenges facing their communities, our nation and the world.A  With programs at three of the most prestigious universities in the world, Georgetown, Stanford and Princeton, the Junior Statesmen Summer School provides an advanced college curriculum, dynamic skills based leadership activities, and interactive sessions with prominent politicians, journalists, academicians and other opinion leaders.
Seminar topics – creative writing, international politics, philosophy, business, psychology, etc. Students receive the personal attention and academic rigor of a private college at a fraction of the cost while enjoying the resources of Florida Atlantic University. In addition to full time residential staff, the program will include two live-in student counselors that will lead various social events (e.g. The Student Life Office provides a range of services and programs that enhances the learning environment and support personal development. These adventures are combined with stimulating classroom enrichment and challenging laboratory activities. Students stay in one of Champlain’s many contemporary or Victorian-era residence halls and share meals in the spectacular dining hall of the IDX Student Life Center, overlooking Lake Champlain. Whatever your needs, Discovery Internships’ customized programs will help you explore your future. While visiting our website, take time to learn about our over 300 course offerings at your program of interest – college credit, research, engineering, sport management, leadership programs, SAT prep, enrichment, writing, community service, college admissions prep, tennis, cooking, and many others. If you take Georgetowna€™s Summer Institute on International Relations, the experience may either reaffirm that your decision to student International Relations was a good one or indicate you need to go back to the drawing board and find a major that better suites you.
A program on any university campus will be beneficial, but if you are considering one university in particular, apply for a program on that campus. Not all summer programs are created equal so assess your goals and evaluate what you what to get out of the experience. Students develop high-level research skills and subject matter expertise that strengthen credentials valuable for college admissions, interviews, and essays. In addition to gaining hands-on, career-focused learning opportunities, participants explore and live in an exciting city. Summer Discovery offers programs at 13 different locations in 3 countries, and works with universities of the highest caliber, such as University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Georgetown, and many more!
You will be able to experience all that the university has to offer without being committed to it for 4 years. Dedicating part of your summer to a challenging or innovative academic program shows maturity and commitment to your field. Our programs feature a safe and fun living and learning environment based in a college residence hall. Graduating with an all-honors Bachelors of Arts degree our students have a solid foundation for graduate school and a variety of career paths. A meal plan, 24-hour staff supervision, and a host of cultural, recreational, and other community events and excursions around the city are all included.
Our participants receive access to supplementary professional development workshops that enhance the internship learning experience and help students excel in both the college classroom and the workplace.
Students receive academic credits for their internship and completion of coursework from Marist College.

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