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Category management, sales and marketing professionals should know how to quickly drill through data to move to insights, and then determine the recommended changes to drive action.  This will result in maximum efficiency and effectiveness of using some important category management data sources in day-to-day business decisions. Different time periods also need to be looked at to determine if this is a short- or long-term issue or trend.  For example, you may start by looking at the latest 52 weeks of data, but then for a comparison, you may also look at latest 24 (or 26) weeks of data to see if the business is trending up or down in the shorter time period.
By adding in the baseline and incremental sales measures (including % change vs year ago) into the review, you can determine the priorities and focus areas, without having to jump into deep dive analytics just yet.  If you don’t have this data, you can still use the same methodology, it will just be more work to determine what tactics may be driving overall results. Watch my video below to see a case study that walks you through an example of what I covered above.

To subscribe, after you click on the link, simply input your email address on the righthand side of the screen (see image below). Please share this with others in your network – we’d love to have you as our newest subscriber! Category Management has evolved significantly over the past 30 years, and retail Category Managers have also evolved since their titles changed from “Buyers” to “Category Managers” in the 80’s (or have they?).
For most retail organizations, buying used to be done by vendor instead of by category – in fact, there are still some retailers in North America who continue to purchase by vendor. Data – particularly retailer point of sale data, loyalty data and inventory data – is available at a much more finite level. Technology has advanced – rather than having to go to 5 different systems to look at your business (by store, inventory levels, point of sale, warehouse shipments), many organizations have moved to more streamlined systems that allow them to look across multiple data sources much more easily.

Many individuals who are tasked with the responsibility of researching category management training companies and their offerings, or even making the training purchase for a team or organization, are new to the task. Click here to download the *.pdf version of the infographic, which lots of great links to other resources. For many retailers, data is also being sold to retailer’s vendor partners as a means of empowering them to make more strategic recommendations for their brands.

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