In this competitive environment, you need every advantage possible to gain and maintain employment.
The Bull's Eye Business Writing Course is a six-week, self-paced, individualized course of study that will make you feel, sound, and work smarter.
Our popular six-week course, taken in the privacy of your home or office, guarantees improved communication skills by combining self-paced learning with guidance from a writing professional. Improve your writing skills, increase your value to your organization, and start feeling more confident. The course aims to raise awareness of good written techniques, including information on correct grammar and spelling and information on how to use language to the writer’s advantage.
This two day course will provide you with the high level skills necessary to communicate more effectively with your audience.

Highly practical and interactive group and individual exercises will be used to ensure the participants get sufficient practise and exposure. Optional: You can opt to being your laptop or handheld devices for writing practice purposes. Marinella has vast experience in training locally gives her the competitive edge in understanding the needs of the participants.
This business writing course also goes into more detail on what needs to be included in different styles of business writing, such as e-mails and meeting agendas, and which written skills can be employed for each setting. Beware, this is an intensive writing course and there’ll be substantial writing tasks involved.
Reid a former British Diplomat’s wife with over 18 years of experience in a wide range of language based training in many countries particularly England, Islamabad, Budapest and Malaysia.

Her participants come from many different industries from Oil and Gas, TV stations, banks, Advertising, Heavy Equipment, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Electronics and IT. She always receives rave reviews from the past participants for her ability to generate interest and motivate participants to improve their language skills.

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