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Managers are responsible for the performance of their team and the performance of the individuals in their team. Many managers spend too much time firefighting and sorting out problems and issues that their staff should be resolving. How managers communicate on a day to day basis with their staff has a dramatic impact on staff performance and motivation. By delegation we mean "giving people work"; delegation is a key management skill both for getting the work done and for coaching and developing your staff.
Managing in a style that develops well motivated people who really want to work for you as a manager is vital. With pressures to achieve better results, in less time and at less cost, good time and workload management are a vital skill for any manager.

Employing an individual is a costly exercise and the cost of getting it wrong even more so. Managers need to influence people who work for them and, equally importantly, those who do not. Much of management is about change and managers frequently need to implement change within their organisation and team. In today’s stressful environment there are all too many opportunities for conflict to arise between colleagues.
All managers who need to motivate and engage their employees, OD and HR professionals planning the implementation of an employee engagement programme or measurement system, research professionals and consultants working in the field of employee engagement who want to learn the latest and most effective tools and techniques.
The promise of employee engagement is a totally compelling one; harnessing the discretionary effect of people to improve performance. This course addresses the process by which these programmes are defined and integrated along with an employee engagement measurement tool that promotes ongoing improvement.
This is a significant change for anyone who has been promoted into a position of management.  It is important that people understand this aspect of the management role. In many cases managers are sorting out problems that their staff are actually creating.  Managers need to understand that they have to be prepared to deal with any performance issues and coach and develop their staff.
Managers need to adapt their communication styles and ensure that staff have a good understanding of what is required. If managers do not delegate effectively they end up continually fire-fighting the day to day issues rather than doing some of the more strategic management work such as improving processes and achieving a better team performance. An appraisal should be a positive experience for the appraiser and the appraisee, leading to improved motivation and performance.

Failure to effectively manage your time can lead to a deterioration of performance and in the worst case can lead to stress related problems.
This course looks at how to structure and conduct an interview to maximise the chances of getting it right. They need to be able to strongly influence what people do and they need to effectively communicate and take control rather than just be buffeted along and meekly accept what others are saying.
This course looks at maintaining a problem solving approach to get the best solution for the organisation whilst maintaining good working relationships. They need to be able to manage their staff and free up some of their own time to focus on the more strategic management issues. Many managers shy away from addressing issues because they see it as potentially confrontational.
How managers manage their staff is perhaps the single biggest factor in how motivated their staff are. This course looks at how to increase your personal impact so that you can influence others to do what is needed, without being seen as overly aggressive.

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