Career coaching is similar to life coaching, which involves helping clients determine and achieve personal goals.
Career Builder Salary, an earning calculator offered by Career Builder gives an average salary of $57,558. A career coach does not need any formal education for the position and is not required to have any type of certification or licensing. Traditionally the salaries of NFL coaches are only released when a coach is hired and are pretty guarded from public knowledge. Coaches in the National Basketball Association are the best-paid coaches in professional and amateur sports in North America. Can you recommend some trusted sites for salary information for a senior gearing up for the job search?
Market demand determines salaries; and market demand and salaries vary by size of company (large, mid-sized or small), industry sector (public sector vs.
Jobs are a commodity, and the laws of supply and demand will determine your level of compensation. Software developers earn a very good living because they are highly skilled, there is a great need in the market for their skills, and there are more jobs than their are qualified candidates. Musicians and other artists, though also highly skilled, tend to struggle financially, because there are a lot more musicians and other artists than there are opportunities for musicians and other artists.
If you’ve applied for a job recently, you’ve probably looked over that 8?  x 11” summary of your career more times than you can count—and tweaked it just as often—in pursuit of the perfect resume. But before you add another bullet point, consider this: It’s not always about what you add in—the best changes you can make may lie in what you take out. The average resume is chock-full of sorely outdated, essentially meaningless phrases that take up valuable space on the page.
Every word—yes, every word—on that page should be working hard to highlight your talents and skills. You can be “experienced” in something after you’ve done it once—or every day for the past 10 years. If you’ve ever created an online dating profile, you know that you don’t just say that you’re nice and funny—you craft a fun, witty profile that shows it.
Instead of “team player,” say “Led project team of 10 to develop a new system for distributing reports that reduced the time for managers to receive reports by 25%.” Using a specific example, you show what you can actually accomplish. While resumes are meant to highlight your best attributes, some personality traits are better left to the hiring manager to decide upon for herself. In a crummy job market with a record number of people applying for the same positions, it takes more than a list of desirable-sounding qualities to warrant an interview. There have been some recent indications that 2012 might be a year in which raises and salary increases are actually possible. The most important leverage you have is your BATNA – your best alternative to a negotiated agreement. Try to phrase it such that you and your boss are working together on getting a raise for you.
If you have gotten as far as you think you can with your boss, then thank him or her and start to think creatively about what else can be done to address the gap that exists between what you wanted and what was offered. Regardless of the outcome of the meeting, it is important to leave on a calm, positive note. It is often stressful to seek a boost in pay, but it is unlikely you will get what you want unless you ask. In the current tight job market, cold calls and gimmicky gestures are the worst ways to approach recruiters—especially if your skills don’t exactly match the job.
Find the recruiters who service your specific niche and try to meet them face-to-face at trade events.
Recruiters prefer working with employed job candidates, so make your connection while you are still employed or immediately after being laid off. There are exceptions, says Tim Honn, president of Fortis Recruiting Solutions in Lisle, Ill. To find out what students can do to better prepare for the current job market, we spoke with career coaches, recruiters and recent graduates. Most students don’t start thinking about their careers until they have to, said Lindsey Pollak, a career expert who focuses on Generation Y in the workplace. For students and older professionals alike, networking can feel like the most dreaded part of a job hunt. Having some professional experience under your belt before entering the workforce has become a necessity for many employers. If you can’t find a full- or part-time position on- or off-campus, try going to the Internet for virtual work. On-campus groups, clubs, events and activities are a great place to get experience that translates to the working world. Write your resume so it highlights your experience with each position’s requirements. Another way to show your professionalism is to pick up the tab for networking coffees, and send thank-you notes for even a little bit of help. Your first job out of college is unlikely to be your dream position, if you even know what that is. Once you get to know the counselors and they know what you’re looking for, they can tell you about new opportunities, Kane said. Tracking how many donations you collected from calling alumni or that you created a new filing system for the admissions office are achievements that translate to everyday work activities. Having an awareness of industry-specific skills as well as broad, transferable ones is a way to really stand out. You should also have excellent customer service knowledge – not only to use as a professional, but also to use as a job seeker. Job seekers might tweet or post a note on Facebook about looking for a job, but real networking is more involved. Also, don’t use the informal language of social networking in professional communications.
Job seekers can pay for services that distribute their applications for them, but don’t go this route. He says “time and energy could be better spent in doing work that makes you a better employee. The following article, originally published in Bloomberg Businessweek, is directed towards MBA students, but I believe it is appropriate for all students in search of an internship.  I have summarized the key points below, but the full article is available here.
Welcome to the blog of project manager, graphic designer and communications professional Chantal Winston. SHARE THIS POST:I was sitting having coffee with a potential candidate who was enquiring about a senior level management job I’m recruiting for, when I had one of those moments of reflection and recalled being in the exact same situation as this lady many years ago. The New York Jets hired Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles as their new head coach Tuesday night. Bowles, an Elizabeth, New Jersey, native, received a 4-year contract that is expected to pay him more a little more than $4 million per season. The Bowles hire comes about 4 hours after the Jets tabbed Mike Maccagnan to be their next general manager. The Jets were focused on Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, but turned their attention to Bowles in recent days. Bowles was Arizona’s defensive coordinator in 2013-14, scheming for one of the top units in the league.
He’s been coaching in the NFL since 2000, when he started with the Jets as the secondary coach. He’s been in the college ranks, too, as defensive coordinator at Morehouse (1997) and Grambling State (1998-99). Mike Maccagnan was hired to be the Jets general manager roughly 4 hours before Bowles was named coach.
The Jets fired Rex Ryan after 6 seasons, but he stayed in the AFC East, accepting the Bills head coaching job. Bowles is the 6th-straight defensive coach for the Jets as he follows Ryan, Eric Mangini, Herm Edwards, Al Groh and Bill Parcells. Bowles becomes the NFL’s 5th African-American head coach, joining Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh), Jim Caldwell (Detroit) and Lovie Smith (Tampa Bay).
Caldwell and Smith just finished their first seasons with their respective clubs, a year after no black head coaches were hired in 2013.

Bowles was a safety in the NFL for 8 seasons, playing with Washington (1986-90 and 1992-93) and San Francisco (1991).
He went undrafted out of Temple, but finished his career with 15 interceptions in 117 games. Rex Ryan to the Bills: 5 Fast Facts You Need to KnowAll signs point to Rex Ryan staying in the AFC East. Great question, Onish, and a very popular concern as graduates begin working full-time and gaining experience.
More is not necessarily better, and most entry level and mid-career job seekers are best served by a one page resume. Many hiring managers and employers are sorting through hundreds of applications and simply don’t have the time to read through a two page resume.
We decided to coach after knowing we loved ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire, and 9 months into coaching we knew this had to be our full-time jobs.
Once we signed up and saw the power of being able to do something you loved every day, we knew we had to help others do the same. We work as a team and family to create a strong culture to help empower each other and hit our goals. When we see a client really inspiring others and leading in the challenge, we also encourage them to coach.
We know if our team of coaches are working then more people are helped with their weight loss and health goals. We provide basic and advanced training to help you start and continue to grow your business. We provide you with training and a system that walks you through exactly what we do as coaches each day, month and year. We would love to help others follow their passion and help mentor anyone interested and truly committed to coaching. If you would like to sign up with our coach team- Sweat Nation and do not have a TeamBeachbody account click here to sign up as a coach. Not sure yet? Both sign up options include access to an online office that we use daily with trainings and tracking systems, 3 websites for people to order from you, and access to all of Sweat Nation’s training.
You can sign up to coach for free if you or your spouse is either active or retired military. We also loved that Beachbody wasn’t focused on recruiting a ton of people or high pressure sales.
Another perk is that you don’t have to stock any products or host parities (unless you want to). My mom and I work together as coaches, and if you decide to join our team you’ll have access to our exclusive email training that has helped our team advance faster than other leading teams in the company.
Beachbody Coach Guide – Everything You Need to Know About CoachingI signed up to be an Independent Beachbody coach in March 2012 with my mom. Life coaches assist clients with all aspects of life, such as family, personal relationships, education and goal setting. For example, a career management coach not only assists with helping a person find a career to match a skill set and helps prepare the client for interviews but also manages overall career strategy. The smaller annual salary versus the hourly rate may be because career coaching is an emerging market with only a few years of recognition as a profession. However, a person can obtain certification through the Career Coach Institute or Career Coach Academy. Matt has 20+ years in career services and workforce development, including serving as Director of Communication Career Services at the University of Texas at Austin, Director of Career Resources at St.
Eliminate them, and you’ll come off as a better, more substantial candidate—and your resume won’t smack of that same generic, mind-numbing quality found on everyone else’s. Same goes for your resume: It’s much more effective to list activities or accomplishments that portray your good qualities in action than to simply claim to have them. There is a difference between appropriately and accurately describing your work skills and just tooting your own horn. If a company wants to hire you, they will ask you for references—and they will assume that you have them. Specific examples pack a punch, whereas anything too dependent on a list of buzzwords will sound just like everyone else’s cookie-cutter resume. Sometimes people tell me they want to “catch their boss off-guard” by not scheduling a meeting because they are worried their boss will “prepare.” It is better to schedule a time when you know you and your boss won’t be interrupted. You may get frustrated or angry in the session, but it is critical that you keep your cool because your tone and style are very important to your success. If he or she has to sell the idea to another higher-level manager, ask what you can do to help him or her make that happen. Often, people will ask for a raise and when the boss hesitates or initially says “no,” they give up and walk away. Bonuses, training programs, tuition reimbursement, extra time off, certifications and company perks such as phones, computers or parking might be available. Even if you don’t get what you want, you still should leave the meeting understanding his or her decision. The arrangement had been sent to her by a hopeful job hunter but the overture actually made her angry. Instead, experts recommend old-fashioned networking as the best way to get onto a recruiter’s job-candidate list, but the effort requires more than just a LinkedIn invitation. Honn, who also advises job hunters to never omit anything that can be uncovered with a Google search. Plastering yourself all over the Internet and on every job site and database can make recruiters suspicious, says Ms. Among the Adecco survey’s respondents, 26% said they would have started looking for potential positions earlier.
Twenty-nine percent of respondents to the Adecco survey said they would have spent more time building a solid professional network. As long as you are gracious and thankful and not trying to hard-sell yourself right off the bat, potential connections are likely to be receptive. Otherwise, gain work experience in a setting such as waiting tables — and talk with people at each and every table. If you were on the dance team, and choreographed a group performance, for example, you’ve developed creative, leadership and training abilities, all of which translate to the workplace. Try thinking of your biggest accomplishments as a member or leader of an extracurricular group, and using them to brainstorm resume bullet points.
According to the Adecco survey, 26% of recent graduates would have applied to more jobs prior to finishing school. Replace them with clothes that are fitted, pressed and at the very least casual-Friday appropriate even when you’re going to class. Indecision can hold you back, so set up some informational interviews to try to narrow your focus. That includes making yourself available, being fully prepared for interviews,and knowing how to problem-solve, Tulgan said.
Purdy recommends keeping up with the interests and projects of those in your network, and reaching out. As I sat and listened to this lady try and convince herself, more than me, that this job was the right opportunity for her I knew this job wasn’t the next career step she was ideally looking to take. I ended up learning a lot about business and myself through those work experiences and I am grateful for those insights and experiences. Maccagnan was formerly with the Houston Texans, where he was the Director of College Scouting.
He served as interim head coach for the Miami Dolphins for the final 3 games of the 2011 season, going 2-1. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a two page resume, the length should be determined by how much you need to say, not how much you want to say.
Why risk putting relevant and important skills on a second page that might not be read when you can proudly and clearly display your best skills on a single page? You have to be willing to let old or irrelevant experiences fall off your resume as you grow and mature in your career. I got a degree in marketing and finance because I knew I could find a financial job, but I absolutely hated the field. We help our coaches get started and have an easily duplicatable system to help them be successful.

We help them find the perfect workout and meal plan for their goals, time, and personality. We are dedicated to help you reach your goals, and we work with you in groups and personally.
If you’d like more information on becoming a Beachbody Coach make sure to fill out an application to join our team!
If you are drinking Shakeology every month, it makes complete sense to sign up for the discount. For us, we signed up because we wanted to help people, find a job we loved, and get out of debt. We really want to have coaches that are passionate and excited to help people versus thousands of people that just want to make a quick buck. We were able to grow our business completely online, and we can teach you how as well through our continual trainings.
If you decide to join our team of coaches we provide you with a daily email lesson or a Coach Basics Bootcamp to help you get started.
The opinions and answers shared above are my own and should not be copied in part or full for another blog.
For example, if a person has been in one career field for most of her life and now wants to change direction, a career management coach can help delve into the motivations and channel her in the right direction. A person in this field may need to do a lot of marketing and educating people on the benefits of using such a service. Another positive aspect of this career is that because it is in an emerging market, creative people can develop additional opportunities such as speaking engagements or writing courses. Edward’s University, and Manager of Student and Corporate Relations for the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The top of your resume is prime real estate, and it needs to grab a hiring manager’s attention with a list of your top accomplishments, not a summary of what you hope to get out of your next position.
If, for example, you’re a Client Report Specialist, using a phrase such as “Experienced in developing client reports” is both vague and redundant.
Plus, even the most introverted wallflower will claim to be “dynamic” on a piece of paper because, well, why not? There’s no need to address the obvious (and doing so might even make you look a little presumptuous!). So, give your resume a good once-over, and make sure every word on that page is working hard for you. Perhaps more than any other reason, they are afraid of being rejected, losing their job, coming across as greedy and dealing with conflict or bad reactions from their bosses.
If you have a good alternative, it will build your confidence, and you can negotiate from a position of strength. You can tell him or her you want to talk about your job performance if you’d rather not say it’s about compensation. Approaching a raise discussion in a collaborative fashion is more effective than using an aggressive style. By setting up the meeting and behaving in a professional manner, you have set the stage for future discussions with your boss. But it’s important to show that you stayed active while unemployed, and this includes pursuing extra career training, consulting or doing volunteer work. He recently uncovered resume inconsistencies while doing reference checks on a job candidate.
While companies will hire 9.5% more graduates from the class of 2012 than they did from the 2011 graduating class, according to another poll, employers are still looking for the pick of the litter. You can show you have gained relevant experience by planning concerts on campus or working as a freshman orientation assistant, for example.
Try creating a Venn diagram that illustrates all of the skills and experience you’ve developed.
You may think dressing well every day doesn’t matter, but the professors you ask for recommendations will remember your style. This job wasn’t going to excite her, motivate her, give her the challenge she was seeking or reignite her passion. If I’m honest I don’t think prior to doing some temp work that I even really knew the world of agency recruiting existed.
I’ve seen wrong career moves impact really negatively on people, causing high levels of stress and pressure, destroying their confidence and causing them to doubt their own skills and abilities. How can you be sure you’re putting your best foot forward, and creating the best possible resume?
You may have a wide array of experiences and skills that are all important and special to you, but an employer will not be interested in every summer job and achievement you have had in your life.
Edward's University, and worked with students at Concordia University Texas' Career Center. We now are both full-time coaches and have a better lifestyle, income, and mindset because of it. If you decide to coach, you get the benefits of running your own business but also have a guide and someone to help you get started and continue to help you hit your goals. Growing our business online was a huge key to our success and something we share freely with our team. If you are already drinking Shakeology everyday, you will save approximately $30 every month on it just with your discount! Their workouts and supplements are always in demand, and people are always wanting to improve their health. I’m not looking to turn this into my full time job, but hope I can at least bring in a little extra cash for just doing what I would do anyways, which is working for a fitter and healthier lifestyle. After I had my second daughter I was frustrated and depressed about the way my body looked and felt.
But sharing that you “Created five customized weekly reports to analyze repeat client sales activity”—now that gives the reader a better idea of where exactly this so-called experience lies, with some actual results attached. Offer an introduction to somebody within your network who’s having a hard time filling a job. Not only is it difficult to remember what you applied for and when, but you’re also likely to send out generic resumes.
The overlap can indicate your primary strengths, and the remainder can help you see where you have specific skills related to your prospective industry. I could easily relate to how this lady was trying to talk herself into applying for the job because I’ve done the same thing myself and I wish I had of sought out the advice of a career coach to help me navigate through that time in my life. Had I worked with a career coach I’m pretty sure they would have been able to point me in the right direction and even shared with me possible career paths such as what a recruiter was and did. A great career coach can help you avoid making that wrong career move and ending up in that situation; they can alert you to opportunities and career paths you didn’t even know existed so that you don’t have to rely on fate and the stars aligning. She developed a passion for Career Counseling after leaving undergrad without much guidance, and grappling with unsatisfying work. This fee is typically not for simply sitting down with the client for an hour and giving advice. In my case and for many of the people I interview for jobs; you know you want a change, you know you have more to offer but you don’t know what that more is or what it looks like or what industry or type of company it could be of value to. With hindsight, knowing the answers to the three dot points above would have given me a pretty clear career roadmap. With the right tools and support, we see our clients losing weight and gaining confidence in just 3 weeks!
I am in the reserves and it feels great when people come up to me and ask me how I was able to get back into shape and stay in shape.
I floated along being reactive and simply applied for jobs that were advertised that sounded exciting.
Sometimes just having an independent sounding board is enough to get clarity and allow you to find the right direction forward for yourself. I have sergeants coming up to me and asking to motivate and tell some of our girls what I did to pass my pt test and how I keep it up. I’ve never had anyone in my life tell me I inspire them before till my last month I had a sergeant tell me I inspire them to get into shape.

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