Situated on the northern side of Pattaya Bay, this one-kilometre beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amat Hotel. Close to the Kuta action but far enough for some down time, Legian is less hectic than downtown Kuta but still has a funky nightlife zone. Over the last few years, accommodation has expanded around Legian with many simple family-owned guest houses upgraded; complemented by boutique style hotels and first class hotels. Squash can be played at major hotels where facilities are also available for visitors’ convenience. An air-conditioned handgun and rifle range is located at Tiffany’s on Pattaya II Road. Paintball is a game of skill, strategy and challenge normally played outdoors in a woodland setting. The Pattaya Bungee Jump has been running for 9 years and during that time many hundreds of jumpers have experienced the adrenaline rush only bungee jumping can provide. Muai Thai, translated into English as Thai Boxing, is the national sport of Thailand and is a martial art with origins in the ancient battlefield tactics of the Siamese (or Thai) army. Sailing is a year-round sport in Pattaya’s waters, and the most popular craft to rent are Lasers, Prindles and Hobie Cats. The most popular venues are the northern and southern parts of Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach and Ko Lan, while freshwater skiing is available at Lakeland Cable Ski at the 150.5 km. Expeditions are organised by many operators, with the waters around Ko Manwichai, Ko Rin and Ko Khram popular for the pursuit of marlin, king mackerel and barracuda. Major hotels operate gourmet restaurants, cocktail lounges, discotheques and nightclubs, and such establishments are well suited to family entertainment.

Located on Bali's west coast, Jimbaran offers a small-secluded beach area, where tranquility and perfect peace is the perfect antidote to a stressful world. Legian is a no-holds barred beach where locals, expatriates and tourists mingle, bargain with the best, play paddle ball and football, indulge in a massage and manicure, catch up on reading, meditate, exercise. Muai Thai is unique in having a splendid opening ritual, known as Wai Khru, a ceremony paying homage to the fighters teacher and guardian spirits before fighting. October through June are the best months, with ideal water and wind conditions for windsurfing.
For more information, visitors should contact their hotel travel desk or the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Both sports are popular around Pattaya’s offshore islands. Nightlife beyond Pattaya’s hotels is more liberated, with discotheques, transvestite cabarets, nightclubs, karaoke bars and open-air bars.
Jimbaran village is the narrow neck of Bali Island, and thus it has two remarkably different beaches. The land gently slopes away from the beach revealing exclusive celebrity haunts hidden under a canopy of leafy tropical forest.
The northern section of the beach is largely tranquil and is the favoured spot for tourists for swimming, relaxation, and various water sports.
Sunset is peak time at Legian Beach, when the beach bars fill up, the football field is at its busiest and the locals knock off work and wade fully clothed, skirts swirling, into the waves. The resort has several dive shops, and beginners can take PADI open water certification courses.

Most of these attractions are located along Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya II Road, and in South Pattaya. On the west, Jimbaran Beach faces the Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxurious resorts.
A popular spot for windsurfing and sailing small craft, which are available for rent, Jimbaran's grey sand and calm waters are attracting more people but the beach still has a sleepy feeling. The central and southern parts of the beach are packed with hotels, restaurants, department stores, gift shops, nightclubs and various amusement centres. Hotels and other accommodation facilities are available along the road that runs parallel to the shore. Now part of the greater Kuta area, both offer quieter alternatives and a more sophisticated nightlife scene focusing on dining-out and socializing rather than full-on partying. A day at Jimbaran is made even more popular because of the all the wonderful options to eat. Formerly a relatively quiet area, its image has improved dramatically with the opening of the beautiful Four Season's Resort and the Inter-Continental. The last couple of years, it has become even busier still with grilled seafood restaurants going up at a rapid pace along the beach, attracting local families and tourists in droves.

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