Career development is a proactive approach you take to create the work and life you desire. Personal Career Branding is a marketing strategy to distinguish your value in the labour market.
I am an undergraduate (or any other) student & want to pursue career in Analytics, what should I do? While the subject itself is wide, I’ll provide an overview of various things which can be done and focus on specific sub-topics through additional posts later on. Before I delve into the ways of building an Analytics career, let me quickly cover why to build a career in Analytics first.
According to Harvard Business Review (October 2012 edition), job of a data scientist is the sexiest job of 21st century. I understand Analytics will become big, but I don’t know how do I start a career in Business Analytics? There are limited structured & well laid out path which you can follow to enter the field. While the first factor will improve with time and I had written an article mentioning second point here, this post aims to address the third point.
I plan to post an article on how to prepare for interviews for Analytics jobs in coming weeks. For people with work experience, various leading academic institutes run certification courses. For freshers, there are certification courses run by SAS training institute, Jigsaw Academy (Online), ADSA, Analytics Training Institute. While these are specific paths for starting a career in Analytics, there are smaller steps you can take to increase your awareness. Continue reading on the subject: Keep reading about the subject through various blogs and communities.
Attend Industry forums: There are various industry forums, meet and conferences which you can attend to gain understanding of the subject.
Go through training material available on the web: Google provides basic training for Google Analytics free. If there are any other resources which you have found useful to learn more on the subject, please add them in comments below.
I have done my big data and analytics and optimization but my basic qualification is BA in literature. I’m again one of an experienced fresher for this Analytic Industry and decided to step-in with no two ways.
1) Assuming you have no prior experience in Analytics, you would almost need to start afresh. 2) If you hate Maths, I would ask you to seriously re-consider a career shift to Analytics. Believe, in Analytics maths here means just numbers, numbers and numbers and not equations, Derivations, solving, expansion, algebra and trigonometry?? You may not need some of the derivations directly, but understanding them will provide you deeper understanding.
Further please suggest that keeping analytics industry in mind what kind of hobby one should develop parallely which could be relevant in having more command towrds this industry and impressive from interview point of view as well.
Your hobby should be based on your interest rather than something which is impressive from interview point of view. I am market research professional worked in procurement space for 3 years.Now, that I wanted a profile shift to analytics, I have started online professional and training certifications in tools such as SAS,advanced excel and SQL.

I don’t think past experience would be of any hindrance in getting an entry level jobs.
Specifically, in your case, since you do not have a PG or quant background, it might become difficult to get into the shortlists.
Being spontaneous and flexible is fine as far as it goes but developing a career development plan increases your chance of getting what you want. Related Career Pages Career IdeasTen Career Ideas To Change Your Career track (Adopted from Ten Paths in the Woods by H.
It so often happens that careers develop by accident or worse still by default. It is possible to for you to manage your career. Getting there As part of your career development planning you have figured out where you want to go and by when. There was once a time when I’d get frustrated about the lack of opportunities to travel for conferences or trainings. Using technologies I mentioned above and seeking on-campus opportunities for professional development started with a mindset, a personal choice to pursue learning beyond the conventional means I was familiar with.
The personal views, contents, and opinions expressed in my blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In order to make sure these queries are addressed in best possible manner, I thought it’s best to write an article on this and provide a starting platform for everyone. With more and more data being available in digital form, need for smarter, faster, data based decisions is only going to increase. These would be companies which have Analytics in their DNA and use it for their day to day decisions. So if you have a 2 – 6 month break, give a try to becoming an intern in these companies. Getting these certification courses can increase your chances of getting hired in some of the best companies.
SAS Forum (held annually) is one of the places to meet some of the best people in industry. They provide you a flavor of the work before you take a plunge and the employer gets to assess you without significant investments.
Please subscribe to our email distribution list, which will ensure all the articles are delivered to your email address on the day they are published. You should aim to get your foot in industry rather than pushing for higher salary or bigger role at this stage. You will live in ocean full of numbers and would need to make sense and stories out of bunch of numbers in unstructured problems. I would like to spend more time on this which could improve my knowledge further for the industry. I want to ask one more question that which academic backgound are preferable to break into analytics companies?
I often hear from boutique analytics firm recruiters that they hire people only with sound hands-on experience in tools rather than with certifications?
Recruitment policies vary from company to company and there is a preference for people with hands on experience.
Figler)Just as there are "50 ways to leave your lover", there are 10 productive career ideas and ways to leave your organisation behind.
It made me think about my future career path and finding creative ways to learn the skills and acquire the experiences necessary to get to where I’d like to go. It started with a choice to stop thinking of the limitations and looking at all the possibilities on how I could improve my professional self.

Career development enables you to make informed educational, occupational, and employment choices. While this approach is better from long term perspective, it takes time and investment (especially if there is no structured training in the companies).
With all these I have completely shattered my professional carrier path just for the sake of earning and now I earn jus NUTS if i do a market correction towards my salary.
In the meanwhile, you can learn about the subject matter on Coursera (for free) or Jigsaw Academy (for a fee). How assured I can be to get a job if I just complete certificate courses in analytics and seek an entry – level job in analytics companies?
Having said that, there is a lot of recruitment happening in industry, which can present some good opportunities. In the last part, if you are asking about Analytics as a field, it is expected to be one of the sectors which will see highest growth in next 5 years. Frankly, I decided to make a personal choice to stop complaining about the opportunities I don’t have and start thinking about how I could develop my own professional development.
In some ways, I have some ideas on where I’d like to be, but at the same time, I am open to the possibility that there just might be some careers out there for me that have yet to be invented. Social media, open learning initiatives, mobile, e-books, and cloud computing have made information more readily available. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.
It is an ongoing process that you embark on to ensure meaningful work throughout your life. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python, Adobe Insight (Omniture) and Matlab. A good way to take a shift is to look out for companies which have expertise in market research analysis as well as advanced analytics. When I made the decision to stop complaining and comparing my professional development (or lack of) with others, I made the choice and commitment to be accountable for my professional development and in general, the future of my career.
I welcome them when they are offered, but I no longer wait for when those opportunities happen to come by.
Through social media, I have been able to develop professional and personal networks consisting of higher education and IT colleagues all over the country.
As a matter of fact, I’ve been able to collaborate with a few of these colleagues on some projects.
Well research by leading management schools like Harvard has shown that people who have successful and fulfilling careers: Have a passion for what they do everyday they understand their talents and what drives them. I wanted to learn more about student affairs, so I accepted the opportunity to be a mentor for NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship Program (NUFP) and I also volunteered to be a member of the planning committee for a New Professionals Institute program for new student affairs professionals.
Be it an interest in Nuclear Engineering Jobs or some other career they are really clear about what makes them passionate and can articulate that to others. How To Choose A CareerHow to choose a career can be a challenge.
I wanted to network with other folks on campus and further develop my leadership skills, so I requested to be a mentor for a campus-wide leadership program.
If you think that you have got a a€?bit of lifea€? behind you it can be quite helpful to have a look at it and see what themes and patterns are running through it.

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