Less Clutter – through better use of character and line spacing and logo and update resizing. It is already known that diabetes can be delayed or prevented by improving your lifestyle according to the study. Of the 114,996 men and nearly 92,483 women between the ages of 50 and 71 who were surveyed in 1995 and 1996, 10% of the men and 7.5% of the women would be diagnosed with diabetes when they were surveyed again 10 years on. The biggest risk factor was identified as obesity and being overweight but the researchers believe that by changing your lifestyle positively the level of risk can be reduced. A good use of this technology that could also be used to speed up the load of sub-pages or category pages on your own site. Meaning, while I don’t like the mini-mystery meat approach to their icons, I do think the more effective use of whitespace is something all church websites should consider to make their noisy sites a bit more readable. Removing multiple links that lead to the same place is always a good thing as it will reduce user confusion on your own sites as well.

Likewise, rather than taking up one’s entire page with upcoming annoucements, keep such information conspicious but brief, linking to pages of gory details for those who want to know the rest of the story. 6 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine says that a person can cut their risk of developing diabetes by positively changing their lifestyle.
The researchers identified that for each lifestyle change implemented then the diabetes risk can be cut by about 31% for men and 39% for women.
They had all started the survey free of cancer, heart disease or diabetes and had lifestyle factors and demographic information recorded at the outset of the survey.
The researchers also found that people with a family history of the disease, which means that they are more likely to develop diabetes, could delay the onset by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The main areas of interest when discussing type 2 diabetes are diet, weight, physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption. A positive lifestyle change could be stopping smoking or cutting back on alcohol to recommended limits or doing regular exercise.

No one is yet sure how changes to lifestyle actually affects the risk of developing diabetes.
The researchers say that if someone made positive lifestyle changes to all five risk areas then the reduction in risk could be as high as 80%. However it has now been identified that positive lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

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