The CRM Learning weblog will be regularly updated with helpful training tips, articles, and other news. Here are five tips for staying out of a victim mindset, even when it seems like everything is blowing up around you.
Today’s organizations face change in a variety of areas…at an unprecedented rate. And though we’ve been told that constant change is the “new normal”,  we usually look upon it with fear and negativity. In the same way, to survive in a constantly changing workplace, Campbell says we must learn to relate to our environment rather than trying to control it. In our first article of this series, we learned how a family trip to Abilene on a 104-degree Texas afternoon led Professor Jerry Harvey to discover what he calls “The Abilene Paradox.” The paradox occurs when groups take actions in contradiction to what the individual members really want to do. We’ve also explored six tell-tale signs that will help us recognize when we might be on a” trip to Abilene” and four underlying psychological dynamics that create the conditions for the Paradox. If we believe our group or organization is caught in the Paradox – and is “on the road to Abilene” –Professor Harvey recommends we speak up and confront the Paradox in a group setting. The first step in the confrontation is to “own up” to our true beliefs and be open to the feedback we receive when we share them.
Change is upon us, and we no longer doubt that it has become the way of life in our decade and beyond. Effective mentoring is a powerful way to address people’s needs during change, thus reducing resistance, and opening the path for the new desired future. The ability to guide people through successful change is linked to specific mentoring competencies. Successful mentoring relationships act as vehicles that enable people to develop the new behaviors that are necessary for change. The mentor accomplishes this by asking good questions that help people identify their individual reactions to the change. The Problem: A mid-sized community bank with 200 busy employees needed training that would inspire creative thinking about leadership, build strong teams, and be finished in the course of a two-hour lunch workshop.
The Success Story: For some employees, combining a hard-earned lunch hour with a leadership lecture wasn’t initially palatable.
In addition, training leaders report positive feedback from managers at all levels who have taken bits of the training, including the ice-breaker and skill set activities, to their own staff meetings and inter-departmental planning sessions. Gaining a level of understanding that allows you to be productive, creative and flexible with your own life as well as helping others handle change is key to succeeding in today’s ever-changing world. Because any change has a number of implications in different areas of our lives, we tend to generalize the change we are going through.
Admit to yourself that regardless of whether or not you experience this particular change as good or bad, there will be a sense of loss.
You will doubt the facts and struggle to believe anything you hear, see or feel about the change.
Now that you have information, kick-start some forward momentum by taking both physical and mental action. There comes a point where we choose to move on with the change and discover the opportunities it brings, or to give in to the fear of the unknown and remain fearful, anxious and in denial. I promise there will come a time when you stop looking at the change as something different. Change is a constant in today’s society that you will go through many times in many different situations. A rookie skydiver serves as a metaphor in this action-packed video, which helps people of all ages adapt to big changes – and thrive. 1) Explain that this exercise gives people a chance to perform a quick self-check on their feelings and attitudes about change. Expecting resistance to change and planning for it from the start of your change management progamme will allow you to effectively manage objections. The vast majority of companies continue to just hope that employees of their change initiatives will simply embrace the changes thrust upon them.
Change management require a compelling change story, communicating it to employees and following it up with ongoing communications and involvement. Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management.
Change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.
CHANGE MANAGEMENT TRAINING DVDS Change Management Training Without change, nothing happens.
Change Management Training DVDs: Challenges of Leadership - DVD - Free Video Preview Available Online!
Challenges of LeadershipWith a softening economy reducing revenues and stiffening competition in the high-tech sector, a time comes when even the most successful business plans must be adjusted.
Coping with Change in the WorkplaceIf you think that change is something that can be ignored, you’re wrong. Organisations, governments, countries and everyone is either going through a change process, about to go through a change process or just completing a major change process. This is a complete turnkey workshop with facilitator's guide, participant guide, overhead slides, and video included. Nine of the corporate world’s top executives explain how they are leading their companies into the 21st century. As in most of America, an economic earthquake shook southern California in the early 1990s. You may purchase City of the Future—San Diego Economic Strategist, Neil Whitely-Ross on DVD for $299.97. Irwin Jacobs, an engineer by training and an industry pioneer, has been a prime catalyst for San Diego’s telecommunications industry.
You may purchase Balancing Competing Pressures—Chase Manhattan Corporation on DVD for $299.97. You may purchase Management Combines Forces with Unions—Northwest Airline on DVD for $299.97.
Sidney Harman is the chairman of Harman International, maker of high-tech, high-quality audio systems with 1.4 billion dollars in annual sales. The mutual fund industry has been skyrocketing and money managers like Franklin Mutual Series Fund President, Michael Price, are working with record sums of investment capital.
You may purchase Forcing the Hand of CEOs—Mutual Fund Manager, Michael Price on DVD for $299.97. Don Sappington, former CEO of Maine’s Bass Shoe Company, was handpicked to run the Hathaway Shirt Company after its Park Avenue owner, Linda Wachner, CEO of Warnaco, decided to close the plant. Among corporate leaders in America today, one executive stands out as an assertive, articulate advocate for long-term corporate thinking—Henry Schacht. The Transformation of Work Just as the industrial revolution changed the way people work, so has the rise of digital technology—leading to the radical reorganization of business models and workplaces, as well as the geographical redistribution of labor and services. Corporate Change Management Training DVDs, Change Management Training Videos and Change Management Training Products, Change Management DVDs, coping with change, change management training, change, change videos, change management DVDs, change management training videos, corporate change DVDs, dealing with corporate change, managing change, organizational change DVDs, change in the workplace DVDs, changing for the future DVDs, workplace changes DVDs, downsizing DVDs.

When awareness is built, ita€™s up to the individual to make the personal decision to change. Are there systems in place that will keep individuals proficient in the new way of doing things and prevent individuals from reverting back to the old way? There are many tactics that can be used to build each one of these elements with employees.
Together, this module and the previous three break down the three levels of change management.
Still, many change management practitioners have told us that their colleagues, project teams or leaders think that change management is just communications or training. If we analyze this scenario using ADKAR as a framework, we can explain the purpose of communications and training with a results-orientation (i.e. Communications a€“ the purpose of creating and implementing a communications plan is to inform employees and answer their pressing questions. Training a€“ a training plan is developed and delivered in order to provide the new skills that are necessary to complete the processes, tools and behaviors required by the change. If we map the two tools commonly equated with change management to the ADKAR elements, we can immediately see why change management does not just equal communications and training. There is a gap; one of the five elements of ADKAR has not yet been addressed, so we must not have completed the change management approach. The Sponsor roadmap outlines the specific activities we need from senior leaders to support the change, and it not only contributes to Desire but is also critical in building Awareness and providing Reinforcement. Without an outcome-oriented view of change management, it may be hard to answer the question: Well, isn't change management just training and communications?
The Individual Level of change management provides the answer to the question: What are we trying to achieve when we attempt to manage the people side of change? Founded in 1994, Prosci is a change management firm focused on helping individuals and organizations build change management capabilities. Whether it’s the annual stress of open enrollment for health care (“Wait, what?
Remember that Professor Harvey described the Abilene Paradox as the inability to manage agreement rather than the inability to manage conflict.
Working within the context of a group is important, because the dynamics of the Abilene Paradox involve collusion among group members. By owning up, we let others know we’re concerned that the group may be making a decision based on inaccurate data. In the real world, change occurs only when people embrace it, champion it, and have the courage to move onto uncharted paths.
The following examples illustrate how mentoring behaviors can be tailored to meet specific needs. Mentoring can provide a direction that keeps people on an even keel, and helps them understand the full impact of what is needed during change. This questioning process looks at both positive and negative aspects of the change, and helps identify future needs. Customize each course to provide just the right amount of material necessary for a truly meaningful Lunchtime Learning session. But once the monthly Lunchtime Learning sessions started rolling, the voluntary classes filled quickly and latecomers were being turned away at the door. As the popularity of lunchtime training grew, the bank expanded on some of the themes and took them company wide.
I’ve been photographing snow geese since long before dawn.  Thousands stop here on their yearly migration and, until an hour ago, the morning sky had been crowded with them. Strangely, looking at that empty sky and the immovable snow geese, I found myself thinking about the nature of change.
Most people remain fearful, anxious and uncomfortable with change, despite it being a driving issue in our society.
Stay focused on one aspect of the change by identifying what you are most afraid of losing as a result of this change and then understanding why that loss is uncomfortable. This is the “better the devil you know scenario” that leads us to put up with a situation we know isn’t good for us. Focus on taking the first baby step by setting priorities, committing to someone else what you will achieve and by when, and exercise (even if it’s only a 15 minute walk each day).
To avoid analysis paralysis set yourself a deadline for making a decision and do whatever it takes – even if you resort to flipping a coin! A divorce can give us the opportunity to have control of the remote, a new job could teach us new skills and starting your own business can provide you with the chance to follow your passion. You will have integrated its challenges and victories into your life and will now feel more stable and open to what the future may hold. Finding a change partner who is committed to encouraging you and supporting you will make the whole experience less scary and probably speedier. Understanding the most common reasons people object to change gives you the opportunity to plan your change strategy. Even a “small change” like the cartoon shows can have disastrous consequences if everyone isn’t on the same page.
When this Change Leader makes changes which is often the weak leave because change and forward thinking is not in their wheel house. This program filmed at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, brings together Carly Fiorina, chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco Systems, to confront the challenges of leadership during times of change. Maree MacCallum illustrates how this world-view is constant and should always be in our minds . This is the second installment in the popular series The View from the Top, hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith. Jacobs is a co-founder of Qualcomm, a spectacular high-tech success story, making a name by developing innovative digital and wireless technologies.
In a year of record bank mergers, Chase Manhattan Bank’s CEO Thomas Labrecque and Chemical Bank’s CEO Walter Shipley sign off on the granddaddy of them all. All this money, combined with greater aggressiveness, has helped establish a new breed of money managers—Michael Price foremost among them—as the terrors of corporate boardrooms.
After workers protested the shutdown, former Maine Governor Jock McKernon put together a group of investors to buy Hathaway from Wachner, and then hired Sappington as CEO. As long-time head of Cummins Engine, Schacht resisted Wall Street’s pressures for fast results, focusing instead on the long term. This program inquires into 21st-century work paradigms, presenting commentary from scholars and business leaders about what it means to be an employee today—and what it will mean in the future.
It is composed of five building blocks that must be addressed before someone can change the way they do something. ADKAR provides a goal-oriented framework that helps change leaders realize their objectives more quickly and completely.
This tutorial series sure makes change management seem like a lot more than training and communications, doesna€™t it?

But with ADKAR, we can easily see that communications and training are important but not sufficient to help employees through the complete change process so they can effectively embrace, adopt and use the change.
The results and outcomes of a change are directly connected to whether employees embrace, adopt and use the change.
Best practices research acts as the foundation for Proscia€™s world-renowned change management training programs and tools, including the Prosci ADKARA® Model. Successful change is about discovery and resistance, and attending to the needs of the people who are an integral element of the process. These segments are now very much looked forward to, combining reward and recognition with practical, memorable training ideas.
For example, Taking Charge of Change was initially formatted for the Lunchtime Learning workshop and became the foundation resource for a longer training session for all bank employees. A good bit of hiking and I found them, thousands of them, in a tiny lake in the middle of the reserve. You will be much less frustrated if you accept the change and decide to manage it, rather than desperately try and cling onto the way things used to be. Clearly define the change and recognize the areas of your life that will not change as a result.
Ask straight questions, remain open to views that may be different to your own and listen to what you are being told.
Increasing your small, regular action steps will help you keep that forward momentum going.
The secret to this is to break big decisions down into small, bite-sized chunks and work on one at a time.
Understand what the benefits of the change are and recognize them for the great gifts they bring you. Remember everything you have learned for the next exciting, exhilarating and, oh ok, scary change. This may be a coach who can remain dispassionate, hold the mirror up to your fears and hold onto your highest goals.
Does anyone else out there agree that organizations would benefit from an increased awareness of how change management delivers results? When the Company has a Change Leader at the helm the company is used to Change and their is little to no resistance. In addition, MBA students and faculty ask questions about Fiorina’s and Chambers’ successes and failures. This program examines change in the workplace—why it’s happening, what some people’s reactions are to it, and how to cope to survive.
In ten short years, Qualcomm burst from a 25-million-dollar start-up company to a 2-billion-dollar corporation with global ambitions. Their partnership, which created the country’s largest bank, was cheered by the financial world and made the new Chase a more potent global player. Schacht retired in 1995, then reemerged to help launch AT&T spinoff Lucent Technologies as its CEO and Chairman.
Patricia Kelso of the Kelso Institute explains the concepts behind ESOPS, while Verna Allee, author of The Future of Knowledge, and Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, elaborate on new relationships between labor and capital. The beauty is in the simplicity of this model, as it has the potential to become a powerful tool in the hands of a change management practitioner.
In order to build Desire among employees to participate and support the change, we need some additional tools beyond communications and training.
Given their proximity and relationship to impacted employees, the Coaching plan impacts all five ADKAR elements. Prosci has certified over 30,000 change leaders worldwide through the Prosci Change Management Certification program.
Using the Leader’s Guide as a backup to the lesson plan, the company was able to custom design programs that engaged employees at many levels.
None of us want to get older, or face a new onslaught of IRS regulations, or like having our favorite TV series dumped unceremoniously from the airways. Feeling incompetent is a very different issue than fighting new technology, and can be easily addressed with training. In the aftermath, business and civic leaders sought to reinvent San Diego—a microcosm of America.
Jacobs has lived the promise and the perils of the fiercely competitive and fast-paced world of high-tech industry, where product cycles are short, competition is global, and what’s hot today can be obsolete tomorrow.
For Labrecque, a 33-year veteran of the legendary Chase, the merger was a strategic success. The Prosci Methodology identifies three additional change management tools beyond communications and training. And finally, the Resistance Management plan directly targets Desire and how to encourage employees to make the personal decision to get on board. And, without it, we really don't know why we create a communications plan or training plan (or sponsor roadmap or coaching plan or resistance management plan) in the first place. They envisaged a city of the future: a high-tech center for software development, biomedical research, and wireless communications that would drive San Diego’s economic growth into the next century. But at the same time, it meant major internal changes all through the ranks: the loss of 12,000 positions and a shifting of roles even at the top. To keep workers a top priority of his managers, Harman insists that all executives spend time working on the production line every month.
Use his investors’ money to buy a huge stake in an underperforming company and push management to step up performance in a hurry. But with low-cost foreign imports hurting the domestic garment industry in the 1990s, Linda Wachner turned to cutting costs sharply, which also hurt shirt quality.
These Five Levers of Change Management make up a complete set of plans that together can move employees through all five elements of ADKAR. Neil Whitely-Ross, Vice President of the San Diego Economic Development Corporation, is a leading strategist and pitchman for the city. Harman also keeps regular employees on the payroll, even when they’re not strictly needed for production, in a program he calls OLE (Off Line Enterprises).
Whitely-Ross’s mission is to attract high-end jobs to San Diego by aggressively selling the advantages of cheap labor in Mexico to companies all across America, and to their global competitors.
But the people of Maine rallied to save this proud Maine institution, raising the investment money and the backing of federal, state, and local governments. Sappington decided to restore traditional Hathaway quality, convinced that appealing to the high end of the market would make Hathaway profitable again.

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