I would seed out consultations, try to get some good referals and let your gut be your guide. But last year i “Highlighted” it Platinum blonde On the Top only and now my roots are comming in ! My hair when I was little was very light brown and grew to dark brown with golden red highlights (got lots of compliments).
I think that a lighter color might help the greys to blend better but I do not have a clue if I should go more red or maybe dark blonde.
If you want it done right, have a professional do it the first time and ask if they will tell you how to do the upkeep of roots yourself. If you want it more permanent, use the same level brown in a permanent hair color, however semi-perminent may be better if you like to change it up more often with less damage. My best suggestion is to call the Revlon hotline at: 1-800-4-Revlon They have knowledgable professionals available to answer your questions.
If your hair is long, it will be a big commitment as it’s costly to remove and takes a professional colorist to do it right. It sounds like the salon had the right idea but they didn’t use the right formula with the toner.
I suggest you find a place that sells hair pieces (mall) and try different color swatches by your face.
Three months later, my stylist lightened it to what I thought would be brown, but it was red. Then, another two months later she lightened it to what I thought would be blonde, but only my roots were blonde, the rest was a brassy orange. Regarding my hair color, I have fair skin with pink cheeks, dark eyebrows, long medium brown very thick hair with bangs. Also, with regards to hairstyle, i would like to keep length to my hair, and would like recommendations on a hairstyle that would look good on a round face that i can wear down with little fuss. I’ve been thinking of getting it back to my original hair colour, is that a good idea?
My hair is naturally and currently between blonde and dirty blonde with choppy layers length around my shoulders and I want a change. One way to get rid of the yellow would be to put a toner over all, which will tone down the platnium color as well. I suggest you call the companies help line who makes kaleidocolor, and they may be able to suggest something in their line.
A professional can give you some options when seeing your hair, for blending, lowlighting or changing the platimum streaks. I suggest you call the 800 number of the last color you used and give them a complete, accurate rundown of all you wrote above. I got my Hair Color too Dark, Now What?Long Prom Hair Styles: So Pretty, So EasyHairstyles with bangs!
Hair colors that compliment your skin tone will enhance your features and minimize your flaws! It’s obvious that your hair was over-processed from the combination of color and bleach which has made it break off.
I would look at the possibilities of layering the top in a way that you might be able to blend it by styling methods if that is possible .

I had it pretty much fully highlighted and decided when i was getting my roots done, to get a full colour. If the bleaching process is not done evenly or if it is left on the hair for too long or too short of time, you will make matters worse. It has always been this color with the exception of dying the bottom half scarlet red when it was short which only lasted a few days. But if you want to start highlighting, blonde highlights should look very nice if done right. First I dyed it a bright pinky red (by accident) and then white (also an accident), after this I went to hairdresser and they dyed the granny hair away and I had a gorgeous chocolate brown. They will be able to assess better by talking with you and getting a history of your hair than I can. I was bleached blond for many years and than wanted change, so I died it brown and so on, until I chopped it of last year and let it grow natural, which is dark brown.
My natural color is dirty blonde, I’ve had it highlighted twice in the past 3 years, both times with a mucher lighter, but not platinum or champagne, blonde. I’ve been dying my hair without professional help now for the past 10 years and it has been every color of the rainbow.
Not sure what you used, but your hair will be extremely porous now and grab whatever color you use quickly. You now have at least a couple different colors on your hair and my suggestion is to get it done with someone who understands color and can see your hair. I was thinking about keeping the same cut but putting light to medium brown color underneath on the bottom layer and maybe some high lights or low lights.
I like my hair color but I want to play a little in these few years before I’m a professional.
But I want to dye my whole head blond, but I hear different stories about if my hair will fall out if I dye it again. I have Darkish Ash Blonde(brown more like it!) and I don’t like it, so I want to dye it black. For awhile now I have been thinking of cutting my hair shorter, dyeing the top layer a medium blonde and the bottom layer chocolate brown. It is a neon yellow color at this point and so damaged I haven’t been able to brush through it, even with the bottles of deep conditioner I have gone through. I really want to dye my hair brown again but I really don’t want it to go wrong again! My mum dyes her hair, so I’d get her to help me, but still don’t know whether to do it!
Lady I wanted to ask to do my hair is sick for long time and I was inpatient, ofcourse, bought Maxi blond and died my hair. I went to a consultation at Gene Juarez and the colorist told me red heads can’t go platinum with my length of hair. Next, you’ll want to check out which hair colors look best with the tone of your skin.
I follow the steps on the back exactly :), but this time I was attempting a golden blonde (REVLON), and it turned out bright orange. I went to a different salon to see if they could sort it out for me, and she used a hi-lift colour which gave me orange roots, so i’m not sure she left it in long enough.

I died my own hair today, I’m very careful and did a good job, but unless i hold my hair under a lamp I can barely tell that it has any red. Now i have brown hair and I was thinking dying the top of my hair black and the bottom blonde but i have my doubts. If hair color was a simple science I would not of had to go to school nor spent 20 grand on my education to be the best colorist I can be! Essentially, I still want the red but it’s not worth going to the salon, because my hair dresser will talk me out of it : ) any solutions to get better results?
I have wanted to go brown for SO long, but Im so worried my hair will be thinner or dry (i have very thin hair). COlor got lighter, but still has a lot of this horible orange and I am terrified to go to work monday, and I am terrified to do anything else, because I dont want to loose my hair.
So 2 weeks later I went to another stylist, who is a colour technician, and put highlights through the orange in the roots to try to cover it, which was great because it concealed a good bit of it. Is there a dye that won’t dry out my hair, or a dye whos colour wont fade into a redish tint..?
I have done similar ting years ago and went to salon for help, they enede to chop my long hair off anyway and color was, well bearable, but it cost me 200 and my husband almost killed me. I wanted to give them a call at their number, but it’s only M-F from 9-8pm, and I did this Friday at 10pm. By this time my hair had grown so much that the part where my original highlights in my hair were gone because i kept trimming it, so it was the same colour apart from my roots. Have you got any advice on what i could do to stop the ginger and get a really pretty hair colour and any styles that would look great??… my hair is temporarily a gingery brown with different highlights and is a mediumish length. BUT my hair is completely broken at the crown of my head, its about an inch long in an area that’s about the size of a deck of cards, and my hair is shoulder length!
I have wanted to go brown for SO long, but Ims so worried my hair will be thinner or sry (i have very thin hair). I tried to lighten it with Loreal’s Preference Les True Brunettes Ultra Golden Brown and it turned out to be a reddish brown. Around 2 months later I dyed it again it Revlon ColorSilk Medium Golden Brown, hoping to lighten it even more. My hair is somewhat brittle also, and I was wondering if I should get a protein pack or something. I don’t use a hair dryer or straightening iron and use organic shampoo with jojoba oil to try to condition it. I had blonde foils put in a few months ago as well as the red and now whenever I have tried to dye my hair red again it takes to the roots (virgin hair) but not to the rest of my hair.
I died it to a dark mahogony brown last winter and then lightened it up a little with some red highlights this summer. I have got it professionally dyed once to get the orange out but it didnt work my hair was jus reddish brown and after a weeek was back to orange.
I want to get highlights in my hair like caramel and black but I’m not sure if I should get these colors.

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