Is there any doubt that in today’s era of rapid globalization and a volatile economic landscape could spell the end of your company if you act with yesterday’s logic? In the midst of the turbulence that Drucker and others refer to, your company can either ride above the heavy waves or get swallowed up by them. Investors and potential clients want to know that your company can withstand whatever changes arrive, as the turbulence forces your enterprise to see the world in a different way and to do business differently to survive. To ensure that you will survive and that you can communicate your willingness to embrace the turbulence and true business culture shift of today, you will need first-rate change management training. Do a thorough analysis of your company and its needed changes, followed by a detailed planning process that will move your enterprise from its current state to its envisioned place in the business world. Consistently communicate with stakeholders while maintaining a constant message of hope and anticipation. Know your team, overcome resistance from employees by identifying the roadblocks to the needed change and focusing on resolving any relevant issues. Train your people in the new way of doing business, specifically in how it will affect their day-to-day work and routine. How to assert positive and convincing behavior, appearance and personal influence as a leader of change. For a long time, I was searching for a good and simplified model for Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Context AnalysisThe context analysis looks at the institutional background of your client (decision makers, commitment, preferred learning methods, other contextual information). Beneficiaries AnalysisThe beneficiaries analysis looks at the knowledge level, the expectations, and learning styles of the intended target group. Work Flow AnalysisThe work flow analysis looks at the processes that need to be improved, and the existing skills levels.
Content AnalysisThe content analsyis is the first sketch of the training programme, the building blocks of the training, the intended methods, tools and exercises, the content.
Suitability AnalysisThe suitability analysis looks at whether the intended training programme will serve the objectives of the training (i.e.
Our change management training program combines methods to develop personal resilience with frameworks for understanding both the nature of organisational change and the emotional and interpersonal dynamics which arise as a result of significant change.
All of our trainings are tailored to your needs and our change management training workshops can be shaped to suit either front line staff facing significant change, or to equip managers with skills to manage both their own responses and the needs of their staff in times of change.
Equip change agents or change champions with the knowledge, toolkits and confidence they need to facilitate change in their own areas. This change management training course is for in-house change agents, change champions, brand champions or innovation champions. To equip change agents and champions for the role they need to play to implement change, innovation or any organizational development project, in their own areas.
To provide them with an opportunity to practice using their tools so they build confidence.

Day 3: Custom designed mini workshop for the change agents to run to implement your specific intervention.
The third day of this change agent training course is custom designed around your specific project or intervention.
Change agents and champions practice facilitating the specific custom designed workshop for most of this day. They each receive a gift of Unleash the magic within you cards to use to inspire staff during their own workshops, plus a Magic Change Toolkit - to help them when implementing any change.
Ensuring that the change managers in the Change Management Department and their regional counterparts, the implementation managers, are proficient and inspired change champions with a well equipped toolkit. This was achieved by integrating the Change Designs solutions with the existing change management methodology applied in the Department - the Prosci ADKAR Model forms the foundation of the change management methodology. By partnering with Ruth Tearle, the Change Designs solutions were specifically tailored to meet our change requirements and our working environment.
Use this change management training course to develop a team of powerful change agents or change champions in your organization. Change Puzzle: A systems thinking tool to use to diagnose, plan and measure complex changes. How to ensure everyone in your organization supports one another during an organizational change. This OD intervention workshop will help you to align what leaders and employees do to a new stra.. Turbulence brings many challenges to companies of all sizes, from conflict management as leaders disagree on the proper direction for the future, to change implementation once a decision is reached. The right Change Management Training can make all of the difference as you steer your company into a merger or out of a partnership, into social media or out of a paper-based workflow.
All successful change management involves constant repetition and honest responses to legitimate questions and concerns.
This might involve the acquisition of new skill sets on your staff, or a complete re-training of personnel in using new technology, policies or processes.
Progress must be celebrated as both individuals and teams embrace turbulence and turn it into positive energy. Prepare well for the turbulence of today and the change that will be necessary to grow your business.
Would you like change management training for more "grace under fire" when implementing a change program or challenging the status quo? Whether it is a planned large-scale change of systems, organisation and infrastructure, or just the gradual progressive change that happens as we adapt our strategies to what's needed, change happens. In this way we address not just the organisational logistics of change but the human impact as well.
We will equip your staff to invest in the process of innovation and learning that is necessary to any successful organisation.

It is also for selected employees from each branch or department, who will implement the change in their own areas. It is used to train the change agents or champions to run mini-workshops with staff in their own areas to get them excited about your project or to implement your specific intervention. This content is carefully chosen to help the change agents or champions to anticipate and answer commonly asked questions around the specific project or intervention. When they leave, they are confident about facilitating their own workshops using their custom designed toolkits and Powerful Facilitation cards. These solutions most often incorporated a combination of training courses (in-house training and train-the-trainer courses), and a variety of supporting tools (some customized and others generic Change Designs tools). Used in strategy implementation, project implementation, values roll-out, OD, change management & performance improvement. Do they know for certain that you can compete no matter what culture shift threatens team readiness? It will also enable you to deal with conflict management as some resist change, and focus on the team readiness that you will need to survive and thrive. Timelines for this training need to be carefully constructed and progress carefully measured. No successful enterprise waits until the change is completed before applauding the workforce’s efforts to adapt. Gain a better self-awareness as you undertake the best Change Management Training available. In order to maintain a competitive offering as a business or increasingly in public services, change is necessary as it goes hand-in-hand with innovation and development.
Our training can be run as a one day "Basics of Change Management" course or a 2-3 Day "Change Management Training." To give you a taste here is a free article on how organisational culture affects change.
This one day workshop is jointly facilitated by a subject matter expert from your own organization or project, together with ourselves.
Each activity will ensure the change agent or champion achieves a specific result such as getting buy-in, overcoming resistance, getting an understanding of what is expected of each individual, or generating excitement about the project or intervention, or getting people excited about a new vision or set of values.
Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization. The reproduction of any content or material contained in this website is expressly reserved to Change Designs CC, under Section 12(7) of the Copyright Act of 1978.
Establish a new platform for growth as you increase productivity and performance, even as turbulence swallows others.

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