GCT is one of the top corporate training and employee development companies providing corporate training, learning and development programs for Call Centers, Field Sales, Retail Sales and Executive Management since 1990.
Concentrix Concentric-Arc Option: 911 Dispatch Consoles for fire and police, Call Center Furniture, Control Center Furniture, Emergency Management Desks trading desks, conference tables for multi-purpose rooms, educational and training room Furniture, Slat-wall consoles, flip-panel furniture, and video cabinets.
The College of Call Center Excellence offers one of the most highly sought after Call Center Training Certification programs in the country, led by the industry's top-rated instructors, with over 150 years combined experience. BenchmarkPortal’s contact center training workforce management workshop covers the entire WFM process - from the gathering of data to the production of forecasts, schedules and budgets.

BenchmarkPortal can improve the performance of your customer service center - - and your career - - with BenchmarkPortal’s certification training! Our on-site call center training provides a cost-effective way to maximize your training, provide training in your call center, and cover the key challenges you need to address to successfully elevate your contact center to new levels of excellence. These courses will equip you with the skill set that you need to improve your call center's performance. We include lessons that benefit attendees from any size organization, large and small, with real-world examples of solutions that work in practice - not just theory.

You will be able to return to your business and drive effective change for your contact center using best practice methods validated by BenchmarkPortal.

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