Due to our network of highly experienced facilitators across Australia (meaning travel and accommodation costs are kept to an absolute minimum) Rhodes Business School is able to deliver programs across the country (including city, rural, and remote locations) and internationally. All Rhodes Business School training program participants receive a personal ‘Certificate of Attendance’ or, if an assessment is successfully completed, a ‘Certificate of Achievement’. See also: Impact Leadership, Excellence in Worksite Management, The Indigenous Leadership Development Program, Keeping Staff Engaged, Positive, and Productive After a Downsize, Leading Project Success, and The Commando Leadership Academy in our Specialised Programs section. Rhodes Business School is Australia’s leading provider of business and leadership training, our goal being ‘To be recognised as the benchmark for training programs in Australia…that when a resume lists a Rhodes Business School program, it guarantees that the person has attended training that ensures improvement in confidence, competence, and performance’. To meet these challenges Innovas has developed and delivers a range of Organisational Development solutions for the Public, Private and Educational sectors.
Innovas works with organisations to provide tailored solutions to support the development of individuals and the successful growth of organisations. The small business owners that were interviewed for the survey were less optimistic in terms of their financial situations than they were at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.
Lower revenues and a slight drop in credit expectations were two factors that led to the current drop in optimism. Hiring trends and plans to add new employees were another topic addressed on the April survey, and only 16 percent of respondents reported that they added positions to the organization within the last 12 months. However, small business owners who are partnering with training programs for employees are finding that access to training is readily available. While these challenges may be an important component to the lowered optimism, the real problem may be more complex and important. All of these components are going to affect the overall profits that a business enjoys, so it is important for owners and managers to understand how they personally affect these areas. But coordination with the business owner is also important, as employees need the opportunity to practice their skills on the job in a way that ensures transference of the training. Start earning your Master’s Certificate today by completing 5 Business Training Institute programs.

You can register for a Master’s Certificate program at any time on our enrollment page, or by calling our team at (305) 503-9050. When the training is complete, ongoing support services are available to assist companies to grow internationally.
Our team of experts can integrate with companies to provide complete international business solutions.
We specialize in group workshops to keep your investment and ROI expectations on budget, while bringing out the experience, ideas, and constructive feedback of an interactive peer group setting.
Our workshops are highly interactive and delivered by international trade professionals that are involved in the import and export business every day. We customize all of our training programs to suit your specific objectives to ensure that your expectations are met – and exceeded!
Contact Us Today to book your work shop at your location or at our Location in Toronto Today!
Additionally (and unlike most other training organisations), as well as providing participants with subject knowledge, Rhodes facilitators place significant emphasis on the importance of ‘transferring learning to behaviour’ via our unique SMART learning methodology and provide all program participants and their managers with advice on how this can best be achieved. The drop in the Index score, down to 64 compared to the reported 71 in January, is the first notable decrease since the November 2012 Index. Participants of the April survey reported fewer cases of revenue increases, with 42 percent reporting an increase as compared to 49 percent from the January survey. Those training programs that offer multiple ways to learn information serve to reinforce training transference and are helping small business owners to shore up their work culture and onboarding process.
Many small businesses lack a strategy that goes beyond simply providing enough money for the owners while offering poor benefit packages to their employees. With proper training programs that take into consider how people learn and retain information, leaders can learn to train their employees on specific team management and maintenance skills that include problem-solving, decision-making, communication, conflict resolution and more. The membership training offered by TIGERS delivers a training component that adds weekly pushes of information for a period of time so that trainees are able to integrate their new skills.

Our courses are self-study and 100% online, so you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you would like.
Current Management Department training programs are offered in business management, project management, international business, and customer service management.
Current Marketing Department programs cover Sales, Public Relations, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, and Business Development. Designed to train and prepare companies for the challenges of doing business internationally. While this number has dropped this quarter, the results are still higher than they were a year ago, when only 36 percent of respondents reported an increase. Rather than following traditional business practices, small business owners should be taking advantage of the current technologies that simplify operations and open the applicant pool. In terms of access to credit, 25 percent of participants reported that it was very or somewhat difficult to obtain credit, which is up from the reported 20 percent in January. One way to accomplish this is by hiring contractors to perform key functions who can work for many different employers on different projects. You may also create your own Master’s Certification by choosing 5 programs of your choice. Linking business success to hourly wages and sometimes a salary, is also part of the problem. Small business owners who educate themselves on the different available options, such as gain sharing or profit sharing, and who are transparent with their operating expenses can show employees what income requirements are required to improve benefits.
This puts opportunity into the hands of employees who would rather work for a small business than large corporate enterprises.

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