If you’re reading this article the chances are very high that you’ve completed your certification training and successfully passed your exam. If your previous employer paid for your training, then chances are good that you’ve seen a nice bump in pay or even a bonus as a result of your success.
If you do not have a position that allows you to utilize your new certification, it’s time to move on to the next step in your journey. The goal of every resume is to highlight your strengths, and demonstrate how your weaknesses can be turned into strengths.
Tons of people treat their employment search like merely a numbers game, which means that they think that the more jobs they throw their resumes at the more likely they are to land their big break. Your resume is your opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants and demonstrate how the qualities you possess that set you apart from the other applicants.
Now that you have your CNA certification you must be sure to clearly indicate this on your resume. Nursing, like many of the other health care careers, demands a strong sense of compassion, attention to detail, and professionalism in order to be successful. While it’s important to focus on what you do for your potential employer, also be sure to demonstrate how the position you’re applying for fits into your own personal career goals.
Even if you are a fabulous writer, it’s very important to at least have one other qualified individual review your resume before you submit it for consideration. Career Marketing Techniques is a careers industry leader and benchmark resume design, writing, career coaching, and professional career coach certification firm.
We also offer the leading Career Coach Certification program in the USA: The Certified Professional Career Coach Program (CPCC). To win the ‘war on talent’, all companies are vying for top candidates—those who are innovative, savvy, inventive, creative, fresh, and results-oriented. As a career change strategist, Diane collaborates with clients engaged in complex and challenging career transitions including layoffs, M&As, military retirement, military upgrades (warrant officers), federal government employment (federal to federal, corporate to federal, and federal to corporate), firing, “boredom”, and other difficult or life-impacting career challenges. Laura Gonzalez is an award-winning and twice-certified expert resume writer who has led 6,000+ clients to excel in the job hunt by crafting modern and targeted resumes, cover letters, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Since then, Laura has expanded her expertise with various certifications and industry workshops. Sign up to get our FREE report on seven common tactics that lead to a drawn-out, unproductive job search.

About The Career ExpertsThe Career Experts was born out of Maria Hebda’s commitment to bolstering a highly selective group of certified career professionals, providing rich resources for them and our audience of job seekers, and connecting the two groups with an ultimate goal of creating a successful relationship.
Under these circumstances you’re probably not looking for a new job at this point, which may be due in part to the fact that you’re agreement to have your employer reimburse you for your course and exam expenses requires you to remain with them for a specific time frame following your certification. Typical strengths that you should focus on are your scholastic achievements (your education and certification), and your experience within the industry (for instance if you’ve worked in a facility similar to the ones that you’ll be applying to, even if it was in a different capacity). While this is true in a sense, what typically is sacrificed under this method are the quality of your application and lack of introspection, that is to say listening to your own feelings and defining what type of position you truly want. This means that each resume you send should be tailored specifically to each position to which you are applying, and this same customization also applies to your cover letter. This certification shows that you have demonstrated on understanding of the policies and procedures required to excel as a nurse’s assistant. Though the act of specializing shrinks that amount of positions to which you’ll be applying, it also shrinks that amount of professionals you’ll be competing with for the position, and may also result in higher compensation.
Therefore, it’s important for you to show how you’ve exemplified these types of qualities in your past interactions at the professional level. For example, one of your goals may be to continue with your education and eventually become a registered nurse, or registered practical nurse. These are HUGE red flags, especially when you’re applying for a position within an industry that prides itself on unsurpassed attention to detail. After looking at a piece of writing for an extended period of time, our minds have a strange habit of reading what they want to read, rather than what’s actually on the paper. We deliver solutions for career change, career search and career development success with a global perspective. We work with corporate executives in any industry and also offer group career speaking and training services.
Competition is tough; and nothing less than a stunning resume and well-prepared interview, combined with personable, positive, first-impression chemistry will do to help you gain the competitive edge required in a tough career search.
With an eclectic career background (former Recruiter for a major aerospace corporation, and a Special Agent Investigator for the Department of Defense), Diane is able to integrate myriad careers industry options into your career search plans. She specializes in identifying, strengthening, and positioning key achievements on documents to capture and hold the reader's attention.
She began her career path as a resume editor at a university helping students and alumni from all walks of life.

She continues her career today as a dual-certified resume writer who has helped 6,000+ clients with their resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more. For career coaches and resume writers, membership in our exclusive network helps you attract more ideal client leads with no pay-per-click fees!
Even if this is the case, it’s definitely in your best interests to update your resume as soon as possible.
Examples may include opportunities that you sized to volunteer in the service of others, or time you spent in an organization like the National Guard.
Sharing goals like these demonstrates to prospective employers that you are committed to growth and excellence as a health care professional, which in turn enhances your value within their organization for the long-term.
We coach you and help you gain the edge you must have to stand out and get the position you want. During her time there, Laura discovered that she had a talent for highlighting other people's good qualities; after a number of astonishing successes and grateful students, Laura decided to start her own resume-writing and editing service for professionals. Laura has created and presented numerous seminars, articles, and handouts on career-related subjects. By using the TCE Membership Directory, you agree to hold Career Solutions, LLC dba The Career Experts harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your using the information provided. Life is uncertain after all, and you’ll want to be prepared for whatever opportunities come your way. Career Marketing Techniques provides a comprehensive resume and career search documents portfolio design service.
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