This article is Part 2 of a series on Non-Traditional career opportunities in the IT Industry.. As a contractor, you may earn significantly more money (20% to 50% more) and you will find more challenging work for your skill sets.
In this post, I will show how you to minimize the risks while maximizing the benefits of being a contractor so that you end up with significantly more money in your pocket!
If you, have a challenging question about your career, submit it here and we will answer yours just as we are answering this question submitted by a technical writer titled: What Software Do I Learn to Become A Business Analyst? You may start a business analysts career by taking some of the courses discussed in this post.
Keep in mind that for business analysis careers, soft skills count as much or in some cases even more than hard skills.
So, don’t make the classical rookie mistake of focusing on the hard skill requirements to the detriment of your soft skills!
Having good or effective project sponsors is one of the ways you can prevent project failure which is a real problem considering that nearly two – thirds of projects fail! The project sponsor is not the business analyst even though the project sponsor helps the business analyst in gathering requirements and the project sponsor is not the project manager even though the project sponsor helps the project manager deliver a successful project. It is the project sponsor’s job to ensure that the project team (project manager, business analysts, and team lead) have the technical or operational resources they need and that the project is aligned with the strategic needs of the organization. If you work in an office where requirements management is a low priority, an afterthought or a process imposed by senior management, you may begin to lose sight of the value that requirements management offers. In between chasing down your stakeholders for interviews, wrestling with your use cases or managing conflict and corporate politics, you may decide to abort what sometimes seems like meaningless meetings or endless paperwork.
Are database development, computer programming, data analysis or web development required skills for Business Analysts? Perhaps you’ve seen, heard about or applied for jobs asking for a broad or seemingly impossible range of skill sets?
Like those job descriptions for business analysts requiring computer programming skills or those for PMP Certified Project Managers with 5 years of software development experience! One of the toughest challenges facing business analysts today is building the domain experience required for business analyst jobs. Acquiring business analyst domain experience from scratch is hard because you need to get a job before you can build domain expertise … yet no-one will give you a job without that required domain experience! This post however discusses how to get around the business analyst domain experience required for business analysis jobs. If you have a Burning Question or a Challenge that you need help with, be sure to ask your question as a comment on this page and I will answer it fully just as I am answering the question below! You provide valuable information or advice to others each time you use the Share This Post Link. Use Cases are effective for documenting the business processes, requirements (business or system), features and functionality of a system. The discussion of requirements elicitation tools and techniques rarely seems to include a discussion of the best way to document your findings. Thomas Edison’s diary contains five million pages and is maintained as an important part of the United States historical record. Requirements elicitation is the process of identifying the sources of requirements for a new system and obtaining those requirements from those sources. Potential sources of requirements include users, documents, regulators and even legacy software code. Requirements elicitation is a crucial part of the Requirements Gathering, Documentation and Analysis Process. Regardless of the elicitation techniques you choose or how you implement those techniques, you need to do whatever it takes to understand the real needs of your customers. This article is a discussion of the many Requirements Elicitation tools and techniques that are available to Business Analysts and project management team. It is common knowledge that the biggest reason for IT project failure is poor requirements. When gathering or analyzing requirements, it is just as important to focus on the process that you are using to develop your requirements as it is to focus on the requirements themselves. If you have a poor requirements elicitation or management process, you risk not understanding the business problem you are trying to solve or turning out a poor product. The cost of Information Technology (IT) project failures has become so high that one can no longer ignore the fact that business analysts need to invest a good amount of time into understanding what they intend to build. In recent years Doon Defence career point has surfaced as one of the best Defence Coaching Centers in Dehradun.
Imagine spending eight to ten hours every day working side by side with your parents, grandparents or children. ABOUT CAREERS EXCELLEDCareers Excelled is a team of Corporate Psychologists, Organisational Development Specialists and Career Counsellors lead by Rebecca Cushway, Psychologist. We evolve and develop our clients’ talent and are renowned for our insight, experience and care.

Today's interviews are tougher than ever with employers drawing upon more rigorous techniques to ensure they choose the best candidate for the role. So how can you prepare for these contemporary interview forums and enter the interview process with confidence?
Click here to talk with our interview coach today on how we can help you to succeed in the interview forum.
Having coached HR staff within many of Australia's leading companies across all sectors, Adrian Kelly knows what employers want during an interview and uses this knowledge to assist individuals to meet these needs. His understanding of scoring systems and the way today's interview systems are designed, makes his advice invaluable to anyone wanting to hone their performance at interview. You are more than welcome to join me on this journey as I am beginning today with something below that I read today of a friends page on becoming an entrepreneur and it being a daydream for millions of people. Mine was a pipe dream of getting out and running my own business, being my own boss, answering to no one but me and making money that would make me feel good and be able to do all the things I have ever dreamed of doing.
For me this was the beginning of turmoil, difficult decisions and lots of changes – some small and some so big that it has taken me a few years to come to terms with.
Anyway this is the first of many of my blogs and ramblings and you are more than welcome to join me on those – my first change that I will be completing very shortly on my website and front page is a change to the pictures to more reflect who I am and what I am more about. After all, starting your own company is an opportunity to become your own boss, chart your own destiny, and maybe make a fortune. Well yes – I am finding that the more work I am doing with people keeps taking me back to an interest and passion I have always had around me to do with this side of my work.
Using it to work on my self is so beneficial – the clouds or fog of confusion and lack of clarity are lifting and I believe I am in a better frame of mind, knowing and understanding of what it is I want, what my goals and ambitions are and also being more calm, more in control and greater enabled to become focused on HOW I am going to go about getting them.
Often primarily in the early days of the coaching relationship and then many clients go on to want just meditation sessions as it allows them space and time to focus on what they want for themselves and to learn to get better at it and hone the skill of meditation more. Guided meditation is when you are guided, by a narrator, to elicit a specific change in your life.
As the brain does not distinguish between an imagined event and a real one, the experience you have with a guided meditation is just like having a real experience.
There are many studies that show that practicing something in your mind is almost as good as practicing it in real life. The beauty of a guided meditation is that you can bring about change in your body by using your mind, and that means activating muscles, changing your biological state, and even changing the way the cells in your body work. I am often asked why guided meditation is so effective, so I would  like to give you a little science behind guided meditation, and why it benefits you so much. So, for example if you were told, as a child that you were no good at maths, a program has been installed in your subconscious mind telling you that you’re no good at maths. The fascinating part about all of this is that the programs have not only been written and stored in the brain, but stored in the very cells of your body. If you stop to think about the implications of this for a second, you’ll realize that our genes do not determine who we are; it’s the images we create in our minds of ourselves that determine who we are. We have thousands of programs written into our subconscious mind, and each program will determine how we think, act and behave in any given situation. Guided meditation has the power to reach your subconscious mind, by feeding it images, sounds, and directing your imagination to experience all your senses, thereby giving your brain an experience of what feels like a real experience. So now looking at Guided Meditation and Coaching you can see how sort of `hot wiring` your brain to think differently will support you in your journey to make changes, working on your goals, action planning for the future and how in coaching, mentoring it is a great way and another tool in supporting you in that journey and ultimately getting your goals, desires, dreams, ambitions and all that you want to work towards success either personally, in business or career or performance in a job. Making and taking tough decisions is not always easy but starting with being your own Life Coach is vital.
Being focused on yourself is the most important point and the very beginning of any one persons journey – let me support you being your own Life Coach in this vital starting point for yourself and learn what I know will make long lasting changes, transformational changes, to you,  both personally and professionally in your business or career for the future. I will share with you over the coming weeks – case studies of where I have worked with real people such as you on making those changes and how working with me can do the same or similar for you. This little book started such a huge change in my life – I had already been making and taking tough decisions on making long term changes in my career, setting up in business and also some in my personal life. I now follow Fiona`s work and coaching and I admire her approach as a Coach that I would like to emulate and role model. Mine in the early days was all about believing in myself, getting rid of self doubt and having self worth. Recently I have gone back and re read Fiona Harrolds book as I have been following her on Facebook and also doing some webinars and coaching sessions with her as well – following on from all of this I actually took up an investment of a coaching programme with her and the benefits catapulted me forward in both my personal and also my business life. I realised I needed to invest in me and to do that I needed not just  a good coach but  a great coach – one who I could connect with and that is what I got on that coaching programme. Now while coaching other people is not what everyone else is going to do – having a good coach is what everyone needs and that is now what I offer and I know that my clients receive. Coaching is about making and taking tough decisions – we often do not realise how much we sabotage ourselves  and our businesses or potential for successful futures.
Money is only one area we work on – success is not money alone but it may well be one area that you work on to ensure you have greater opportunity to get to the successful outcome or goal that you want. Thank you for reading my musings over the past few weeks and I hope as we end January 2014 to hear from you, that you have enjoyed or gotten something from what I have been saying and might be interested in talking to me about being your coach for the future.

Question I am going to start off with on our 3rd blog session in January 2014 – Do you set goals ? Hold on to that image, hold onto those thoughts and now write down what you need to do to break the goal down further into steps – what steps do you need to take to get to that goal. I want to change from having a 4 figure or 5 figure yearly salary  and want to have a 6 figure yearly salary – ok so how you going to do that?
So start now – get Goal Setting and enjoy your New Year, New You and New Start to 2014. You earn points or cash each time you refer an article to your friends using the Tell a Friend Button.
There are many tools and techniques available to business analysts to succeed at gathering the right requirements for a software development project. If the requirements that the developers are working from are wrong, incomplete or otherwise inadequate, that project is doomed to join the 70% of IT projects that fail every year. Ask any business analyst and they will tell you that the biggest problem they face is getting users to tell them what they really want out of a new system or process. The DDCP's incisive training prepares individuals to crack the coveted defence exams and interviews.
Established in 1991, we work with across all industries with medium to large businesses and government bodies throughout Australia. We create real and measured value and effectiveness for their businesses, their teams and individuals. Assessment Centres, Panel Interviews and Situational Interviewing are commonplace and often highly daunting for applicants. Working one-to-one with an Interview Coach who coaches leading corporate clients on interview techniques and selection, our interview coaching and training sessions are designed to give you an inside look at the other side of the desk.
The inner self talk can be a powerful tool for good but it can also cause self doubt and sabotage on being able to get to where we want to go far too easily. You are first guided to relax your body and mind, to help you reach a deep meditative state before going on a journey, in your mind, to reach a specific goal. All the songs on this MP3 player represent a program that dictates the way you think, act and behave in certain situations. Years later as an adult, someone asks you how to do a calculation for something, you quickly tell them ‘Oh, I don’t know I’m no good at maths.’ Your brain doesn’t even try the calculation as it takes it for granted that you’ll never be able to do it as you’re no good at maths. The brain has literally created a path, a neural network, to coordinate your actions based on environmental factors, which speaks to the cells in your body. The trouble is, it’s extremely difficult to change these programs without some type of way to access the subconscious mind to rewrite the programs, and make a new neural pathway that will communicate effectively with the cells and genes in our body.
When you have a real experience new neural pathways are made that affect your whole body, so when you listen to a guided meditation from GuidedMind your are literally rewiring your brain to form new neural pathways for your future success. I assist you to understand what is important, and what you need to do to achieve YOUR GOALS  by GOAL SETTING.
This defence coaching center in Dehradun believes in turning the education into a reputed Job. Find out first hand how to present yourself and frame your answers for maximum scores and impact. They started the interview by explaining the format they wanted the answers in and it was exactly what we worked through, so I was able to do exactly what we practiced. Your business will never be financially in a position for you to be able to leave it ie take holiday or take a break and you will always be in debt moving from crisis to crisis and financial worry to financial worry. Joseph shares the 4 things that make all the difference when it comes to feeling confident. As the institute has already crossed the markup of 200 selections into upright designations as pilot officer, acting sub-lieutenant, second lieutenant, Air Craftsmen etc it has set milestones for coaching institutes.
We are not strangers to the tensions between generations, so how do we get it right at work? I now understand what employers are looking for when they ask those difficult questions and can now answer them with confidence. As regards the past achievements, the DDCP has contributed nearly half of the total selections done for defence since 2012 in Uttarakhand which by itself says a lot. Out of all the Defense Coaching Centers in Dehradun, Doon Defence Career Point has established as a top ranking institute solely with the aim of helping serious students achieve success in Defence exams by providing the highest quality coaching. The method, content and teaching standards established by the DDCP have become synonymous with success in the minds of candidates. DDCP is first of its kind in providing professional NDA coaching, CDS coaching, SSB, SSC, Delhi police, Bank clerical coaching and also for all types of commission in Armed and Para Military Forces. SSB Training is handled by a team of professional teachers who are wells versed with the subjects and interviews tactics.

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