Let the LDW Group help you stand out above your competition with a career portfolio!  Get assistance with creating a hard copy version or an ePortfolio.
Fee includes: three copies of the finished portfolio with spiral or comb binding, CD with original files and unlimited consultation to complete the document.
Just like your job interview, your thank you note and follow up after the interview is a conversation. To find out how to get the job, Download my Free Report for the best tips to Follow Up After your Job Interview. If they are on the fence about you, you can save your job offer with a good thank you note and follow up plan. How to write a job interview thank you noteMany people have heard that they should send a thank-you email to an interviewer, but a surprisingly large number of job seekers don’t bother. The intended use of this document is when you land the interview or when you need to provide a full introduction of yourself and professional experience.
If you say the right things to continue the conversation, you stand out from the other candidates and absolutely boost your chances of getting the job. If they like you already, you can boost your value to them (and possibly your starting salary) with this information.

Watch this 1-minute video to see why you should send a thank you email after your phone interview and when you should send it.
On a bad day, they may be your only hope.If you flubbed an important job interview question, forgot some critical piece of information, or just made a mistake, the job interview thank you note (see a sample of a good interview thank you note) provide critical damage control and maybe even save your job offer. They’re wasting the perfect opportunity to show that they respect the interviewer's time, that they’re enthusiastic about and highly interested in the job, and that their skills are a perfect match. The Thank You Email After Your Interview – What To Write To Get The Offer  (this post has a link where you can download a free report on following up after your job interviews)5.  A Thank You Note Will Boost Your Chance to Get the Job  (this post has a link where you can download a free Job Interview Prep Kit)6. You'll also see who else should get a note from you, and how you can use these as another way to stand out and be impressive.Click on the video to watch--and then click to download my Free Report on how to write a Thank You Email After Interviews.
All you have to do is address whatever the problem was in your note, and email it to the interviewer as soon as possible.Thank you letters show your great attitude, highlight your communication skills, and give you a chance to provide more information about why you're a perfect fit for this job. You stand out with your good manners AND you get one more shot at selling yourself for the job. Not only do you want your note to get to them while you're still fresh in their minds--you want your note to get there before they make a decision.
You'll see what the best thank you notes say and how to keep the process moving forward to the face-to-face interview.

In this case, a thank you note also highlights your ability to take in information (the interview) and provide corrective feedback. What could be better?As far as thank-you letter format is concerned, you can keep it simple.
Hiring decisions can be made quickly, and you want as much influence as possible over that decision. It shows that you can respond to issues in a positive way (a great quality in any employee) and turn a negative situation into a positive one.** Get my free report on Job Interview Follow Up--it covers writing the thank you note as well as when you should call the company and what to say. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you about this position.” You’ll still stand out from other candidates, even with this short note, but you’re losing a prime opportunity to boost your chance of getting a job.
Don’t write a book, but feel free to address issues like misconceptions and things you forgot.Be sure to send a personalized note to everyone you spoke with about the job.

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