Nightshift worker Susan Richards, 49, from Rochford in Essex is celebrating winning ?3 million on a National Lottery scratchcard. Now the money's in the bank she says wants to buy a motorhome, a house with a swimming pool, take her family for a holiday to the United States and help her sons onto the housing ladder.
Susan had just finished a lengthy night shift as a carer when she popped into her local supermarket to pick up a few lunchbox essentials.
On the third number she revealed Susan was delighted to see that it matched one in the winning panel but was speechless when she saw that the prize legend below was ‘?3MIL’. A father and daughter from Tipton in the West Midlands have won just under ?4million, scooping a share in the jackpot in last Saturday's National Lottery draw. An 80 year-old father and his 60 year-old daughter from Tipton's lottery win is the latest in what has been a lucky year for the Midlands. Thomas Foden and his 60-year-old daughter, Irene Harper, claimed ?3,909,990 in the UK's first quadruple rollover draw on Saturday (29 September). An 80 year-old man from Tipton who scooped a ?3.9 million lottery jackpot with his daughter says he always knew he would win.

Eighty-year-old Thomas Foden and his 60 year old daughter Irene Harper won just under 4-million pounds in Saturday night's draw. Father and daughter Thomas Foden, who's 80, and Irene Harper, aged 60, appearing with their cheque from Camelot this morning. The pair from Tipton in the Black Country scooped a share of Saturday night's quadruple rollover. A father and daughter from the West Midlands have won just under ?4 million in the National Lottery. Thomas Foden aged 80 and 60 year old daughter Irene Harper won ?3,909,990 taking a share of Saturday night's draw.
Miss Gray, 51, added: a€?I was gutted for my dad because he had already started thinking about what he was going to do for his kids.
The A?2 Lucky Streak card offers a prize if the player has two identical dice a€“ which Mr Gray says he did.In Mr Graya€™s case, the prizes offered were A?10, A?50, A?5,000 and A?80,000, with the top prize listed alongside the two dice that appeared to have four spots.
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Someone in Huntingdonshire's missed out on becoming a millionaire after a winning lottery ticket bought there went unclaimed.
Camelot UK confirmed that the ?1,000,000 Millionaire Raffle prize from the draw on 10 October 2015 has remained unclaimed for more than 180 days.
The ticket was bought in the District of Huntingdonshire and the deadline for the ticket-holder to claim their prize was at midnight on Thursday 7 April. As the deadline has now passed the money, plus the interest it earned, has now gone to help National Lottery-funded projects across the UK.
Even if it is a misprint, whose fault is that?a€™Miss Gray, an accountant for Ford Credit, has been caring for her father since he fell ill. She bought two scratchcards, for him and for herself, from a Tesco near Romford, Essex, last month.The scratchcard Mr Gray used has a line through it on which no black ink has printed.

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