Griselda Black has over six years of experience delivering career transition workshops for military service members preparing to enter the civilian workforce and over 13 years of management experience. Wendy Davis has a Master of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Education and Human Developmenta€”Community Counseling and is a licensed professional counselor. Roberta Dill is a seasoned and dedicated EAP consultant who is well-known for her skill and ability in crisis events.
Barbara Engemoen has spent the majority of her career providing EAP services to Federal employees. Denise Entzminger is a career development strategist who for seven-plus years has motivated over 3000 military and civilian employees across the country and across the globe to identify and employ their professional skills and personal drive to achieve the career results of their dreams. Ellen Hartson is a licensed counselor and certified coach with over 20 years of career counseling experience.
Darlene Jackson-Bowen has over 22 years of professional experience as a both a leader, coach, and consultant with state and federal agencies, the private sector, universities, business, and the medical health care industry.
Martie Johnson is a 15-year veteran of the Navy Marine Corps, serving as a chaplain and counselor, who transitioned his expertise to career counseling through conducting workshops for separating military service members and their spouses to public-sector and private-sector employment. Jennifer Kocab is an experienced career counselor who has particular expertise in assisting military members, military families and federal employees to assess and leverage their skills to find the perfect job for them. Rosemary Lavinski is a seasoned Executive Coach, International Trainer, and Clinical Social Worker. Melissa has over 20 years of program management, fundraising, marketing, human resources, and training experience.
From March 2007 to May 2010, Melissa served as the Executive Director of the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O), the annual charitable fundraising drive for the Department of Defense.
In recent years, Melissa has provided consulting services for various companies and not-for-profit organizations providing training, coordinating special events and management consulting services. Before joining the TAP Program in 2005, Melissa served for over four years as the Executive Director of the CFC-O and three years as the European Campaign Director at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Meredith College, Raleigh, North Carolina and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. Emily Minkle has 22 years of active duty service and professional educator experience with the Department of Defense.
Barbara Raines is a corporate trainer and career coach with many years of experience providing outstanding training programs for hundreds and hundreds of managers and employees. Taking her speaking talents into the world of work, Barbara brings a variety of training topics to the government and corporate sectors. Barbara worked with AT&T as a long distance operator and several other positions which ended 9 years of service due to office closure. She has also had the privilege of serving active duty personnel as a Family Readiness Program Trainer, Transition Assistance Program Trainer, and various other volunteer opportunities for military families in in the US and abroad. As an active member of Association for Talent Development (ATD), Barbara continues to volunteer with her local chapter in-between her travels. Barbaraa€™s strength comes through her unique ability to use her business experiences to understand the knowledge and skills her participants need to increase their performance and productivity.

Renate Stewart has a Master of Science in education, counseling and personnel service and is a Master Trainer with 20-plus years of career advising and counseling, academic counseling. If you would like a Career Coach to review your LinkedIn profile, please bring your laptop with you. The career coaching industry is like any profession: There are good career coaches, and there are bad career coaches. This past year, I’ve heard far too many stories from desperate job seekers who were scammed by the underbelly of career coaching.
Explain the methodology you will use to coach me and give me an example of how you used this technique on someone in my situation? You see, good career coaches have coached so many people they have a clear methodology they use to get consistently good results. I would have an amazing coaching call with a client and then send them off into the job search black hole all alone… unless they came back and paid for more. I knew there had to be a way to build a process where clients engaged with me multiple times so I could ensure they worked through roadblocks and made progress.
If you are going to invest in career coaching this year, I hope you’ll follow my career advice above and ask the questions that will tell you whether or not the coach is right for you! Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! Wendy previously worked in the career services office at Georgetown Universitya€™s Law Center, and she has experience as proofreader and editor.
Roberta has a Master of Arts in Educational Counseling, and she serves as a management coach.
Barbara has over 15 years of career coaching experience and has worked with numerous clients on issues such as career development, resume writing, and interest assessment.
Her twelve-plus years of hands on customer focused human resource development experience coupled with her master's-level education in Human Resource Development has assisted her in inspiring her clients. With training in both corporate and life coaching, Ellen has extensive Executive Coaching experience.
She is an educator at heart and provides education, training, and development to a diverse clientele of professionals. He conducts workshops for job seekers on effective job-search techniques, resume and cover letter writing skills, interviewing and job-offer negotiations. Rosemary's experience includes nearly 20 years of career counseling and executive coaching experience. She began as a TAP Facilitator in Hanau, Germany in 2005 and then managed the European TAP program supervising workshop delivery throughout the region. Melissa has nearly 10 years of career counseling experience, including 5 years of executive coaching experience. He has over 30 years experience in the helping professions and over 18 years experience directly working with the federal workplace, providing counseling, conducting presentations and management consultations. Now a career transition trainer with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, she conducts workshops on self-appraisals, job search and interviewing techniques, resume and cover letter writing skills and providing counseling for military service members to transition into federal occupations and civilian careers.

Sarah has nine years of career counseling experience, including 5 years of executive coaching. She regularly facilitates employment transition programs for job seekers enter both the public-sector and private-sector workforce. The worst stories usually involved the job seeker spending thousands on services that were supposed to get them interviews for high-paying jobs – but nothing materialized. In fact, when I got certified, I was encouraged to build my coaching practice in that fashion. However, I do see lots of coaches who don’t do a good enough job of explaining the value they provide.
Roberta has more than 20 years of career counseling experience, including 10 years of executive coaching. Barbara is particularly skilled at the Federal application process and has acted as a mentor for her peers in understanding the process.
Mary also has a degree in English Education that provides her a strong background in written and verbal communication, document editing, and proofreading. Prior to coming to FOH, Ellen worked as a middle school counselor and worked as an exam prep coach for individuals working toward their clinical social work license. He has specific areas of expertise in career assessment tools and professional development instruments.
Her specialties include Development of Leadership Training Programs, Management Consultation, Organizational Development, Supervision and Administration, and Project Management. Tom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Program). She has management experience that including interviewing, hiring, training, and mentoring new employees. In addition to these EAP core duties, he is also responsible for mentoring, team leadership, and talent development.
Her areas of expertise include security clearance transference, self-assessment for career interests, career search and development, resume writing, interview preparation, job offer evaluation and salary negotiation. Please, if you are considering investing in some help in your job search this year, I beg you to do your homework! In her spare time, Roberta directed a YWCA "Non-Traditional Jobs for Women" Project, for 7 years, teaching and providing career counseling, resume building, and job application support for women, including incarcerated women. Her areas of expertise include identifying transferable business and work skills, creating effective resumes, developing interview skills and establishing career and employment research techniques for public-sector and private-sector employment initiatives. You’ll be able to tell immediately by the depth and detail the expert provides if they are accomplished in their field. And yet, a good coach will have enough experience to be able to manage your expectations so you are satisfied with the results.

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