If you're reading this, you're still using Internet Explorer 6, a ten-year-old browser that cannot cope with the demands of the modern internet.For the best web experience, we strongly recommend upgrading to Firefox, Google Chrome,Opera, Safari or even the most recent version of Internet Explorer. Case manager nurses ensure that patients receive appropriate, quality care that is cost effective. The duties of case manager nurses include monitoring and assessing the needs of patients, determining treatment eligibility, using clinical options to decide if plans meet the patient’s needs, and making arrangements for additional services that help patient’s achieve a positive outcome. One of the greatest ways that case manager nurses use their skills is by researching medical procedures and analyzing data for patients.
A registered nurse can become a case manager nurse by participating in additional educational courses from online or traditional campus colleges and universities. A few of the possible courses may include Quality Measures, Legal and Ethical Issues in Case Management, Case Management Process, and Designing Case Management Models. Most certifying bodies require at least 2 year of field related experience, 30 hours of continuing education in the area of case management, and 2,000 clinical practice hours in case management nursing before allowing nurses to sit for the certification examination. A few of the certifying bodies include the American Nursing Credentialing Center and The American Case Management Association. Once becoming a RN Case Manager, nurses can expect to make a nursing salary of $55,000 to $75,000 annually.
Case manager nurses build lasting relationships with their patients and their family members. Enter your email address below and hit "Submit" to receive free email updates and nursing tips.
Ability to point the vendor to our SAAS portal and have them complete an online questionnaire. Ability to start with up to 50 vendors in the short run and be able to scale up in future, as needed.
Once the vendor has correctly uploaded or completed the assessment, ControlCase will analyze the results and prepare a risk profile for each respective vendor. ControlCase will use various criterions as outlined below to determine the overall risk of each vendor. The ControlCase Vendor Manager (CVM) solution enables organizations to manage an effective Vendor Management (VM) process including questionnaires, audit results, risk-based vendor selection, centralized document management and remediation management.
Automate monitoring of controls such as management of sensitive data and technical controls.

Assess vendor risk using various assessment types and a library of questions based on best-practice standards. Incorporated and licensed BITS Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire and the Agreed upon Procedures (AUP). Vendor Management is the process corporation’s worldwide use to understand the risks they assume due to their business relationships with their third-party vendors especially regarding their data sharing or outsourcing relationships.
CENTRALIZE VENDOR INVENTORY AND INFORMATIONThrough an online registration system, allow vendors to register automatically and keep track of all your vendors and related demographic information in one place. Using your own risk model and CVM provided tools and framework, we can help you develop your own risk analysis capabilities and using the data related to the vendors be able to generate the risks related to each vendor. Automate most aspects of the policy management and compliance process and through the use of automated reminders and “action items” ensure that your vendors are following your policies and procedures and adhering to your controls.
TRACK VENDOR COMPLIANCE ISSUESAny issues or “action items” that are either automatically detected or manually found in the vendor risk management process can be tracked and remediated through our comprehensive and feature-rich remediation module. Some want to try their hands at nursing from a slightly different approach, and these individuals choose to become nurse case managers. They work directly with patients and their family members to conduct various assessments and analyze the data to determine the patient’s needs. For example, if a patient requires a special surgery that their current healthcare provider does not cover, case management nurses can prepare and submit data to someone qualified to make a decision on whether the insurance company or another agency will pay for the procedure that the patient needs.
Nurses that receive this credential must recertify after a certain amount of time—usually every 5 years.
They have the freedom to work in many settings, including hospital, community, and outpatient settings.
Worker’s compensation case manager nurses usually make the least amount of money, but they have the potential to make additional wages with additional hours of services. By formulating relationships with their patients, case manager nurses have a stake in the overall health of each of their patients. We strive for 100% accuracy, but nursing procedures and state laws are constantly changing.
ControlCase Vendor Manager is built atop the ControlCase GRC (CC-GRC) platform and also provides access to the core elements from the CC-GRC platform such as Workflow, Document Management, Controls Inventory, Fine-grained access control through a secure Web based interface. Vendor Management is a standard practice today and has matured to an extent where some leading financial industry groups such as BITS have standardized the process significantly through their Standard Information Gathering (SIG) and Agreed upon Procedures (AUP) standards.

Additionally dashboard charts and graphs can summarize this information for easy assimilation.
Items can be assigned to individuals or groups, approved by their managers, fixed and closed all through our interface.
If management and planning are strong points for those looking to enter a new career, case management nursing has plently opportunities that will allow nurses to offer options for cost-effective healthcare to patients and their families. Once the necessary data has been collected case manager nurses work closely with the members of the patient’s healthcare team to manage and coordinate all areas of the patient’s care.
They provide services for rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, worker’s comp providers, doctors, insurance companies, specialists, and home health agencies. The top case management nurses who work in agencies such as corporate insurance offices can earn wages over $75,000 annually. Travel nurses usually make more money than other nurses do because they travel to locations where there is a shortage of certified personnel.
Case manager nurses also have the ability to choose the environment in which they want to work.
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The usage of these standards or their derivatives helps organizations understand the risk associated with their vendors and then incorporate appropriate risk mitigation techniques and measures to mitigate the risk. In addition to the high salaries, travel nurses can receive signing bonuses and relocation assistance—not to mention attractive retirement plans.
The increasing number of baby boomers needing services from the healthcare system contributes to the increasing need for case manager nurses. These aging individuals will require healthcare treatments and procedures, and they need professional case manager nurses to take care of them.

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