You'll need to edit default theme or use 3rd party theme to customize the shadow effect as its a part of the theme.
Could you help me out, as in my Windows 8 Pro I am not able to search anything using 'search' !
VG, I have same problems with Bishal Deb, I use tool to activate my windows 8 and now i cant access the personalize option.
Pls my settings could not respond.when ever i try 2 change d lock screen pix it gets blur and i cant click what can i do?
I had to replace the images one by one in order to remove the ones that had found their way to the LOCK SCREEN inadvertently.
It'll open the new immersive or Metro Control Panel showing the lock screen settings page by default.

If you want to set your desired wallpaper as background of lock screen, click on "Browse" button and then you can select any desired image.
In future, if you want to reset default background images of lock screen, just right-click on the background image in lock screen settings page and select "Revert to defaults" option. I use windows 8 pro and i fully activated it but i can't access and browse profile pic, lock screen pic, etc .plz give me any commend but without use any program to solve my problem. Actually when you use 3rd party loaders which claim to activate Windows 8, most of them just make you fool by showing Windows 8 activated successfully in System Properties and other places but actually its not activated, thats why you are unable to personalize Start Screen, etc because you cant change these settings until you activate Windows 8. It shows battery and Internet connection status along with a few other apps information such as Mail, etc. After getting many emails regarding the same question, today I decided to create this tutorial.

One is the default background image and other 5 images are given in lock screen settings page to choose from. The bolder shadows seem to make it easier to discern the different windows that you have open.

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