The Broward County Board of County Commissioners developed the County Business Enterprise (CBE) program to increase participation of small businesses in County projects as both prime contractors and subcontractors. The Broward County Business Opportunity Act of 2012 establishes a cumulative goal of at least 25% participation by CBE certified firms in all County procurement contracts - excluding contracts under the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and the Broward County Small Business Enterprise (SBE), or Sheltered Market, program.
All firms seeking CBE certification must have less than the maximum gross receipts (averaged over three years) of $5 million, regardless of their industry. The firm must not have in excess of $5 million in average annual gross revenue calculated over the previous three (3) calendar years. NOTE: Upon award of a Broward County contract, CBE certified firms are required to regularly submit documentation of activity related to the project. The Broward County Business Opportunity Act of 2012 also governs the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program, which is a race and gender neutral program that allows all SBE-certified firms to receive first consideration for contracts under $250,000. Getting certifications has been marked as a surefire approach to boost your career in the Information Technology industry. Constant new updates in technology give rise to fresh job opportunities and also become challenges for the leading companies in the world of Information Technology (IT). By taking about latest certifications with Selftest Training, It can be said that by getting these certifications an individual’s chance of getting a job in an excellent organization increases. Here is a list of the best IT certifications for beginners that ensure a higher pay and an excellent job in the upcoming year.

The CCNP or Cisco certified network professional is a certification that acts as a verification for the skills and knowledge that are necessary for the designing application, troubleshooting and verification of wide and local area networks.
This IT certification makes use of the Microsoft technology to the fullest and employers give it high consideration, as it shows that an individual has the ability, skills and knowledge to perform complex tasks related to IT. The demand for this IT certification is high in the IT market, so make sure to have it on your resume in the coming year. The Cisco certified Network associate or CCNA is an IT certification for beginners in the field of network engineering. The Author is well known blogger and writer, she is blogging from last 3 years, In her free time She loves to watch movies with her family, dancing and sometimes cooking.
The goal of the program is to spur economic development and stimulate small business growth by increasing the number of small businesses acting as prime contractors or consultants for Broward County. It does not matter if you work for the government, a small business, health care or merely for an enterprise that employs IT experts, your best bet to boost your career prospects is to validate your knowledge and skill set via a carefully picked combination of certification programs.
The organizations would do anything to maintain their high status by doing their best to adopt the latest networks and software.
Individuals who have this IT certification can take up positions as network engineers, system engineers, support engineers, or network technicians.

In order to be an eligible candidate for this IT certification, a person must have three years of work experience as a network engineer. One way of doing so is to hire IT professionals and specialists who have the latest skills and knowledge in the IT world.
Moreover, a significant rise in the employment rate of IT sector has been noticed and it has been reported that further acceleration will be witnessed in the future. Those individuals who have this certification on their resume have the skills and knowledge that are necessary for the configuration, installation, operation, and troubleshooting of medium sized networks that use routers and switches.
According to Selftest Training with this certification, you can get a job as a network specialist, network administrator or a support engineer in networking.

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