Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A 30 min overview of the 1 day public Prosci Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp presented exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Prosci Primary Affiliate Being Human. NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 25, 2016) - As a leader in Google brand repair and search engine optimization (SEO), IC Media Direct is highlighting major changes that marketing businesses will face this year, as SEO and Internet reputation are set to face major reforms.
According to IC Media Direct experts, the year 2016 is expected to revolutionize how companies and Internet browsers adapt to accommodate various needs of users online. IC Media Direct predicts that the separation of web and social media will become more difficult to recognize, as online content will be more readily indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing. Further SEO trends are expected to change with the extended indexing for apps on smartphone devices. IC Media Direct is a full-service Internet reputation and content marketing agency, specializing in online brand repair. In guiding your team through change it’s helpful to recognise the different forms of resistance that emerge, so that you can deal with them and mitigate their negative effect on individuals in the team and on the business. Here are five signs of resistance you may come across in your team – and what you can do to help them move through resistance to successful change. Giving detailed information about what is happening (or likely to happen), the personal implications of the change for them, how long the uncertainty will last and the reason why the change is happening all help to create trust and reduce stress and increase willingness to move forward. Help them to assess for themselves whether the risk of standing still greatly outweighs the risk and effort required to change. One of the most commonly under-estimated reasons why team members resist new ideas and people is their underlying fear that somehow, they will not measure up; that they will be embarrassed or be shown up or that they will look stupid or incompetent. You can help them by praising their contribution; by acknowledging the fear by ‘naming it’. They say an ‘elephant never forgets’ and some team members find it hard to let go of past resentments and grievances.
Your role as leader-manager is invaluable here because you can help them acknowledge the distinction between the old and the current situation. The important thing in helping people overcome resistance is to be honest, acknowledge the facts as they are at the time. With a clear image of what the goal is, people can begin to ‘bridge the gap’ and to move forward, one step at a time. In the meantime, keep lines of communication open – even when there’s nothing new to report yet, tell them that. Hi Zvikomborero Matiza, glad you found the post relevant to what you’re experiencing in your company. With a notable presence in the industry, IC Media Direct has helped hundreds of companies and individuals manage their search engine results, ensuring to project a positive voice and message to its clients.

Last year, Google introduced the long-awaited 'Mobilegeddon' update, a new quality algorithm for content.
Currently, tweets and other media posts are available in online search results -- however, 2016 will bring even more platforms to be indexed by Google, making individual posts carry the same value as independent web pages. Companies who maintain popular apps will see an improvement in their search ranking and due to Google extending their indexing methods to include smartphone applications. Its extensive knowledge of SEO has helped industries project a positive image through the use of various media channels, building efficient messages with a strong impact on their audience. When confronted by change they resist, find fault, feign ignorance (and others, see below). If their resistance is quite vocal, get them on their own to discuss and ask them to list their skills, successes, knowledge and experiences. Acknowledge that being able to overcome scary, uncomfortable and unwelcome change is a fantastic strength. Help them explore what benefits or secondary gains they get from keeping hold of the resentment. It is unrealistic to expect people to be motivated and fully engaged in a change of circumstance that means they will lose something significant or irreplaceable to them. Avoiding ‘the elephant in the room’ will drive the resistance under-ground; better to share ‘why’ the change is happening and discuss the pros and cons of the change with the team, while repeating (as often as necessary) what is negotiable and what is not-negotiable. Finally, engage team members in finding sensible and practical ways to contribute, then celebrate even small wins as you move forward together. Catherine has dedicated her career to being a business leadership consultant and confidant to Directors, Senior Managers and Emerging Leaders in blue-chip companies across a range of industries. It happened to my company when there was a retrenchment exercise and to my surprise there was resistance to change from those remaining not the retrenched. The resistance to change by people who remain can be tough, both for those who experience it – and for those whose job it is to help them overcome it and move on.
The agency noted that mobile optimization will become far more important in controlling search results, as 2015 saw mobile searches surpass that of desktop and Google reported that they expect the shift to continue this year. The tech giant anticipates a future where applications will overtake traditional websites on personal cell phones, causing app optimization to grow significantly over the next year. In 2015, the company has published a game-changing handbook on Google brand repair and has been awarded the New York Excellence Award by the SBIEC for two consecutive years. They feel safe with people, routine, procedures and methodologies – and thought of changing is so uncomfortable, some people will want to avoid the unknown at all costs. Whether they want to or not, they hang on to the anger and bitterness long after the offence or interaction took place.
This often helps people realise there aren’t any benefits, and this helps them let go of the resentment or anger.

For instance it may be they will lose their job, it may be a threat to their health, livelihood, career prospects, security, or relationships. Assist them in analysing the real risk as distinct from the ‘perceived’ risk (little no concrete evidence, more likely to be them projecting fears than actual threat). She draws on 20 years’ experience on developing agile leadership and helping individuals achieve business success.  She is Managing Director of BlueQuay Limited.
As the number of mobile users increase, advertisers are becoming forced to capitalize on mobile-specific strategies more than ever before. Another change that SEO will face, according to the company, is the continued rise of video advertisements, ultimately overtaking written adverts on the Internet.
The shift toward mobile will continue with local search, which IC Media Direct predicts to become even more valuable to individuals seeking reputation management. Encourage their participation in planning action, building a clear picture of a positive future and implementing the way forward.
This helps them ‘keep’ some of what they are attached to and this can relieve a sense of risk or fear. When people feel threatened, their ‘distrust’ sensors are working overtime – and fear gets in the way of thinking and acting clearly. For the first time, brands will need to invest in an approach to control search results outside of their conventional methods. This recent trend has been largely popularized by Facebook's silent autoplay videos, with Twitter and Instagram quickly following suit.
Gaining their commitment to being part of the solution is a key milestone and can help increase self-confidence and determination. Alternatively have them think about where they can get help, counselling or support if the resentments are deep-seated and entrenched. If your organisation has an Employee Assistance Programme or equivalent, suggest it as a useful support mechanism. Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions.
A handful of technologies will lead to video content outpacing written in terms of reach, engagement, and ROI, causing advertisers to spend more money on video ads. As social media presence become more prevalent in search engine results, IC Media Direct believes that brands should take a more strategic approach with Internet channels for online brand reputation.

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