A similar two-track mindset exists in productivity as well, and the one we pick to apply will determine the level of impact we have in achieving long term success and overall accomplishments.
If you read my blog regularly, you know that I often write about efficiency and productivity in the workplace, as I believe lack of these things is the leading cause of engineers working too many hours. I believe that one of the most important aspects of being productive is the ability to focus for a long period of time, which can be difficult in a world full of distractions. Engineer Your Own Success is a comprehensive, easy to read book, in which author and engineering speaker Anthony Fasano, P.E. This book is filled engineering career advice that will help you to transition from a design engineer to a manager and ultimately transform you into an engineer leader! Engineer Your Own Success provides the answers to questions you have been asking yourself for years!
A resume is like a road map, leading to your destination and if yours is not, it should be.
Adding information about a project you managed, while a nice accomplishment, may end up being a diversion that leads the resume reader off course. Now I’m not saying you should eliminate the project you managed completely, just frame it differently.
That’s just one example to illustrate what your thought process needs to be when writing a resume. Whether your destination is one you initially set out for when you started your career or you’re setting a new course, your resume should be a road map, pointing the reader in the direction of your desired destination, otherwise the prospective HR professional, recruiter or hiring manager may be going down an entirely different road, leaving you in the dust. The Career Coach BlogExecutive Resume Expert and Career Transition Coach Linda Lupatkin offers job search tips, strategies, advice and opinion on resumes, bios, LinkedIn, social media, social networking, interviewing, salary negotiations and more. Linda LupatkinLinda Lupatkin is the Founder, President and CEO of The Imagemakers, Ink!™ LLC. Linda is also an expert career transition coach guiding executive clients through all phases of a job search using effective, creative techniques to access opportunities. Over the past fourteen plus years, Linda has become an industry leader and innovator, having helped well over a thousand executive clients achieve extraordinary success.
Her clients include executives and other top level professionals (C-Level, VPs, Directors and Managers) representing virtually every industry and role you might find within a company, corporation or organization. Resumes, Bios and LettersResumes: At the Imagemakers, Ink!™ LLC we create powerful, attention-grabbing resumes that WILL separate you from the competition.

Bios: Our biographies present your most marketable and appealing assets in a sophisticated narrative that appeals to executives, board members, venture capitalists and recruiters. Letters: Our well-crafted, customized letters are designed to get you noticed either via email or snail mail.
Career CoachingEven the most sophisticated executives and professionals can gain a quantifiable benefit, by finding a higher paying position in less time, from our career coaching and consulting expertise.
We're accomplished in the art of the job search and we'll walk you through all the different strategic ways to approach recruiters, decision makers, leaders and even investors.
Our strategies, tactics and communication techniques boldly move you through the entire spectrum of your job search, enabling you to not only get in front of the right people, but to impress them with your personal brand and position you for a winning negotiation. Interview Prep and Salary NegotiationsInterview Prep: We enable you to outperform your competition with communication strategies and techniques that will advance you to the next round of interviews and ultimately to land the offer. Your Pitch: Our comprehensive coaching includes developing a powerful thirty-second commercial about your background, strengths and accomplishments, the opening salvo in your efforts to achieve your career goals.
Salary Negotiations: We’ve been involved with hundreds of salary negotiations and will bring that expertise to help you clinch your best compensation package. Executive Web PortfoliosAt Imagemakers, we make sure you have the ultimate, cutting edge tools in your job search arsenal in order to facilitate finding your next position faster and easier.
Our Web Portfolios deliver you a distinct, tangible advantage over your competition by virtue of their unique, sophisticated and contemporary approach to delivering your resume to decision makers, hiring authorities and recruiters. Created using the latest web development technologies, our web portfolios enable you to take full advantage of all the ways that a potential employer might view your resume including tablets and mobile devices. Check out the theme gallery and live demos on our Executive Career Portfolios site to see how our web portfolio, along with our incredible resume writing and other career services, can help you find a new position in less time than you ever thought possible. Your coach will help you setting your goals and to be highly motivated until you manage to achieve them. A career coach will teach you how to see your own bad habits and throw them out of your way to success.
It has been proven that return of investments from career coaching is more than five times of the career coaching engagement cost.
Two different systems allow me to sharpen my focus, work more productively and generate high-quality results. Find out why goal setting is important; simple strategies to use to pass critical examinations (including the PE exam) the first time round; how to become a terrific public speaker and team leader, and so much more!

When you’re going on a road trip you have a destination in mind when you start and then you plot a course that will get you there. Each statement you make, each position you incorporate should be added with your destination in mind. The problem is, they may not take the time to stop and ask for directions to get back on the right track. The first step is to think about where you want to go and the next step is to map a route that will get you there. She specializes in executive resumes, bios and letters as well as LinkedIn development and optimization for job search campaigns. Her clients include leaders from Fortune 500, mid-size, start-ups, major consulting firms, and some of the world's leading nonprofits. This personal marketing tool is the core of your career campaign and will highlight your strengths, skills, accomplishments and experiences in a way that markets you like a pro.
We develop customized letters and innovative strategies to best market you in every situation you’ll encounter in a career campaign. The truth is many of those people don’t want to confess that they need someone to help them find out the most appropriate way to succeed.
With career coaching you will find your own answers about yourself, your highest strengths and your future career in the labor market. Good coaches would not tell you what exactly you have to do, but thanks to them you’ll learn to identify what is the best for you. In the end you’ll find that relationships, teamwork and quality of your job have been noticeably improved. So what you learn at the training program, you would use it more than once in your life and career. From her research, Dweck has shown the mindset with which a person operates will determine their success in learning new material, dealing with failure, assimilating new skills, and defining success. If you still wondering whether career coaching would bring you success, take a look at the following reasons and find out the advantages of working with a career coach.

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