Water usually begins freezing by forming an ice crystal around a particle of dust or some other impurity. Scientists have suspected for decades that electric fields could be used to trigger freezing in supercooled water.
But previous experiments to understand whether electric fields can influence freezing were complicated by the materials used.
Instead of metal, Lubomirsky and his colleagues used a pyroelectric material, which can form a short-lived electric field when heated or cooled.
The researchers placed the experimental setup in a humid room and turned down the thermostat until water droplets formed on each crystal, then cooled the room further until the water froze.
Coauthor Meir Lahav, also of the Weizmann Institute, says water’s response to charge probably depends on how the water molecules line up against the surface they’re freezing to, though more work is needed to figure out exactly what is happening. Although he has no specific plans to harness the effect for applications such as cryogenic freezing or cloud seeding, Lahav says his team has already filed a patent.
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The bottom surfaces of two crystals were coated with chromium to conduct an electric charge, and the other two were coated with an aluminum oxide to keep the surface uncharged.
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