Abe Arrigotti, president of Anaheim-based Sierra Corporate Management, which operates Vista Diablo Mobile Home Park, has been criticized by the park’s elderly tenants and the City Council. No one compelled the residents to sign these long-term leases, we should not.  But they may not have appreciated that 6% annually means doubling every 12 years.
Park residents complained last year to the City Council, which is now investigating how a rent control ordinance might impact the situation. We saw similar political dynamics at work in Modesto — free marketers finding themselves reaching for rent control because they think the negotiating leverage is horribly unbalanced. Although Arrigotti insists that his company is no different from any other, Councilman Brian Kalinowski has made no effort to hide his contempt for the firm.

The residents of Lindenshire Mobile Home Park were blindsided by the registered letters that arrived in mid-November. Under New Hampshire law, the residents of the park have 60 days from receipt of the letter to form a cooperative and make a competitive bid to purchase the park.
Tomorrow [that is, January 15, 2007], the Exeter River Mobile Home Cooperative expects to make an offer that matches the Morgan Acquisitions price.
If it is successful, it will be the largest mobile home cooperative in the state, joining more than 40 cooperatively owned mobile home parks in New Hampshire.
Enact a law, give residents standing to compete on a market basis, and you can change outcomes.  Forty mobile home parks preserved is a very meaningful impact.

At the all-age Blue Star Mobile Home Park in Sylmar late last year, tenants complained after Sierra Corporate Management increased space rents by $129 and rent for new tenants by $400.
The city of Los Angeles is now in the process of annexing a number of the park’s mobile homes that fall within city limits so it can put a rent-control ordinance in place.

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