Coaching is the art of providing education, training, guidance, support, or assistance to a group or individual.
There are coaches for almost anything imaginable in life, and one can obtain a coach for any of these things, though some types of coaches are easier to find than others.
Other types of coaches include life coaches, marriage coaches, business coaches, or social coaches, all with the responsibility to teach their students and provide guidance and support where it is due. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice.

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Through our co-active coaching process, discovery is gained into what causes derailment & tools are developed to create a successful next experience. The leader or teacher, called the coach, usually possesses special training in the field at hand or has fine-tuned their skills in the field with experience. It can be applied to any field, as many different types of coaches use the same basic methods, such as meeting students or developing goals.

The key is to invest in these relationships and make sure your colleagues understand your commitment to maintaining a relationship.  In this way, you are simply building upon your current relationship, not severing your ties.

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