There are times in your schedule when you need to use a constraint to delay an activity to start as late as possible without affecting any activities after it. Total Float (TF) = The maximum amount of time an activity can be delayed from its early start without delaying the entire project. When a project is scheduled, Primavera undergoes some calculations that determine the earliest and latest dates each activity can start and finish. Notice how both Activity B and Activity F, are delayed to use up all the Free Float available.

Primavera P6 has several other types of constraints that you can use to change the start and finish dates of your activities.
In Primavera P6, constraints are used to manipulate the start or finish of individual activities.
Along with her analytical background and managerial experience, she is now specialized in IT-related business management and consulting project work. Projects along the critical path are usually the sequence of activities in the project that will take the longest time to complete (ie, longest path).

With over 3 years at CPM, she is primarily responsible for training and consulting for Primavera P6 project management software.

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