I just finished a 15 year career in the military and am working to transition into a civilian career in information technology. One of the greatest challenges veterans face when they seek to transition from the military to the civilian workforce is translation: How can you translate what you did in the military from military jargon and context into language meaningful to civilian employers? A while back I responded to a similar question: How can I get  into consulting after a military career?
If your military experience includes experience working in information technology, by all means include that experience in your resume but describe it using civilian language. If your military experience is not related to the civilian field you wish to enter, you may just use it to convey the valuable qualities and characteristics you offer as a veteran, such as leadership, dependability, maturity, decision-making, courage, loyalty, etc.
October 7, 2010 By Joshua Wright Later this week EMSI is adding a simple, easy-to-use resume builder to Career Coach.
To build a resume, users simply search for a job (either their previous occupation or one that interests them).
Users can then add their personal information — as well as their previous work experience, education (including degrees and coursework), skills, and references. After including all their pertinent information, users can preview their resume before exporting to Word or emailing. Once the resume is downloaded, jobseekers can send it off to employers right away based on the job postings they see in Career Coach or make further edits in Word.

Michael from Austin Peay State University asked: “How do I create a resume for Public Management when I do not have any work experience in this field?
Regardless of where you came from professionally, it is usually challenging to explain what you did in terms relevant to someone who doesn’t understand how your qualifications translate.
Matt has 20+ years in career services and workforce development, including serving as Director of Communication Career Services at the University of Texas at Austin, Director of Career Resources at St. With this addition, EMSI’s new web-based career tool will give users the ability to create a fully functional and customizable resume that can be downloaded or emailed to their inbox.
How can I address this in a positive way on my resume and in interviews?” Returning to work after a long absence is definitely daunting!
Leaving school and joining the workforce can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’re trying to start your career. Here are some top tips to landing your first real job once you’ve finished your studies!
The depth of experience that you gain from immersing yourself in another culture can’t be matched in any office environment. Edward’s University, and Manager of Student and Corporate Relations for the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. All their previous information will be saved, and adding information or making a fix is easy from there. But don’t let that anxiety keep you from finding a fulfilling life outside of the home.

Get Experience Making sure you have lots of experience to talk about is essential to landing your first real job. Unfortunately, long term travel often does not equate to work experience, and many people find it difficult to fit gaps in their work history onto a resume when trying to land a job afterwards.  The good news is, with careful tweaking, you can easily showcase the skills you gained while travelling, while making yourself stand out from the crowd. If you have worked in business, try convincing someone in the non-profit sector that you have the ability to work in their world. You may have had some part-time work experience in retail, hospitality, food service etc… alongside your study. This is really useful, as it gives your the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and other qualities to a potential employer. You have developed people skills, procedural skills and technical skills that you need to highlight on your resume as you search for jobs in public management.

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