With over 31 years experience and study in personal growth and 16 years as a Denver career coach I can help you discover work that allows you to express your greater intelligence, talents, strengths, desire to be of service, and the need to learn and grow as a human being. Get started with a FREE coaching session now or read about what others have said about their career coaching experience. A successful resume in today's market is a dynamic working document used to market you to each potential employer. Be totally prepared and confident for your next interview when you learn and practice successful interview skills during a mock interview session with your career coach. Our Executive Coaching Program consists of coaching for Executives and Entrepreneurs who need objective business advice. You want to become the best leader, manager or business owner you can possibly be – the type of person that serves as a catalyst for creating superb results. You’d like to maximize your own performance while inspiring excellence in those you lead. You or your company needs assessments, management consultations or training related to job performance, employee conflict or dealing with job stress. As a part management consultant, part psychologist, part business development strategist,  An Executive Career Coach or Business Coach focuses on achievement strategies and actions designed to improve business performance.
During regular coaching sessions, the coach listens and observes carefully, gives feedback and collaborates for better approaches that inspire and motivate for change.
Whether you are an individual seeking a new job or career, or an employer who needs assistance transitioning your employees to the next phase of their career cycle, CareerJoy can help. CareerJoy™ is headed by head coach and founder, Alan Kearns, who is a Workopolis career expert, author of Get the Right Job Right Now!, and a regular contributor to Canadian media on the latest trends in careers and career development in Canada. We have been chosen as the official career coaching firm for the alumni of York University, Bishop’s University, OCAD, Carleton University, Queens University, Dalhousie Law, Queen’s Law, Ryerson University, Nippissing University and Athabasca University.

After an individual assessment, I will recommend a tailored programme to suit your needs.
I would like to hear about your career aspirations and goals, and to discuss the challenges and obstacles which are holding you back so do feel free to email me here.
And if you’d like to hear about the results of previous clients, here is a link to what they said. Alexandra helps ambitious and high-performing professionals tackle their frustration at work so that they resolve a complex problem, find a way out of a difficult situation or achieve a personally-meaningful objective. Alexandra’s clients get to do more interesting work which they enjoy, avoid becoming stuck in one job when in fact they want variety, and learn to lead and work through others if they wish to. Alexandra will share with you stories and insights from her gratifying but eventful 23-year career in global finance, from Paris to the City of London via New York's Wall Street which you can use to accelerate your career faster than on your own!
Don't wait: check out Alexandra's free career acceleration tips and start accelerating your career now! My Colorado career coaching and Colorado life coaching services offer a unique blend of spirituality and practical business solutions providing support for career transition and personal transformation, not just a shift from one career to another. Imagine what it would be like to use those hours engaged in work that leaves you feeling challenged, fulfilled, and happy? As an Executive Career Coach, I  help my clients reach specific goals and overcome obstacles that impair their performance. Now, four months later, not only am I clear about my direction, but I have taken major steps towards making it a reality. We provide career transition, leadership coaching, and outplacement services for both Individuals and Employers in Halifax. Our team of coaches is uniquely trained to help you achieve career success – both personally and financially.

We are also the exclusive provider of career coaching services for the members of HRPAO & The Chemical Institue of Canada amongst other associations.
We are leaders in the Canadian career coaching marketplace, helping individuals find answers to their career questions, as well as helping companies build team leadership skills, and in cases of restructuring, assist employees as they transition to new jobs.
That’s why we have developed many different coaching programs, each tailored to a particular career situation.
Whether you’re facing too many choices or none at all, expert coaching and a fresh perspective ease your transition into your new life chapter. This holistic approach to career counseling offers you the opportunity to expand your thinking and understanding about your career, life, and success, and encourages you to consider options beyond what you might have thought possible.
Working with a career coach to write your resume gives you the tools to customize your resume as you respond to each unique job discription. They received fewer customer complaints and were more likely to retain executives who had been coached.
In every program, experienced coaches use multi-faceted assessment tools designed to reveal your motivations, talents and natural abilities and bring the best career options into focus.
In addition, a company’s investment in providing coaching to its executives realized anaverage return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching. In that way, we create a plan that guides our clients, step-by-step, toward achieving their own success in their careers.

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