This practical workbook takes you through a full career analysis exactly like a real career coach would; follow the week-by-week programme and complete the insightful quizzes and questionnaires to help you pinpoint your personal strengths and skills. Motivating and inspiring, Career Coach shows you how to make smart decisions about your future career so you can really turn your dreams into a reality.
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They gave me an appraisal of what was important in my working and social life in order to obtain a better work-life balance. I would definitely recommend Personal Career Management to any newly graduated and confused 20-something-year-old in the future. They provide outplacement and career management services and help people work out what their next job should be and then help them obtain it.
August 15, 2011 by Colette Seymann 8 Comments How to become a career coach depends on the type of career coaching you want to do.
If you’re looking for a job, the answer to how to become a career coach will be to get training and certification. By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Life Coach Salary Secrets” video toolkit. Well, you have certainly explained the trials and tribulations of a a successful career coach who could do a whole lot worse than to make use of a mentor, someone who can show him or her the ropes, as you appear to be. There is a massive amount of responsibility that comes with coaching and a massive amount of knowledge needed! It certainly shows that if you work for someone you may only get the $25 an hour, but they will likely charge the client a whole lot more than that. More importantly, even if you do grasp a glimpse at the big picture it’s only a snapshot in time. This is why instead of fixating on getting the big picture you need to focus on grasping big picture thinking. Here’s a illustrative story about three stonecutters I’ve hit upon a few times in different writings.
One day a traveller, walking along a lane, came across three stonecutters working in a quarry.
Still no wiser the traveller turned to the second stonecutter and asked him what he was doing. A bit closer to finding out what the stonecutters were working on but still unclear, the traveller turned to the third stonecutter. All three stonecutters were correct in their answers, but the third had his big picture glasses on. If big picture thinking is something you desire to bring more into your life and career there’s only one way to make it happen: practice.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider downloading our free 3-part video series that provides tons of engineering career skills including how to use LinkedIn, how to communicate and how to develop your leadership abilities. For all job seekers, whether you’re fresh out of college or direct from the board room, networking is an important tool that has been highly impacted by websites like LinkedIn and Facebook.
The thing to remember when you’re an executive networking is that you bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. As we continue to mourn the loss of one of the great visionaries of our time, it’s helpful to take a look at and receive inspiration from the life and career of Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs dropped out of college with its rigid structures and course requirements and in so doing opened himself up to new ideas and opportunities. His is an inspiring story of someone who followed his own direction and in so doing, not only achieved his own American Dream, enabled others to do so as well. You can take comfort in the fact that there is more than one way to do something and if there were only one road to the top there might be too much congestion and gridlock for anyone to reach it. Remember when you’re involved in a job hunt or career transition, you are your product.
The Career Coach BlogExecutive Resume Expert and Career Transition Coach Linda Lupatkin offers job search tips, strategies, advice and opinion on resumes, bios, LinkedIn, social media, social networking, interviewing, salary negotiations and more. Linda LupatkinLinda Lupatkin is the Founder, President and CEO of The Imagemakers, Ink!™ LLC.
Linda is also an expert career transition coach guiding executive clients through all phases of a job search using effective, creative techniques to access opportunities. Over the past fourteen plus years, Linda has become an industry leader and innovator, having helped well over a thousand executive clients achieve extraordinary success. Her clients include executives and other top level professionals (C-Level, VPs, Directors and Managers) representing virtually every industry and role you might find within a company, corporation or organization.
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Career CoachingEven the most sophisticated executives and professionals can gain a quantifiable benefit, by finding a higher paying position in less time, from our career coaching and consulting expertise. We're accomplished in the art of the job search and we'll walk you through all the different strategic ways to approach recruiters, decision makers, leaders and even investors. Our strategies, tactics and communication techniques boldly move you through the entire spectrum of your job search, enabling you to not only get in front of the right people, but to impress them with your personal brand and position you for a winning negotiation. Interview Prep and Salary NegotiationsInterview Prep: We enable you to outperform your competition with communication strategies and techniques that will advance you to the next round of interviews and ultimately to land the offer. Your Pitch: Our comprehensive coaching includes developing a powerful thirty-second commercial about your background, strengths and accomplishments, the opening salvo in your efforts to achieve your career goals. Salary Negotiations: We’ve been involved with hundreds of salary negotiations and will bring that expertise to help you clinch your best compensation package.

Executive Web PortfoliosAt Imagemakers, we make sure you have the ultimate, cutting edge tools in your job search arsenal in order to facilitate finding your next position faster and easier. Our Web Portfolios deliver you a distinct, tangible advantage over your competition by virtue of their unique, sophisticated and contemporary approach to delivering your resume to decision makers, hiring authorities and recruiters. Created using the latest web development technologies, our web portfolios enable you to take full advantage of all the ways that a potential employer might view your resume including tablets and mobile devices. Check out the theme gallery and live demos on our Executive Career Portfolios site to see how our web portfolio, along with our incredible resume writing and other career services, can help you find a new position in less time than you ever thought possible. December 7, 2015 By Anthony Fasano Another year has gone by in your engineering career and you are about to embark on yet another one. In this post, I would like to share with you some ways that you can measure your success as an engineer, and also get some feedback from you on how you have been doing it.
It is absolutely impossible to measure how successful you were this past year as an engineer if you don’t have a clear picture or definition of what “success” looks like. Seriously, we’re engineers, we have specifications for everything, why not have one for a successful engineering career? Then work out how to match your experience and potential to a fulfilling and successful career – and how to achieve it. Their expertise and guidance are essential to succeed in today’s competitive recruitment market. Do you want to learn how to become a coach who works for another company, or do you want to your own career coaching business? I don’t believe anyone can truly have the big picture (serious emphasis on “big”) because it’s not possible to see the infinite number of influence points involved.
He had an understanding of what his actions in the quarry were aiming at and that his contributions were part of something larger. Depending on where you sit in an organization you may believe that you lack the knowledge or insight to properly frame, let alone determine, the big picture.
Instead of being restricted by the belief you lack the material to see the big picture, you are able to develop your own big picture based on the materials you do have.
When you practice big picture thinking it helps to make the most routine task less routine. Seeking input and advice from a variety of sources is vital to developing big picture thinking. If there is one thing I’ve learned from living and traveling around the world it is this: there is no such thing as “the only way” to accomplish something. It’s easy to get into a rut in our life as we move through the trials and tribulations of personal and professional routines.
New school is using these online networking tools to build your network, old school is actually picking up the phone or sending an email and suggesting a face-to-face meeting. I frequently have to coach them through this reluctance which requires a sea change in their thought process.
Dropping out gave him the opportunity to drop in on classes that interested and inspired him, classes that helped contribute to the man he became and the products he created.
I talk to clients everyday, some of whom worry because they’ve taken unconventional career paths. This brief introductory statement helps form your first impression and should focus on what’s most appealing about you and your background. Therefore, whether its a networking contact or an interviewing opportunity you want to be prepared with a commercial that keeps your audience tuned in and turned on. She specializes in executive resumes, bios and letters as well as LinkedIn development and optimization for job search campaigns. Her clients include leaders from Fortune 500, mid-size, start-ups, major consulting firms, and some of the world's leading nonprofits. This personal marketing tool is the core of your career campaign and will highlight your strengths, skills, accomplishments and experiences in a way that markets you like a pro. We develop customized letters and innovative strategies to best market you in every situation you’ll encounter in a career campaign. Using the latest career management techniques you’ll develop your own personal step-by-step action plan to make your job and career aspirations a reality, whatever they may be. Someone who can take some of the time off the learning curve and help you get success before you want to quit.
I want to return this favor to other my offering my mentoring… so this article was cool in seeing the two different paths that I can take to get involved with coaching. As business entrepreneurs get more and more experience they can have that extra stream of income. I’ve heard this phrase repeated too many times to count and each time I do the thought that runs through my mind is this: what exactly is the big picture and why don’t I have it? In fact, the bigger the project, program or issue the more difficult it is for anyone – even the leader at the top – to have the big picture. Changed because of the changing environment, circumstances, interactions between people and components. Big picture thinking is dynamic and accessible to everyone, from the corner office to the field. Interested to find out what they were working on, the traveller asked the first stonecutter what he was doing. People tend to follow those who have an understanding of where they are headed and where others need to go as well. When you practice big picture thinking you are capable of seeing how goals fit into the fabric of your organization’s, or your own, strategy. This is one of those emotional intelligence skills all engineer leader must cultivate to be successful in their careers. It also allows people to collaborate on something larger than them and on something they can become energized over.

It was a normal occurrence throughout my Air Force career to paint the picture of how tasks like restriping streets or repairing a roll-up door contributed to the mission. When we put rigid frames around the edges of anything – a goal, a desire, a project management plan – whenever something goes outside the lines it causes distress.
Pick an experience you’ve had in the past day and reflect on the lessons you might draw from it.
If all you rely on is what you know or what your team knows, the ability to solve unique problems or to grow or to further develop personally and professionally will be stymied. If you find yourself in this situation you will also find your ability to perform big picture thinking severely limited.
Your connections are more likely to want to help you if you’ve met in person, established a rapport and are building a relationship.
To be a successful job seeker you have to do more than post your profile and add connections, you have to step away from the computer and actually meet with people.
Some people can jump from point A to point H while others don’t get the point at all.
Are you getting bogged down in irrelevant details and information that makes the listener’s eyes glaze over?
At first you’re listening, but as they continue ad nauseam you find your attention wanes, your eyes dull, your smile stiffens and the little voice in your head is thinking of ways to escape? To me, that is practically working for free as I believe it’s below the poverty level in the U.S. The key here is to make sure you get as much if not more training on the business aspect of coaching. Someone to not only guide you, but to keep you head above the water when you start feeling like you’re going under.
I’m a big believer in coaching in all areas of life to get you to the next level efficiently.
Even helps their team because having a coaching program teaches a team how to really duplicate and builds relationships that are crucial to any business. If you want to lead, then big picture thinking is something you need to be doing routinely.
This helps you to clearly articulate why you are pursuing a goal and this in turn helps you to identify what needs to be done. When we use big picture thinking, we give ourselves the creative license to open our aperture and see an issue from not only different peoples perspectives, but from different levels as well. The mission was the big picture and it was important to understand that even the little things had an effect on the big thing. Big picture thinking is intended to reduce distress by opening our minds to a range of possibilities. Big picture thinking can only become a strong skill when we learn from the spectrum of experiences we live through. You can expand your world right where you are with what you have at hand – likely your smartphone or computer!
Overcome this by first giving yourself permission to learn something unique and then second, actually learn it. A circuitous career path may lead to more creative thought, different marketable skill sets and a more well-rounded individual.
I know a lot of very good coaches who are not making money coaching, not for lack of coaching skills but for lack of knowledge in how to find and enroll new clients. We’re talking about good old fashioned getting on the phone and setting free session as well as running the sessions. As you look back on your journey, your mentor will help you see that not only have you make an impact on your clients’ lives, but that you have created something to really be proud of in your own life. When they are taught how to get high lead conversions, increase productivity and having good retention they can get free and use themselves the possibilities are endless.
For example, if you’re a project manager you might use big picture thinking to view your project from the perspective of your team leader or the company CEO. When we have a variety of experiences to draw from we are better able to comprehend situations when they arise. Access to different ways to solve problems is more accessible than at anytime in human history. This might be yoga, learning a new language, starting to read science fiction or beginning cooking classes.
In these days of 140 character tweets and 160 character texts we just don’t have the attention span to listen to an entire monologue. If you’re feeling dissatisfied or stuck with your current career or job, then this book is radically going to change your prospects! But if you are shy, introverted, and not particularly motivated to work on your own without someone watching over your shoulder, this is the path for you. You could also use big picture thinking to view the project from the perspective of the end user or the customers who might use the project five years from now. There are so many ways to coach but what a great place to to take a look at for people that understand the power of coaching can bring. You seem like a great mentor that people can join and get some great benefits from at the same time.

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