As a result, BKS stock has been battered from highs around $46 in 2006 to lows of around $11 recently. The Nook was the last best hope in the face of e-books, but sales have gotten ugly — with revenue down 34% in the latest quarter and about 17% on the year. Microsoft (MSFT) is a minority stakeholder in the Nook business along with education firm Pearson, so it remains unclear what the future holds for the Nook e-reader now that Barnes and Noble has decided to shake things up.
Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but soon Barnes and Noble will be pushed out of business. The good news for BKS stock investors, if you're looking for some, is that Barnes and Noble stock isn't going bankrupt.

How to Restore Your Windows Computer to an Earlier DateLearn how to restore your computer to an earlier time. Speed Up Your Windows PC: How to Make Your Computer Run FasterTry these few suggestions to help speed up your computer and make it run faster. Barnes and Noble hasn’t posted an annual profit since 2011 and has seen just five profitable quarters out of the last 19. Barnes and Noble has resigned itself to no longer making the reader in-houseĀ as a result, and CEO William Lynch just announced his resignation. Also, I don’t see consumers opting for a black-and-white reader to supplement their iPad or Kindle Fire tablet when just one device is enough.

And I certainly don’t see paper books as a growth business, even as the avid reader of fiction that I am.

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