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Jeremy the Crow will guest star again in Pooh's Adventures of Candleshoe, Pooh's Adventures of Babar: The Movie, and Pooh's Adventures of Jack the Giant Killer, Pooh's Adventures of VR Troopers, Winnie the Pooh Goes to Labyrinth, Pooh's Adventures of Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad, Winnie the Pooh and The Magic Roundabout, Winnie the Pooh Goes to Krull, and Pooh's Adventures of Big Bad Beetleborgs. This course is a Boot Camp —Participants who complete the elite Case Management Bootcamp will have a well rounded knowledge to effectively assist them with the wide open field of case management.

Case management training prospects will immediately become conversant and be able to collaborate with providers, patients, families, and the multidisciplinary health care team to move patients appropriately along the continuum of care. The case management boot camp is intense; fast paced, and involves interactive activity, teamwork, and daily real life case analysis.
The case management workshop includes four core units, comprised of six learning modules which provide an overview and purpose of case management.
The modules provide details on every aspect of medical case management including hospital management, case management workloads, time management, regulations, payer sources, medical necessity screening, health care reform, care coordination, care transitions, and medical homes. Module one and two provide an intensive overview of the case manager’s roles and responsibilities.
Modules three, four, five and six provide actual caseloads for participants to experience, analyze, prioritize, and work to gain practical experience and constructive instructor feedback. Throughout the training, the instructors will highlight areas to focus on to prepare for case management certification.

To become certified in case management, you will need to gain a specified number of hours of on the job experience to meet the requirements, in addition to completing the case management certification exam. This course is delivered completely ONLINE via our elearning system, with printed materials available for purchase (optional and subject to availability). Each module consists of real life medical case studies for the participants to practice their learning’s. Participants receive a certificate of completion once completing all assignments and quizzes within each of the units and modules.

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