You can create your own unique equine supported coaching career opportunity with Melisa Pearce and the Touched By A Horse® Certification Program. Carla Nicholls is currently the National Event Group Coach for Jumps and Combined Events with Athletics Canada. What:  Ski coaching is a great way to start a life-long career or just share your passion for skiing. To coach with any Alpine Canada club, you must be certified through the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation (CSCF). Alpine Canada works with the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation to develop and deliver coaching certifications and professional development programs. Coach certification programs reflect Alpine Canada’s long-term skier development plan (AIM 2 WIN). Ski Cross - Current certification requires an Entry Level certification plus the Ski Cross Coaching and Safety Module.
Get involved – become a coachCheck out the event listings on the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation website to find certification courses near you.
LicensingAlpine Canada and the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation now require active coaches to complete annual professional development updating in order to maintain an annual Alpine Canada-CSCF Coach License.  Visit the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation professional development section for more information.

Check out the alpine coaching resource center on the Canadian Ski Coaches’ Federation web site for documentation, coaching DVDs and more.
After working for a decade as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry (I hold a Ph.D.
In addition to psychology, coaching and science, my personal interests include photography and writing. I am now aiming to use my acquired skills, the knowledge and the expertise I possess to foster the development of others and accompany them in their change process. I would be pleased to support you in your development and to help you meet your objectives and fulfill your dreams.
Real heroism comes from having the courage to openly acknowledge one's experiences, not from suppressing or denying them. Receipts available for your insurance provider.Take the first step towards your better well-being … being better to live better and do better.
This is the only Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® Certification Program in the United States and Canada. She has achieved her IAAF Level 5 Elite Coach certification in Horizontal Jumps and NCCP Level 4 Certification in Athletics.

I compiled poetic and photographic images in a book entitled Transition -which hopefully will find a publisher one day! Coaching Johanne Renaud Personal Development Life Coach - Laval Montreal - All Rights Reserved.Member of l’association des naturotherapeutes du Quebec (ANQ).
Her 22 years of involvement with athletics has ranged from small club development to serving as head coach at the University of Regina, to being a two-time Olympic team coach (2008 & 2010). My knowledge in personal development results from my own developmental work, from the many books and articles I read, the assignments I completed and the practical experience I gained through a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, a certification in coaching, and workshops in personal development and self-expression by creativity. She is a graduate of the Coaching Association of Canada’s Women in Coaching Apprenticeship Program and is an active ChPC with Coaches of Canada. I am also inspired by works of Colette Portelance in counseling, Marshall Rosenberg (non-violent communication, discovery of a person’s emotions and needs), William Bridges on life’s transitions, of Jean Montbourquette on forgiveness, and of Sonia Lupien on stress, amongst other authors.  My practice also relies on some of the concepts and principles originating from the Buddhist philosophy -that advocates to savor the moment, to learn the observation of oneself and others without judgment- and from positive psychology (amongst others, Martin E. She was a writer of the New NCCP manual for athletics, a contributor to Athletics Canada’s Long-term Athlete Development program, and is a Master Learning Facilitator for all levels of the NCCP.

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