Casework is the fundamental core of social care practice which is underpinned by an extremely complex system of knowledge and skills.  It is not enough to just practice social work on the basis of commonsense or life experiences as this doesn’t make social care workers any different from the general public. The Case Management System is an extremely large and innovative knowledge base that provides an invaluable guide to helping practitioners overcome the many challenges of the work.  This unique information system provides a growing wealth of ready-to-use applications to enable practitioners to become more knowledgeable, more skilful and more effective in their profession.

Although the system consists of many individual components, they are embedded in one logical sequence of operations which includes the development of a Library to understand specific problems, specialized Assessment Techniques and Intervention Strategies that are not easily available and extensive procedures for planning, organizing and managing casework.  As big as this knowledge base is, it is only in its initial stages of development and is considered small in comparison to what it will become. This case management system is fast becoming the essential guide for frontline practitioners.  So if you are a like minded practitioner who is looking for a creative initiative to enhance your professional capabilities, then here it is.

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