A similar two-track mindset exists in productivity as well, and the one we pick to apply will determine the level of impact we have in achieving long term success and overall accomplishments.
If you read my blog regularly, you know that I often write about efficiency and productivity in the workplace, as I believe lack of these things is the leading cause of engineers working too many hours. I believe that one of the most important aspects of being productive is the ability to focus for a long period of time, which can be difficult in a world full of distractions. Engineer Your Own Success is a comprehensive, easy to read book, in which author and engineering speaker Anthony Fasano, P.E. This book is filled engineering career advice that will help you to transition from a design engineer to a manager and ultimately transform you into an engineer leader!
Engineer Your Own Success provides the answers to questions you have been asking yourself for years! If you are considering working with a career coach, but need assistance determining the right fit, we have developed questions to help you vet out the right one. We typically leverage virtual meetings not only based on client preference but also because it enables us to reach audiences we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. If you are considering virtual career coaching or career coaching in general, do your research! Two different systems allow me to sharpen my focus, work more productively and generate high-quality results.
Find out why goal setting is important; simple strategies to use to pass critical examinations (including the PE exam) the first time round; how to become a terrific public speaker and team leader, and so much more!

Our holistic approach to coaching is effective for career seekers wanting to find their passion and career path for life. From her research, Dweck has shown the mindset with which a person operates will determine their success in learning new material, dealing with failure, assimilating new skills, and defining success. If you have a full time job and a family life, it may be hard to schedule time to drive to meet a career coach.
It was wonderful to be able to serve someone that far away who may not otherwise have that opportunity to work with a career coach in the United States, if one at all. Get to know your potential virtual coach via their website, written articles, youtube videos, etc. Bookmark their career blog for recommendations on resume writers, online career tests and more career resources. Instead, virtually you can have your meetings during your lunch hour directly from your office! We have an interactive workbook we use with our clients, where they post their answers to our workbook online and we respond to them. This will help you feel like you know your coach on a more personal level in advance and get a sense of their style and if it’s a fit for you. This offers more convenience and flexibility, because as long as you have internet and a computer or tablet, you can meet with your coach anywhere in the world.
Ask the virtual coach you’re considering working with if they offer materials that support your process because having that as an option can support you enormously.

While this form of coaching is many people’s preference, when a client prefers face to face it is understandable and is also available in some cases. It facilitates the process of working together virtually and still stresses accountability on the client’s part to finish their assigned tasks. Ask the coach you are speaking with if they offer in person meetings at their office, a local coffee shop that will afford enough privacy, or if they come to you. Having materials also enables the client to complete work prior to each call that will enhance the effectiveness and depth of the call. For our clients if they prefer in person and are in the Atlanta area, we will conduct the first few meetings face to face. It also allows the client time to ponder difficult questions between calls they may not be able to answer on the call. And after that they can continue in person, but many often move to virtual meetings or rotate. We find that using Skype or Google Chat can help us assist a client with their non-verbal communication and in some cases, provide a very good replacement for an in-person session. When you’re interviewing coaches, try to be open-minded about options while considering what is best for your needs.

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