Create sub-processes from dashboard.A  Once the dashboard outlined each sub-process, Tasks involved in the individual sub-processes were defined. Simpler to follow, precise instructions: By using TaskMap, all the steps in a process are in visual format eliminating unnecessary word clutter that comes with a text based manual. A customizable ITIL template improves efficiency: This ITIL Change Management template can be used and customized to your individual business needs. Time is money: The task completion time shows specific task times associated with each task.
Creating a standard for best practices: The primary purpose of developing ITIL Change Management best practice process maps is to create a standard for how business is done. Paper and storage savings: TaskMap eliminates the need for paper versions on repair information.
ITIL is an approach used by businesses to identify customer needs and issues and address them fully.
Receipt of user complaints and grievances: A complaint is received, classified and recorded. The issue is investigated and clear instructions on what to do to correct the anomaly are given to the customer. If the initial support staff is unable to deal with the problem, it is passed on to higher and more qualified levels of the support team.
Some issues are easily resolved by the support staff, others may require formal resolution while others are more complex and may require the incident management team to forward a request for change to its system or user. This set of ITIL templates (ITIL document templates) can be used as checklists for defining ITIL process outputs. During the process of updating the ITIL Process Map to ITIL V3 2011 Edition, we also aligned our set of free ITIL templates and checklists to ITIL 2011. There are now 102 checklists contained in our ITIL-2011-compliant Reference Process Model, and we make the most sought-after ITIL templates available for you in our ITIL Wiki. An "Incident" is defined as an unplanned interruption or reduction in quality of an IT service.
The Incident Record template explains the structure of the data typically contained in an Incident Record.
The Service Portfolio represents a complete list of the services managed by the service provider.

Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License unless otherwise noted. The ITIL Best Practice Maps for Change Management are a great way to help jumpstart your ITILA® projects. An electronic copy of the Microsoft Word Change Management best practices document that was used to develop the TaskMaps.
Change Management Review Process: ITIL guided process that includes optional paths show review priority, change priority level, update change log, and send RFC to approval process. Change Advisory Board Process: select CAB Members, send meeting notification, define voting logic for CAB approval, update change log, Ensure required quorum of voters present, reschedule RFC review, Present RFC at CAB meeting, update change log, set RFC status to pending, vote on RFC approval, and update change log. The shear size and complexity of these documents means this step was repeated multiple times in order to get a complete understanding of the ITIL process. The high-level dashboard gives a macro view of the entire ITIL process; each Task on the dashboard was then given its own sub-process. In order to represent all the information included in the ITIL document, yet abbreviate and simplify for everyonea€™s comprehension; we created bookmarks within the source document for each task shape that might require a more in depth understanding on how to perform the task. The creation of Task Links and exception paths might be viewed in some aspects as the most important information added to the ITIL maps. This involved created hyperlinks from each Connector to the correct Task and double-checking that each connector led to the correct Task.
Once the entire map is complete and all hyperlinks are added, it is ready for web publishing.
This means that all resources, guidelines and roles used to complete a process can be hyperlinked to the TaskMap.
This allows the user to allocate the amount of time to each task as well as set a time goal to meet or beat. Once a best practice is outlined in a TaskMap form it can be repeated effectively, thus creating useful information which can be used to further tweak and perfect processes. With the ITIL documents being 100a€™s of pages long it is easy to define the savings created in office supplies.
All members working on the same matter must however record their progress in a common log book. The ITIL templates can also serve as guidelines which are helpful during process execution.

At the same time we took the opportunity to revise and enhance the ITIL document templates, taking into account customer feedback on the V3 versions. These ready-to-use templates and checklists are also a good starting point for designing ISO 20000 compliant documents and records.
The details of an Incident and its complete history from registration to resolution are recorded in an Incident Record.
You can use this checklist as a template when you start creating Incident Records in your own organization. It contains present contractual commitments, new service development, and retired services. An RFC, specifying the details of a proposed Change, must be submitted to Change Management for every non-standard Change. It highlights which information is typically held in the Configuration Management System (CMS) or in Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) to describe Configuration Items (CIs). Harvard Computing Group offers this package of ITIL Change Management TaskMapsA® that covers all aspects of these important processes. Exception paths are rarely outlined well in text-based processes, yet determining what the right thing to do when something does not go according to plan is essential to prevent bottlenecks and mistakes occurring within the process. Each of these was in turn labeled to make it easy for the reader of web published versions of the maps.
By customizing the ITIL Change Management map, it becomes a dashboard for the entire process.
In addition, if you wish to distribute these maps in their current form or modified versions of your ITIL TaskMaps within your organization, please refer to the organization license (TMITIL04) below.
By comparing reports to actual time values, it becomes easy to identify areas where bottlenecks and inefficiency are occurring so that effective solutions to resolve these issues are developed. Roles, Task Link IDs, Guidelines, Resources, etc) these options can be turned off on the web-based version. The ITIL Change Management process map reduced the size of the process to 14 pages, thereby decreasing the complexity of knowledge and increasing the value of best practices.

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