Chico was a small-time hustler and big-time loser who liked to bet the ponies and hit women. Brushing your teeth and making sure you have a decent haircut are certainly things that will change your appearance.
Hey James – I do the exact same thing (or my wife does too ?? ) I have been using the same set for about 2 years now and have saved 100s!
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I have been very satisfied shelling out for a more expensive cut, say a $75 plus haircut, rather than settling for a cheaper cut I feel disappointed in.
I want to be around to see my grandkids, Lord willing I have them, and losing weight will help make that more possible. Well, specifically my girlfriend does the hard work, but still – it only cost $50 and I bought one that has a reputation for lasting. Glad you agree… I’m very pleased to hear that not all N Americans have perfect teeth ?? !

I shaved my head in early Nov to support a friend doing Chemo – love it (the BF, not so much!
I only want to change this small life that I see standing in front of me, which is suffering. Chances are if you think not exactly or I look OK then others are going to think that too – Do you want to be an average joe? Thankfully for me I stopped biting my nails a long time ago…it was hard to break that habit as a kid! Can we please mention that maintaining good oral hygiene isn’t just for appearance rather overall health?! Some posts on this site may be written by guest authors and may include links to external content. People forget that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body and an infection in the mouth, if left untreated, will spread. If you want to go for the latest style that accentuates your features then fine, but be prepared to put the time in each day to keep it that way.

I have spent a couple of summers living in Texas and I know how American girls stereotype British people…They have bad teeth! Like it or not, men would much rather do a business deal with an attractive man than a fat, smelly, spotty dude. I often run out to the store or run errands with my hair in a messy ponytail and sometimes sloppy clothes. I just bought Mrs Scot a new Sensationail UV lamp kit as a present – it is quite remarkable how well she can do her own at the fraction of the cost of a manicure!

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